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I Became A "Prisoner" In My Own Home
I Became A "Prisoner" In My Own HomeΠριν 24 ημέρες
I Bought Myself A Girlfriend
I Bought Myself A GirlfriendΠριν 24 ημέρες
I Caught My Gf With Her Prof
I Caught My Gf With Her ProfΠριν 2 μήνες


  • Movie Theatres are lame???

  • I think u handled this situation real good tbh and gave them what they deserved and lesson 1 never take food or drinks from ppl cuz u nv no

  • I like the way he makes giraffes 🐘

  • What the heck, what kind of mean unsuccessful dad does that? I Hate Him. Never talk to him. And don’t help him again

  • Your mom was not your mom

  • My teacher once bullied me in third grade bc i was slow at maths and once i told my mom she was angry and went to the principal and she got fired. My teachers dont bully me because they know i am brave, smart and clever

  • So a girl you barely know, and has a crush on you boyfriend, is who you trust to get and make your drinks? Girl? Really?

  • Something very similar happened to me but I did something worst I put that thing that makes ya poop my ex’s drink a lot she pooped herself I was dead

  • Omg , he was soo nasty :/ hope some day this perverts stop

  • Why is everyone turning in a vegetable??

  • If you think your drink was toxic you should probably see the fortnite fans

  • Well that’s what God does he gives you what you don’t expect. You get what you get don’t throw a fit.

  • You are dump

  • You dad is your brother dam um will that is bad

  • Obviously you just have bad friends don’t pretend to have cancer to hang out with them make new friends.

  • Okay so she shames his wife and “falls in love” with someone who was like a father figure. She’s crazy.

  • I pulled my grandomothers ring at 4 *ACTUALLY HAPPENDED* _ok_

  • 🚫No

  • *big yikes*

  • That's the right thing man you sent me too tears👏😭

  • In the end: do you think it’s right for what they did? *I thought you said revenge was bad in any way!*

  • Lmao we have the same name

  • “How a decent girl behaved, and what she should look like” Decant and normal is different for everyone, those parents are abusive and horrible

  • wow. it's amazing your still alive she should go to jail

  • Yes sir they did

  • But now there's minecraft monday

  • Choose who you like the most not what your parents like because in the end you will form a family with him not them. I m telling this from my own experience.. I broke up with a boy who as a good student and my parent loved him saying that he was a perfect match for me to be with another one who doesnt study anywhere and has a normal job.. Nothing fancy about it.. At first you can imagine the drama.. The arguings.. The crying.. And their demand to brake up with him because he was no good.. but after a while they come along and realise they were wrong... now they love him too.. We moved in toghather like 5 month ago and everything is perfect now. So what i am trying to say here is fight for what makes you happy.

  • revenge maybe bad but one of the best fillings and dont think i am bad person but i love saying i told u so

  • Did anyone notice that the girl telling the story is wearing a punisher shirt? Leave a like if you did.

  • When she noticed she didn’t exist I got the chills😭WTH

  • Yea

  • My one was worst I fell down the stairs but I didn't cry only twice and I stopped

  • Yes

  • Intervention is the moon is not a lot but I will be able to the best day of the week after next

  • I know how you feel, I lost my grandma about a year ago, and I really miss her 😢💔 it broke me, she was one of my best friends

  • That ending was such a plot twist 😳

  • when you lose your only friend

  • Me: I Earned Billions Dad: Keep it! Me: I will half it! Dad: OMG TYSM!😀 Makes me Kind!😎

  • You know what, this has happened to me but with my step mom and my dad had a stable job. This all happened when I was 8. I am now 12. I was watching GR-tv on my iPad in the living room when all of a sudden my step mom and my dad were fighting. I thought in my head that this would result into being ok, but that did not happen.10 minutes later I'm in a hotel crying in a bed with my dad and I watching my iPad. We were about to go to sleep when my dad said: "everything is going to be ok, we will go to sleep and wake up in the morning. We will stay at my friends place and stay there until we can get enough money to rent or buy a house." So the next morning I wake up and get an idea. I wake him up and I tell him to maybe ask my step mom to stay there instead of his friends house and try to get together again. He takes the request, phones my step mom, she say yes,checks out hotel, and starts heading towards the house. when we get to the house she's not there but my dad still has the keys. We go into the house and I go into my room bursting with joy. The day later, I'm sitting with my step mom and my dad. Hoped you liked this story. And don't forget to subscribe to Actually Happened!

  • YES

  • Tonyy! What are you doing?

  • Dora?? 🌙 ☁☁ 🌟 👀 ✦ 🚥 ☁ 🌟 [ ̄✡ ̄] 🌟 [ \👽/ ] 🚀 | ̄ ̄ ▲  ̄ ̄| 🌟 \ 🐒 | | UFO /  ̄ ̄ ̄ ⚡ ̄ ̄ ̄ ✦ ⚠ ⚡⚡ 🌟 ⚡⚡⚡💨 😱😲

  • Now that’s what that puke gets.

  • She get a poison what what

  • No don't leave her cause she had umm a diese if I was abonnded I would still take care of her

  • he looks a little like mr demartino from daria

  • 6:22 Theres A Skull IN Her Locker

  • Nice story but good shazam family

  • U did the right choice with greg! also do not talk to daina and also tell principal and her parents and also try to loo good when ur near her, not in the mean way. like as if that she shouldnt have done that and she is an embbarisment

  • That engine looks like your kind heart ❤

  • How many times he said Monday =^= ⬇️

  • Yas

  • You are the most childish person I have ever seen

  • Just be happy

  • Well Michelle I just got one thing to say to you you have the right to punish them but only for like a short time but you did confront them though regatta outlet if you hadn't find out that your friend was solely Potter poisoning you you would have been in hospital and and well I don't know what else but you would have been in the hospital so miss Michelle this is my comment too you can never take revenge too far👎🏾

  • 1:48 love how they added Snape and Umbrage

  • Boreen

  • Don't think like that man she still loves u

  • O M G

  • I feel like Matt didn’t really deserve what he got.

  • 99% of comments: related to Jackie Chan 1% of comments: tO tHe OnE pErCent oF pEople SEeing ThiS god bleSS yoU

  • no one: absoLUTELY NO ONE: ActuallyHappened: Matt's angry face

  • I thought this was selfish act, but then i thought of it more, and the mom might of done something bad if you chose the dad, but if you chose her she would still keep on torching you... hmmm

  • you suck

  • Oooohhhhh,she didn’t take her pills so she thought that Daniela or how ever you spell it was real but when she took them she didn’t see her

  • yup

  • She did

  • I think if my parent had died it would take me way longer than a month to even begin to sort my self out

  • Thumb nail reminds me of game of thrones when joffrey was king🤣 👇if u agree

  • She looks clapped as hell

  • This is actually really sad, I feel bad for her

  • That Dina is very wrong for what she has done like this comment

  • I would’ve put the whole bottle

  • *her:what would you do if you saw tommy Me:slap him then just give him money right after then say don’t steal again

  • He's so Selfish if your girlfriend was sick would you be mad at her?

  • Yes definitely

  • Revenge is never good.

  • "i was getting a headaches" this animation is giving me a headache

  • That was a dangerous game you played. Instead of fighting fire with Fire you should have went to the police. Get adults involved. What she did can be considered as assault/attempted assault.

  • Sex slaves

  • When my mom tries to get me to eat vegetables *She tried to poison me. Why?!*

  • So she didn't actually have a crush... it was all in that guy's head

  • I'm also someone with schizophrenic tendencies. My hallucinations are usually auditory, but I thought they were ghosts as well. Meds suck, but they're important, so even if you feel better, don't stop taking them!

  • F that girl and the boyfriend

  • Yes

  • Her: *opens dina's locker and brushes her hand over everything* Also her: *ignores skull and instantly goes to pills as if people dont take pills and have skulls in their locker* Me: WHAT. ABOUT. THE SKULL.

  • Bethany: hey I’m Bethany or Beth for short. And my life- Me: Is kInD oF cRaZy 😂

  • ....what the hell even-

  • As a braces wearer, eating cold food like ice cream or yogurt helps the pain and sensitivity. Most of the time, the wires are heat activated, so cold foods calms your mouth. :)

  • Girl u did the right thing that girl is out of her mind. They definitely deserved all the things that happened to them and if I were you I would’ve been celebrating after they went to the hospital

  • The faces when there fighting 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I’m glad this girl became confident and learned not to care what other people think

  • What everyone heard : hey my name is April What I heard : hey my name is Egg roll 🤣

  • See you said I can see things soo you can see danellla too

  • This made me no that when you think your not other girl Just be your self and no one els because you pretty in the inside and the out side and if your a tomboy and girls bully you show them that you not Just a tomboy but a pretty cool and famous girl like me 😅 but I don’t tell them I just show that I’m a tomboy and I don’t care what you think so you just made a pretty girl go away

  • Wait Wait Wait ur sister is gay

  • Ouch, your parents are terrible, and pretty overprotective

  • How did you know you were adopedted

  • I would have told my boyfriend and told him I was pregnant for he can understand and for he can I would like force him to go back to his work and don't worry about me I got myself I would never gave my baby up for you adoption because if you did that you'll feel so innocent you'll feel like you made up of you made a big mistake for you giving your own child up for adoption So yeah thank you I hope you like it👫👫🎠🎠🍼🍼🍼