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Binging with Babish is the realization of a young(ish) man's dream to combine his love of film and cooking, and to have some fun in the process. Join us each week as we recreate the foods you've always wanted to try in movies and television - and if you're not careful, you just might learn a thing or two.
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  • caramel and nutella?? i need to try this stuff

  • You should make bensons chicken wing chili from regular show, or bensons microwave wings

  • He looks like Ryan Reynolds

  • I haven't seen worse preparations of roti throughout the internet!

  • A big hypothetical question, as it would be incredibly difficult to pull off, but *IF* you were able to get all the meats cooked correctly and be ready at the same time, do you think the burrito would have tasted any better? Because you stated that each meat had a different style/time that it needed to be cooked to bring out the flavor. In a perfect world and all the meats were properly cooked at the same time, how do you think it would have turned out?

  • Your show inspires me to make stuff

  • I like the way you narrate this, you enjoy it!

  • there is no secret ingredient except you. just take your time and add passion. thats all it takes. now go have fun on your adventure, but don't ever forget to add passion.

  • That. Was. Awesome!

  • I just started singing panini by lil nas x while watching this vid.

  • This video gave you a PhD in grilled cheese mechanics at ASU. Plus 10 Budlights.

  • why kosher salt? are you a jew?

  • omg thank you, been waiting for this episode!

  • Ranch is perfectly fine..

  • It’s interesting, but those tacos are neither Mexican nor Poblanos... Just saying if you were trying to mimic the food of the country ;)

    • Still, you have my like

  • Rice vermilion noodles

  • Hai andrew, greetings from indonesia 🇲🇨, can you try some indonesian cuisine?

  • i was like "you are rolling it from the wrong side!" :D

  • I finally figured it mix your audio at 1.25-1.5 speed...brilliant!

  • Who thinks he should make Tonio’s food???

  • gold leaf is ridiculous. it was literally invented so rich people could know what wealth tastes like. Guess what, it tastes like fucking aluminum foil. God damn waste.

  • Why has the crazy man come here

  • Anyone else realize at 4:18 that he didn't remove the blood line and now it's all you can think about

  • This isn’t Chicago style pizza, we specialize in thin crust square cut pizzas. This is just something to grab the attention of tourists and make us “different”. Go to any great pizza place in Chicago that isn’t Beggars or Giadarnos and you’d realize our true Chicago style pizzas outbeats New York’s thin slices any day of the week.

  • How did you get your hands on an Italian cannon ball from the early 1800s?!

  • I really want to try making these. Oh, and Carmull is how I say it. I don’t know what the correct way is.😂😂😂

  • Is their a substitute for vodka I’m 14

  • As a current engineering student, this is what I should strive for

  • I'm sure someone here can explain to me why sometimes people put a single french fry in a tamales when they cook them? I am curious?

  • Take a shot of espresso every time he says crema

  • Metal straw sksksksksksk

  • you should make biscuits and gravy😆

  • we need a toriko episode

  • Minutes 3:30, down right corner, is that JUUL? 🤪

  • im actually so happy he did this

  • This one’s a lot of work!

  • And I felt boss making a hot chocolate with some cinimon and nutella and melted icecream because I fell asleep with it out and Made a coffee one in the morning. I feel like a peasent now. 🤣.

  • “Pigs tail”

  • I never thought of Babish as a sexual being. Now I can’t stop thinking about him narrating every step of his lovemaking.

  • So I did a bit of research and found that your purple yam is most likely ube.

  • where i live you cant even buy a cheap milkshake for less tham 5 dollars

  • Pizza Mozzarella, Pizza Mozzarella *Rella rella rella rella rella rella*

  • Sorry, nah I don't play inferno, I play the og one

  • You should make pizza pot pie please🤤😁

  • Did anyone else see the film on GR-tv before you had to pay for it

  • The best vanilla is coming from reunion island . Now you know

  • You know it's good when you went back to your early childhood

  • Reppin the Canadian unibroue noice! The ephemere flavours and their blanche de chambly/noire are major standouts too!

  • nice

  • Welsh Rare-Bit. :D Never fails to amuse me how many people get that wrong.

  • Movie: “Did you say $5? It’s just milk and cream? You don’t put booze in it or anything? ... alright just checking” Babish: “So we’re going to pour a fuckton of bourbon in this shake.”

  • Can you make the goat cheese tartlet from family guy "and then there were fewer"

  • Cara-mel is the proper way fite me

  • Alright I’m convinced. I’m making this tomorrow

  • Iceberg really? Get that shit put of here.

  • You're from Rochester! You just got another subscriber! 😊

  • yes i love the flanders

  • Babby back on top w the girlfriend. You’re doing great sweetie

  • This amateur didn’t even use bohemian goats and scotch bonnets

  • Jess is so pretty and you guys are so cute together :D have a nice life with her andrew

  • Jess and babby sitting in a tree K I S S I N G

  • You are a true man of the people Babs! Steve1989 MRE style! I laughed out loud! Awesome!

  • "hey the store is still *open can* you pick up dinner? Garbage can opens.....

  • Wth is a “saucepn”?

  • God damn jimmy

  • Y’all are at each other’s throats about ranch & bleu cheese dressing, but let’s agree on one absolutely cursed combination abomination: Inferno wings with bourbon. Obviously Babish should’ve put some silver tequila in there!

  • How much flour D;

  • That turkey is *THICC*

  • Yessss 🔥

  • 6:51 - Wall Crawli'n Cookie-dough: "Mr, Stark Raving Hazelnut I don't feel so good"

  • Vienna sausages are so freaking disgusting. I knew a little kid that only ate them, if his mom didn't have them he didn't eat for the day.

  • Maniac roux is awesome!!!

  • OMFG THAG LOOKS SO GOOD. Also can’t you add seasoning???? Like seasoning salt and peppers

  • I had an rdr2 ad before this. I’m not disappointed.

  • Hey Babish try making Cola form DR STONE

  • lol the intro

  • In 1990, at Chateau Lake Louise, I had a five-dollar (CDN) shake. Nothing at all remarkable about it except the price!

  • Towanda

  • you could make foxtail ramen from anime - Dr. stone next time, id love to see that

  • or 10 min walk down to local store

  • Hey Babish you should make the dessert dish from The Departed. The scene where Colin and his date are at the high end restaraunt.

  • In the second film Ping says he never made soup with Radishes...then again the first film over shines the complete shite quality of it’s sequels so I’m not even gonna accept that that fact is canon

  • Can you make Ed's sauce from Good Burger?

  • That onion was *perfect*

  • Poseidon powder is slang for cocaine.


  • I like my milkshakes to force me to eat them with a spoon. And I have never had a milkshake better than the ones at oberwise

  • This order always made me cum

  • I'm 93% Italian and my ancestors are not pleased

  • what makes purple yam to ube is combining condensed milk and sugar with it

  • He's sooo good at voice impersonating!!

  • I was actually gonna say this was from squid girl...

  • Yuck!

  • How dare you use pokemon

  • Didn't Babish already introduce Jess in another episode a few months ago?

  • i hope this isnt too controverisal but i wouldmake love to this man for 72 hours if i could

  • love me some medium roast

  • Next Video: The chocolate cake from Matilda

  • As italian, this video makes me feel sick

  • actually cooks meth lmao