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  • “The fuck you think you doin’ nigga!”

  • What Obama done for the ghetto

  • Still relevant

  • !! college football !!! ??? apparel ??? ??? equipment ???

  • Classic LAPD.

  • Does Drake know how to use a musical instrument, write a song, ?

  • Jew-manji!

  • For CHILDREN AND adult

  • I don’t know if this was just a good video or I heard “Titties” so much but here’s a 👍🏻!

  • I'm so glad new episodes are still coming out!!

  • Hilarious! This sure takes the woo out of Halloween to show it what it had become today - just a day to have fun.

  • How can GR-tv think this is ok, but I can’t listen to Alex Jones?! Seriously y’all at GR-tv are some assholes

  • I'm disappointed every role wasn't played by Tatiana

  • Gosh she’s funny

  • She really doesn’t like French

  • why he disrespecting santa clarita diet

  • Howd that bike get like that?

  • Kevin Hart is such cool guy .We can tell he really enjoy true comedy even when Pete called him Shaqs Dick 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Too hot for GR-tv to handle. This was an education.

  • that intro was so fucking long

  • I can’t believe they criticized her on her russian dressing

  • He aint Caucasian

  • wd40 isnt a lubricant

  • Anytime Nick spoke I can only think of his role in the Netflix show Big Mouth that's the only thing I can think about XD

  • That beef was serious was on sight 😤


  • ...funny but(t) too long. A real (and fake) cowboy wouldnt be able to think of more than 45 seconds of material unless he's reciting Garth Brooks or that football retard that hangs around that little country boy singer from those insurance commercials.

  • De-nice is so freaking gorgeous.

  • Well ya coulda run. That was something ya coulda done. Maybe live a few extra minutes.

  • Fuck the bitches who steal jokes

  • When a drunk ramble about stonewall is more entertaining and accurate than a Stonewall- the movie with a Hollywood budget.

  • Fun fact: according to the description Mark (the flight attendant) is not a man.

  • Moral of the story...Learn your vital organs!!!!!!! 💜😈

  • Puts his fingers up to his face for thriller eyes

  • Heck yeah, Tatiana Maslany! She's the BEST. AND Kirby Howell-Baptiste? Orphan Black and Killing Eve are existing in the same space and it's effing awesome. Drunk History forever!!

  • Is that Kat Dennings fighting for women rights?

  • Wish I could like this a million and one times.

  • 6:31

  • don't feed the trolls,bro! that's what they want 0:58

  • I fuck wit his energy, stay watching his stories. U can tell by the details.

  • Ugh...Luckily Tom's funny enough for the both of them.

  • Is that kat dennings?

  • Counter-argument: Frankenstein is the monster’s name because a child inherits the last name of their father.

  • Horrible 9/11 joke

    • That was not the time nor the place

  • Is that Dave Grohl?

  • 🎶Because we’re delta airlines and life is a fucking nightmare🎶

  • "adults rape eachother" **applause**

  • Andy Samberg who?

  • Did anyone else realize that they were watching a movie with Jordan in in? Or was it the masculine meegan

  • Ahhhh! I go crazy for Parker Posey! Give this woman a goddamn Oscar for this performance!🤣💙💙💙

  • Id like to try an old fashion cocaine Coke.

  • I plead the fizif

  • I'm pushing my anxiety!

  • Key kinda looks like killmonger-

  • I did not hear the mattress so there is improvement. Now for the sound! What to recommend... mmmm

  • Haha love the veins in his head and that he’s telepathic!!

  • TATIANA MASLANY ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Imagine being the little girl Jolene. I bet she grew up to be a man snatching bad ass

  • *I've been the driver and I've also been the crackhead... sadly* 🤷🏼‍♀️😲

  • She was a house nigga. Never talked about the Federal Reserve Or Russia Or China.

  • the robot pimp is uncomfortable around the fox suit.

  • y’all need Melissa Villaseñor on here ASAP

  • John mulaney can chase me down any hallway 😅😅😅

  • Wow this is a good show

  • This why black people don’t have nothing...this just what they want us to do..ya mother ain’t shit

  • Now it’s time for Jesus to fight man bear pig?

  • Joker: how about another joke?

  • This is literally from the incredible hulk movie

  • The machine

  • Haha this was filmed at College of the Canyons! Haha

  • Unless you've done a lot of acid you can't appreciate this.

  • Vanessa Bayer = perfect Golden Ratio of personality + beauty


  • Maybe the next song should be for all the latins that have lived many years in America and speak English like shit. The vid is in very bad taste.

  • 16:20 this is great, but that's a chapelle lift right there

  • Don’t say it back. Lol, can’t say that but damn sure I can call you all kids of racist names. Black racist doesn’t exist. Lol

  • One of these celebrities could have killed him. Was this even during his reign of terror

  • My woman was telling me we need to wear tinfoil hats, go raw vegan and fast for 40 days every year or we won't reach the 4th dimension and realize the earth is flat. I looked this woman's woke 4th dimensional ass in her third eye and I said 💩👁.... I said biiiiiiiitch!!!!!! Are you owwwwwtch yo goddamn mind?!!??

  • Seems like black people need to keep bringing up racism because it’s pretty much non existent and they don’t want their victim complex to go away.

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  • 0:12 is the funniest line ever

  • How is a towel getting high?

  • Corbin bleu🤣

  • This is such a random video idea

  • 🔥🤘🏻🔥

  • The slomo fight scene is priceless, I never laughed so hard!

  • "I think you're mentally ill" "I was in my early 20s and those are the same thing" I fucking love you Esther

  • Just like a whole story of child abuse

  • This was a "good story?" I don't think so, it ultimately went exactly no where. Started off great and ended with a thud. Guy seems like a good story teller but let's face it we found out nothing about the girl, nothing about the imagined conflict with the guy at the bar, and learned nothing about ourselves or the common human experience. I wish I had my 14 minutes back.

  • That Mosquito Wireless plug was classic.

  • Black women with British accents are the hottest in the world :D

  • I'm gon PUSH im

  • Its 2019. Orland Nightclub, Las Vegas, Parkland...we still have not done anything while the problem is just getting worse 😥

  • One of the most proud moments of my life is protesting against genital cutting on minors! Much much love, brother k!

  • "1st y'all gotta walk to Queens to get me a sugar cookie " 😂😂😂😂 fucking rolling

  • Reminder to self: no more chopping onions during Drunk History.

  • The sound effects are annoying

  • She reminds me of Iliza Schlesinger or Nikki Glaser. Just goes to show you women are never happy no matter how much you bend over backwards for them. The only thing that matters is if they get what they want..which changes every other week.

  • Jeff Ross had the best roasts Andy Samberg was (unsurprisingly) unfunny Aziz Ansari spit out the truth man

  • 1:57 Bob lichenko