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I review technology from the inside with smartphone durability tests and teardown videos! Mixed with other projects and things I enjoy. Like drones & fixing random things.
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If you want me to make a video tear-down on a product, feel free to send it. But there is no guarantee of a video unless agreed upon beforehand via email.
Videos are for Entertainment Purposes only. Attempt any repairs at your own risk.
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How to Hack a Tesla Key Card!
How to Hack a Tesla Key Card!Πριν 9 μήνες
OnePlus 6T - Transparent Edition!
OnePlus 6T - Transparent Edition!Πριν 11 μήνες



  • So screen replaced in 11 minutes with all those edits I noticed lol.

  • Did I really just watch a man talk about a piece plastic like it a smartphone

  • When he said " king of random " I remembered that Grant passed away😪

  • Did I really just watch a man talk about a piece plastic like it a smartphone

  • I use a Case and a Screen Protector

  • most people cant drive with regular windshield and you want to put a TV in front of them

  • "Apple focussed quite a bit on how well people can draw on the iPad, but they never specified which side the drawing had to occur" 😂😂

  • Blessings too you both! RWB

  • still waiting for the Samsung Galaxy A80 Teardown!

  • Thank you for another review mr. Sins

  • The glass on my iPhone 11 Pro Max scratched after only 2 days of regular use, while in a case, but without a screen protector. Toughest glass ever in a smartphone? Please... very disappointed

  • Xing Ling technology...

  • i can't see anything clearly, my screen has many cracks, but from the comments i can assure that the wedding was awesome. and i wish the couple a happy marriage life.

  • I am from india. How to buy this phone......?. Please send me the link

  • As you are the phone expert I wanna know if Samsung Galaxy a10 is a good phone (it has 32gb memory)

  • She should get a truck, my dad has a crane in the back of his truck that lifts the wheelchair into the bed

  • I cringe every time I watch him scratch the shit out of brand new phones. :)

  • The falcon doors are just asking to be modded to accept a lift and have the driver drive from the wheel chair

  • Hi. Let us know how the galaxy fold is doing now

  • um... my cat that i loved the most ever in the world died 2017 around in autumn. she had cancer

  • 3:56 oh god oh fuck

  • Monkey See Monkey Do Please folks don’t attempt with the blade pointing towards your thumb disaster waiting to happen

  • Why is nobody talking about that ugly-ass box ?

  • Pretty sure that ADA law states gas stations must provide service to the handicapped. Regardless, electric is a great way to avoid the whole situation. Congrats!

  • My phone is LG G7THİNKQ My phone is Very nice

  • Wheres the clear note 9 video?

  • *panicked breathing*

  • ohhh SNAP

  • 7:49.....AH MY EARS!

  • I like to see every...tear down video.....thank you sir..🤣🤣🤣

  • 2:14 absolute madlad

  • How nice it is to have tons of money :)

  • Wow the possibilities for ease of use are huge. Thanks for this post it really got me thinking about EV's from a totally different perspective.

  • Electric chariot

  • Mr clean headass stfu

  • Fuckkkkk

  • What state do they live in? Super pretty there!

  • So Jerry she’s paralysed at the legs can she still fuck?

  • Pixel 3 liking glass one is very waste

  • that laser machine probably cost 1000$+

  • Where's the Galaxy A80 teardown video?

  • Stoooooop😭😭😭 It hurts

  • Gas car will be history

  • I just got this ipad and i found this video Im afraid

  • should have tried shoving it up your ass. this is blatantly a prison phone!

  • When it comes to phones I always use a lifeproof even tho there are is one company ik of that have better drop protection like mous but u have to use a screen protector and it only covers up to like 95 percent of the phone screen dirt and other minerals like lint will get inside the phone and food can to if u are on your phone at the dinner table so I say that lifeproof is way to go bc u have one of the best drop protections and your phone is safe from any other elements like dirt and water so You’ve got best of both worlds plus u only have to buy this case once and it is one of the slimiest cases with this kind of protection although a phone without a case looks realy good but lifeproof preserves that so does mous

  • Forget screen protector and case that’s not enough for me I need mine to bet sealed off from dirt in charger port speaker grill and water so I go lifeproof all the way

  • U must do with "oppo Reno 2 " with glass body bend test is important , and screen glass GG6 and back glass is GG5

  • Because the jack is old and should have been obsolete years ago. RCA got replaced by HDMI and no one bats an eye. USB C attempts to replace the jack and everyone loses their minds.

  • Hey, think you could start doing tablets as well?

  • OMFG!!! AS if you actually called the camera a "little guy" YOU UTTER FUCKING CHUMP! - I was literally just taking the piss out of dumb americans 2 days ago who call objects "little guys" (taking the piss means making fun btw) - We don't use such stupid phrases in the UK and you would be seen as cringeworthy! I literally put my head in my hand when you said that Like who the FUCK do you actually think your target audience is? THREE YEAR OLDS? You really don't get what a moronic way of talking that actually is do you. And I'm obviously not saying all americans are as dumb as you, (most are not), but only an american with a deep voice would come out with something so stupid. I've never heard of any american with an intelligent voice saying "little guy". Only the dumb sounding ones like you. They always sound dumb like Homer Simpson for some reason! Tip: Talk with a normal tone of voice when doing reviews, not like a complete and utter fucking chump. You also sound like that idiot designer from apple that recently left. I hope he took his stupid measurements in microns with him. Although maybe you were trying to sound like just as much of an idiot as him?

  • So what size of battery are you planning for the ROG2? ASUS: Yes

  • If you had a 5g node right outside your window there would still be no point buying it as you would die from cancer before you got your moneys worth

  • Black shark 2 fan made this video

  • Sir to have realme X2 Pro in that place

  • please do the Macbook pro-tear-down 2019 model

  • For me he dosn't pass the test

  • 4:46 It's lithium ion and not lithium polimer

  • There is a good reason why apple supplies younwith a 5w charger: fast charging is not good for the battery life. It will wear down faster

  • The keyboard persistence on your own phone though :(

  • Zack I've seen you doing durability tests for lot of phones but my the question is why you don't do durability test for any Pakistani company,even HTC got tested on your channel but no Pakistani company Why? is the reason simple as no one ships Pakistani smartphones to USA or any other reason i know it's the awkward question but they say (curiosity killed the cat).

  • Man ... you're awesome

  • I wonder how apple is going to make this impossible

  • Still waiting for the teardown qwq

  • Inside?

  • This was clickbait

  • I followed the procedure, but my camera is out of focus. What to do now ?

  • I always skip the part where is scratches the phone..

  • In this year I got one. ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • You look like the dude from peaky blinders

  • OREO

  • Apple videos always have so many dislikes. Their fans are so sensitive.

  • I commented on cambry’s instagram about designing a Tesla friendly wheelchair. I’m game. Wanted to comment here to prove I’m not a creeper, but wanted to help. I have cp and no GR-tv followers but I saved 15 lives with my inventions. It’s surreal; but I’m here (in this world) to help. God bless!

  • This guy is a big motherfucke.r, this don't is a test, this is a...

  • Awesome video.

  • Everytime he scratches the screen protector I freak out because one of these times it won’t be the screen protector

  • If this video has taught us anything, its that Zack eats double stuffed oreos...

  • No headphone jack lol

  • This guy is a great guy 💞✨ just don't give him phones. 😂

  • I wonder if they have a wheel chair that is lighter weight and more collapsible, Seems like a pain lifting that heavy wheel chair

  • It's better i went for ROG 2 this time between the 2 devices. Phew! 😅

  • If u drop the phone the camera has a chance to fall off

  • Is the screen 100% original? And if not where can I buy the original apple lcd?

  • Do the huawei mate 30 pro

  • Are they brother and sister?

  • Zack must have a merch.... Like a t-shirt with the famous quote "Like a little lego" on the front

  • This picture of an elephant in the background is amazing. Does somebody know, where I can buy this?

  • That oreo is THICK

  • Why not remove rear sear seat . Then you would not need to drag chair across your lap ! I am a 25 year user .

  • He shocked himself only very shortly with the taser. What would it be like for a dozen seconds?

  • This is so much unsatisfying

  • Why are you broked iPAD????

  • Pretty cool and informative video. Lots of hassle and expensive machine but nice to know for the price of roughly 3 repairs, you can buy a machine that can do it for a lot less.

  • Smooth and extreme settings survive 5 hard and 37 minutes .

  • *buys iPod* *downloads Spotify*

  • I give samsung half a year and i'm sure we'll have 16K TV. Than 32, 64, 128. Yet we don't even have 4K chanels yet. (At least in Poland) What is all of that for, when our eye sight is limited? Is this some kind of race to have the most technically advanced product or, are there some other reasons?

  • For the bending test, you should make a test bench so that the force is readable for the tested phones. :)

  • Abe Lincoln was hated by a lot of people. Hence, his assassination.

  • Ever heaed of vivo new phone with macro camera ?