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First Wins For Ferrari
First Wins For FerrariΠριν 14 ημέρες
Anthoine Hubert Remembered
Anthoine Hubert RememberedΠριν 17 ημέρες
How Do F1 Drivers Explain F1?
How Do F1 Drivers Explain F1?Πριν 22 ημέρες
Top 10 Cheeky F1 Innovations
Top 10 Cheeky F1 InnovationsΠριν 26 ημέρες


  • So nice listening to what comes across to me as an 'every man'.

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  • If that happens this weekend, the person stopping, would probably gotten a penalty for walking on track...

  • Sub for good f1 content also btcc

  • Hamilton for pole. Last years lap was magical

  • I I don't know why it doesn't taste good

  • Pobre que descanse en paz

  • Suck my bals palmer


  • #dadgoals Very humbling

  • Man, those 2012 cars look weird

  • ferrari is the patronage of humanity.

  • Almost 1 second of SOUND DELAY....fix it please!!!

  • Best episode so far!!

  • Bumpy Track

  • Smooth operator.... smooooooth operaaaatooooooorrrr

  • A legend

  • SmoOoOoOoOoOoth Operato0o0orrrrr!


  • Hey if you guys record another qualifying lap can you put the graphics on the screen like you did in one of the other qualifying laps

  • Brilliant, two minutes of them driving each other off the circuit meanwhile they can barely see for shit. Insane courage or courageous insanity? Probably both!

  • Wow it's looks like Max

  • Really shaving commercial 🧐

  • Smooooooth operator!

  • People were like "What could possibly go wrong?"


  • Coulthard slowed just to spite's wonderful when spite leads to amazing acts of sportsmanship haha.

  • B R U H

  • Turn ten! I always wondered where that came from. Ahhh

  • A really great guy and driver who deserves so much more. :) Thanks for the amazing podcast as always Tom!

  • Il valse

  • “He JuSt cAmE bAcK On ThE CirCuIt LiKe An IdIot” Proceeds to get back onto the track and nearly take out a toro Rosso

  • this is the most confusing and difficult racing track i've ever seen in formula 1😱😳😱

  • 90 kph in the corner. Unbelievable if we think about it, how fast is it in a car.

  • This could be needed to change as Roberts back BABY


  • nice

  • At the start of the season I made a decision, Max or Charles? I preferred Max. I have to re-decide now.

  • I hope they are loud!

  • "That's it" #Kimi

  • Jos was the reason i started watching F1🤘🤘

  • 2018 pole lap is so good it makes this lap look bad in comparison.

  • 40 points clear 🤣

  • How in the world are there 600 technical jobs at a shaving company ?

    • Probably including maintenance of the machines in the factory and the electricity and the lot. But yeah, I wondered about that too.

  • That's what you call a true champion folk.

  • P3 in Germany

  • I still love watching this

  • Boomshakalaka.

  • How to loose 15 million in 10 sec😂...maclaren edition

  • I admire Carlos' effort to describe such a boring and forgettable track.

  • The guy presenting this is such a SMOOOOOOOTH OPERATORRRRRR!

  • Nico knew in his heart of heart he was lying 🤥.

  • Vamos Carlos,smooth operatorrr!!. Este circuito me encanta,muy tecnico y que siempre da sorpresas.

  • Hoping beyond the grid will continue for years and years, it's amazing , and waiting to have Michael one day!

  • I knew this track is demanding, but seeying seems even more; plus night race; plus tight walls no room for mistakes;

  • 6:24 A Little bit like the German interstate Truck 1: Truck 2: 100,5Km/h 100 km/h

  • We want this sebastian back... :(

  • Drove so many great liveried cars. None of them ever came together for him sadly, shows just how many great talents slip through the cracks in F1

  • Ferrari pointing at Mick Schumacher: You... You are the next

  • I wish Jos was my father

  • Long lap, but full of beauty!

  • Yay let’s watch rich people fly around at breakneck speeds and when they die let’s be really sad

  • This didnt age well😂

  • RIP Ferrari

  • 0:31 Carlos: "hit the 300 kph mark" Williams: "We don't do that here"

  • good choice to not enter the pitlane

  • Off topic but interesting to watch. "This music was inspired by the amazing story, a true story, of a man - who, with his talent and hard work, reached the top of the top".

  • Music?

  • Schumacher was brilliant, in 1994 and 1995 where he was the F1 world champion ... he only drove Benetton cars which were not the best cars. The best car of the time was Williams. Schumacher also returned to bring Ferrari to its former glory after decades of not producing a single world champion since Jody Scheckter in 1979. May your health condition recover, Schumacher. We love you... ♥️

  • Last year the Ferrari won hands down, without the help of the blistering tires, the only problem, just for the Mercedes, the other teams didn't complain that much. But they changed the rules during the World Cup. Good behavior. It never happens in other sports .. Now you complain, unfortunately in Monza there was no verstappen that last year gave you a big help throwing out the Ferraris several times .. 2 weights and 2 measures. You have won only one world championship of football more than 50 years ago, there will be a reason.

  • A.M.Z.I.N.G Hakkinen je m'en souviens comme si c'était hier

  • Ferrari engine?

  • Carlos Guides

  • C'est une honte... J'imagine juste le père de famille qui à économiser pour amener son fils la bas pour au final lui montrer des F1 qui joue à qui prendra l'aspiration de l'autre... même les gamins qui fond la course à vélos en bas de chez moi on un meilleur esprit de compétition. la F1 , pour moi est une honte pour la course automobile et pour le sport en général, je prend plus de plaisir à regarder des compétitions amateurs que cette bande de cons ( pilotes, équipes et actionnaire réunis ).

  • It’s not shocking, it’s racing!.... deal with it!

  • What do you see as a solution to drivers not being able to see well enough to safely rejoin the track? Should the teams or stewards be signaling the drivers when they have an opening? If the crash structure is hard to change without comprising its value, could some kind of camera+display be used to give drivers some idea of what's there, even if not the same quality as having actual eyeballs? Do we need something even more aggressive to account for situations like Belgium where it's the layout of the track impeding visibility in caution situations, not just a limited arc of vision?

  • i would like to know where would hamilton turn if leclerc did not defend his position..Would he be able to make the corner? I Doubt it!!

  • Mark: Honestly what are we doing racing or Multi 21? RB Strategist: We're doing Multi 21. Vettel: Fist of all honestly is my word. And second... That's racing actually!

  • 0:52 Oh so THAT'S where Liuzzi got his inspiration from!

  • How is dirty air different from the slipstream, what factor determines this?

  • Don't even bother to try to understand people. If you are not Italian you just cannot.

  • Doesnt matter the sport the "Lucha Libre Mask" will always be present @ 2:01

  • Thank you for this interview F1. I was and still am a big fan of Jos.

  • Hi I'm Smooth Operator...

  • The safety car is going to very busy this weekend in Singapore. Hopefully someone else other than Vettel for once.

  • its pretty sad becasue i want to be a formula 1 driver and seeing this is just terrifieing

  • One of the difficult track to drive. So many turns to remember. Need perfection to win this grand prix❤️❤️❤️

  • the audio is terrible


  • Waauw he didn't spin aroud 😂😂😂


  • wait so albon got forced off the track and cut the chicane got 5 sec penalty, le clerc messed up and cut the corner and nothing...hmmm 4head

  • Man how did Alonso survive that crash? Terrible

  • JAMON!!

  • "Go for a spin on the streets of Singapore!" Vettel: "Challenge accapted!"

  • Think of the poor guy with the steady cam walking backwards for a mile.

  • I remember seeing 1.36.0 on the screen and my jay dropping despite being a Hamilton fan! All those cheering max here, yes he was good, but that merc was a long wheelbase car not ideally suited for Singapore as much as the red bull/Ferrari.

  • Carlos looking like a Olympic Bobsledding Team Captain

  • Can't wait for it!!!