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Top 10 NEW Games of October 2019
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20 Overhyped Games That FLOPPED
20 Overhyped Games That FLOPPEDΠριν 25 ημέρες
The Surge 2 - Before You Buy
The Surge 2 - Before You BuyΠριν 26 ημέρες
Gears 5 - Before You Buy
Gears 5 - Before You BuyΠριν μήνα
Control - Before You Buy
Control - Before You BuyΠριν μήνα
Top 10 NEW Games of August 2019
Top 10 NEW Games of August 2019Πριν 2 μήνες


  • "There will be no micro transactions in the game" WOW, where have I heard that one before?

  • “Speed addicts”

  • Forgot pacmqn ghost and Bioshock big daddy's and big sisters

  • #4 Yes these things should be corrected

  • 15 hours of gameplay, crappy customization. Best RPG ever...

  • #3 Destructive environments are a big attraction to gamers... duuhhhhh

  • you can pizza right to your door (you lazy ass)

  • Been craving a new open world game for consel

  • Must be the wind 😂

  • Heads up my Xbox bros if you got game pass this shit free and can download atm

  • Why have I never heard about any of these games before?

  • You can spell respectable without EA

  • im not gonna buy this game again... or do i?

  • who the fuck is going to play that piece of shit game after 2 years of ban

  • The Outer Worlds is coming to the Switch as well but no release date has been given yet.

  • I bought Witcher 3 GOTY on ps4 last year I think. Played a though hours and got bored. At the same time i was playing multiple games. So after it got released on switch i remembered that i never finished it. So I'm playing it now. I'm enjoying it.

  • thnx you help me so mutch!!!

  • Bloodborne 2 would be a great exclusive

  • it aint free on ps4

  • Put speed on slowest possible and try to stop at 8:24 at the moment of transition

  • My memory: putting the PS on its side and family members tripping over the controllers making the whole thing come crashing down. But still it miraculously kept working.

  • Not going to lie I would love to play any old 90s PC game with Ray tracing after seeing Quake 2

  • is i-ran some kind of a new apple product? if you want to bash countries for banning games that are simply stupid at least pronouce their names correctly - its e-ran not i-ran. thanks

  • "From the minds of Fallout" Say no more, I'm in

  • Can't wait for it but the size of the day one patch is doing my head in

  • I got banned in gta v online because a hacker entered a server and gave me max money and rp and guess what, I lost 100 hours of gameplay and about 1000 real money

  • Definitely the most overhyped game in a long time! Gameplay looks trash, 15 hours long but is supposedly an "rpg" lmao, and graphics are straight outa 2011! Hopefully when this inevitably flops people will stop sucking off devs when they make 1 good game!

  • I had arieth in ff 7 lol GameShark code but I had her

  • I'm actually looking forward to a shorter and smaller game. So many rpgs go waaay too big (cough ac odyssey cough). I actually want to be able to finish a game before I'm 60!

  • Hi

  • 4:58 wtf is that backround noise

  • Good the perfect game

  • this guy is as informative as a bottle full of piss, always was

  • Thrown a bloody cuppa at the TV mate

  • Cross-saves? That would be nice

  • I didn’t buy Black Ops 4, the only CoD I haven’t bought to date. I expect to buy Modern Warfare but haven’t pre ordered. PSVR compatibility would be nice but that’s very very unlikely.

  • Me: If I go that way I'll progress but fuck it I'll check others first.

  • Just learned this game will be on Gamepass. So freaking happy I don't have to buy the game. It will only cost me $10

  • Luffy? Anyone

  • Wow this is so full of misinformation it is almost Trump-level BS. Cyberpunk is going to be awesome, but your history is a joke. The first near-cyberpunk ( but not quite) wasPhilip K Dick's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' which was famously adapted into Bladerunner. It also inspired W Goldman to make a series of books. the series called CYBERPUNK! Some of the cyberpunk stories were 'Johnny pNuemonic' and 'The Matrix'. Both of which were adapted into movies starring... well guess.

  • Half of the list is just remake of "20 Overhyped Games That FLOPPED"?

  • Is there a chance the Outer Worlds could be on Steam soon? I prefer my games there and would definetly buy it.

  • Yea I'm excited def getting it I hope if they di make a sequel it will be longer and more open world lol

  • 8 tb hard drive ps4

  • Art style is not doing for me, it doesn't look unique and has a cheap vibe to it. However, if other aspects such as gameplay and story would be fun and engaging, then it could work. I really want it to be a good game.

  • You find a box. Open? >Yes No You find a flash drive. Pick up? >Yes No You place the flash drive into your laptop. The flash drive only contains 1 file. Its an audio file. Open? >Yes No 🎵there are no strangers to loove, you know the ruules, and so do iiiii🎵 Smash flash drive? >Yes No

  • At 3:25 what’s the name of the car in gta v


  • Anyone just bought gta v?

  • Spending 40+ minutes in the character creator. Restarting the entire game because their chin/cheeks/eyes came out weird in cutscenes

  • Call of Duty WW 2

  • Seems like you missed mentioning that it will also release on Nintendo Switch, even though the release date there is not confirmed yet. The only date known so far is "following launch of the other platforms".

  • we are almost in 2020 and games are still doing a protagonist without voice acting it's fucking tilting me it's not that hard to do,this just lazyness...

  • This game as everyone tells it is a awesome game but the visuals bogs me

  • Dude already recreated the first metal gear solid intro in unreal... the entire intro.. so... better than 8 seconds of the second game intro.......

  • One of the best games I've ever played, Dishonored, can be feasably be completed in less than ten hours by even an average player. However, it offers so many MEANINGFUL choices that to play through just once is denying yourself the full experience. I suspect The Outer Worlds is a similar case, where playing a different character can make it feel like a completely foreign experience. I'm excited as hell.

  • I'm plying conker bad fur day in an emulator and I'm 12 years old

  • Vampyr was rough but I enjoyed it other than it crashing alot

  • I see the positive. We will get the game later on steam, but, way after all the patches and fixes.

  • Im interested to see what kind of mods people make for this

  • The Evil within and Alien isolation should have RTX. All great Horror games in a nutshell, Alan Wake too with its light system

  • I got a minute into the video before I realised someone was talking and i wanted to listen

  • 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • What game is at 10:50?

  • I was a early 2000's kid and I wanted these things thought they would be here by now

  • dino crisis remaaaaake

  • Ive actually been giving a master rpg gamer title and i still end up going to the place in every rpg your not suppose to go till your higher level but for some reason your able to go at the start of the game. i may be level 10 and the basic enemy may be 65 but for some reason ill still walk right on in with a shit eating grin and the thought hee hee im not suppose to be here yet lol

  • Gears 5 is trash, just quit playing the game in general.

  • I think the 40 hours is like cd project red thinking the witcher 3 was a 30 hour game

  • This is shaping up to be the best RPG of the decade.

  • I came here for the "Existing" jokes

  • This gives a feeling like greedfall does

  • The probem with lists like this is that the creator usually forgets that games were available long before they were available on a CD...... the fact that Elite or Elite 2 frontier isn't in this list is an absolute joke

  • 1:08 when your mom tells you that the cardboard that comes with the hot pocket "isnt the shell" and tells you too "stop eating it im really worried for your health"

  • I got enough money to buy every game on the market and my RIG is good enough to play all of them on max details BUT all of this games are complete JUNK !!!!

  • 0:34 you can change that batarand controls along with the fight controls in I think every game

  • Let me try, that’s actually the line that got me into video games because I remember as soon as they gave me the controller and a basic tutorial I was able to complete any level.

  • I’m picking this game up because it looks pretty fun and NO micro transactions thank god. I’m hoping by showing support for single player non monetized games I can some how create some positive reinforcement showing developers this is what we want

  • This game legit comes out on my birthday and ive been excited but i cant get it between this and medival...time to sell my body

  • sega:exists sony:imma end this mans whole career

  • wait for steam sale

  • daikatana?

  • Noob thing I do? Forget that I have more than 1 weapon in call of duty

  • I'm currently playing through AC Odyssey again and I absolutely love the world that they've created, it's gorgeous. One of my top 5 PS4 games, it's just a fantastic game.

  • The first ever estus shard is found by climbing onto the roof and going to the center of the fall ceiling inside the firelink shrine

  • Wait so let’s go Pikachu is just let’s go eevee except your partner is Pikachu?

  • Anyone knows the track on these videos gameranx uses? I desperatly need it for my nightdrive playlist. Thanks people !

  • Yeah, loot boxes are fun. So what? That doesn't mean they're not gambling! Gambling is known for being fun.

  • Is there mod support for outer world's I haven't seen it mentioned yet

  • 15-20 hours for completion is disappointing. Can’t drop $60 on it, but will definitely pick it up on sale. 💯

  • I am just embracing the evolution of consoles. Cannot wait to see XBOX Infinite. 🌿

  • Done the late night gaming and gone to work

  • Jake: "What th-" Ad (RDR2 PC): *"PEGI 18"*

  • I'll tell them exactly why I hate them For $19.99 and for an additional $6.99 I'll give you one tip on how to improve

  • This battle is very stupid i agree Because Cod Mobile is clearly better because it has both a br and a regular mp

  • Looks real good. Maybe the combat pace looks turn-based at times, but I can live with that. Anything about coop?

  • Feels like a AA game

  • Just stick to top 10’s. You are out of your depth and deeply biased when your trying to give political and/or social critiques.

  • Its free on Xbox now

  • i watched the sarah scenes twice today. i cried both times