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Enter the World of Warcraft and descend into a world of myth, magic, and legendary adventure.
ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence.


For Azeroth - 25 Years of Warcraft
For Azeroth - 25 Years of WarcraftΠριν 13 ημέρες
BTS: A Toast to 15 years
BTS: A Toast to 15 yearsΠριν 2 μήνες
A Toast to 15 Years
A Toast to 15 YearsΠριν 2 μήνες
WoW® Classic with Creators
WoW® Classic with CreatorsΠριν 2 μήνες
New Mount: Sylverian Dreamer
New Mount: Sylverian DreamerΠριν 4 μήνες
Cinematic: "Safe Haven"
Cinematic: "Safe Haven"Πριν 6 μήνες
Rise of Azshara Content Preview
Rise of Azshara Content PreviewΠριν 7 μήνες
[Spoiler] An Unexpected Reunion
[Spoiler] An Unexpected ReunionΠριν 8 μήνες
New Mount: Vulpine Familiar
New Mount: Vulpine FamiliarΠριν 11 μήνες
Now Live: Tides of Vengeance
Now Live: Tides of VengeanceΠριν 11 μήνες
Tides of Vengeance Survival Guide
Tides of Vengeance Survival GuideΠριν 11 μήνες
Terror of Darkshore
Terror of DarkshoreΠριν χρόνο
Cinematic: "Lost Honor"
Cinematic: "Lost Honor"Πριν χρόνο
Warbringers: Azshara
Warbringers: AzsharaΠριν χρόνο
Battle for Azeroth: Vol'dun
Battle for Azeroth: Vol'dunΠριν χρόνο
Cinematic: “Old Soldier”
Cinematic: “Old Soldier”Πριν χρόνο
War of the Thorns: Chapter 2
War of the Thorns: Chapter 2Πριν χρόνο
Warbringers: Sylvanas
Warbringers: SylvanasΠριν χρόνο
War of the Thorns: Chapter 1
War of the Thorns: Chapter 1Πριν χρόνο
Warbringers: Jaina
Warbringers: JainaΠριν χρόνο


  • Don't let this 'epic' video blind you from the fact that a certain country had influence in censoring Sylvanas' stomach area...

  • take us BACK!

  • new lich King is literally that icefire kid from my hero academia.

    • zelda twilight princess electric boogaloo.

  • She broke the ICC raid instance... smh

  • Sylvanas: LVL 120 Lich King: LVL 80

  • That moment when you realize Bolvar is really brand from League of Legends

  • sylvanas wanted to wear the crown, but unfortunately it was plate and she's a hunter and can only wear up to mail, so she disenchanted it.

  • sylvanas is a poorly written character, tell me otherwise i dare you.

  • sylvanas is a well written character, tell me otherwise i dare you.

  • Arthas the heart and Soul of Warcraft 😭😍

  • As with Captain Varothen in the War of the Ancients, as Sylvanas rejects everything about Azeroth, Azeroth will reject everything about her.

  • x'era: "Become the thing." Illidan: "No." X'era: "Become the thing." Illidan: "NO!" X'era: "That's it, turning you into the thing myself." Illidan: "EYE BEAM!!" Paladin: "Wait but why." Illidan: "nobody forces me to roll paladin."

  • Next expansion -- World of gluecraft: PVA glue Bolvar replaces Magni : ThE HeLM oF doMInAtIoN CrIeS OuT iN PaiN New Loot system : glueforging replaces titanforging

  • What people seem to forget is that Bolvar ascended to the throne in WotLK, and just sat in his chair for the rest of the time. He didn't fight. He didn't learn of his new powers. Sylvanas kept pressing on. Fighting and getting stronger. TL:DR Bolvar was still capped at lvl 80. Sylvanus wasn't.

  • I wish there was a new race, that's what I enjoy from expansions

  • dem, the cinematic team didn't forget her eye scar at the duel with Saurfang. Blizzard as always.

  • Eh. Why is the Lich King so weak. She shouldn't be able to beat him that easily..

  • This cutscene still gets me every single time.

  • So cool

  • Can’t wait until Sylvanas gets destroyed by the Horde and Alliance

  • It's been 5 years since I saw it first time. Still asking myself how with so great idea and intro cinematic they managed to fail the gameplay T_T


  • 3:03 me after GYM

  • He'll always be my king.

  • Sylvanas thats the name of the elf, I struggled so hard to remember it. She was one of Arthas's companions wasn't she?

  • The two best Warcraft characters; Illidan Stormrage and Arthas Menethil.

  • 1:13 what cinematic is that from?

  • Blasphemy!! Jesus rules forever! The true King! Get behind Him, Satan! You all ready lost!

  • mistake was putting on the crown, its merely a mask with a repeater datacore onit, saying "daniels an idiot, Daniels upside down, Daniel is not a dev, Daniel is not blizzard material" you know, default bullying stuff to keep me out of the game, preventing me from recrafting blizzard to something even greater ;)

    • do double check MY mind for the ship travel flags I saw raised after finishing hard mode warcraft 3 -- im the one that finished, no cheat codes, start to finish...

    • so my chemist pretend pal sold out any future with blizzard, ahead of time, curious, not, always mind the overly nice people. Some of EVAs magic left behind, tortured so there could be "fun" -- so "NICE" -- what a complete and utter LIE.

    • wouldve been ;)

  • I always wanna fight for Anduin when watching this - but I'm horde ever since 😄

  • bolvar was lame af in the cinematic

  • I added the famous "my destiny is my own" after Gul'dan says "this was not our destiny". Check it out

  • 0:00 -1:55 is absolutely stellar.

  • At least Bolvar can meet his daugther now.


  • I will never play retail because of sylvanas. EDIT: Blizzard stop doing this doom soundtrack and put something more serious and this expansion doesn't fit with lore and your retail servers are dead.

  • This isn't right... Why are their eyes glowing? Please Blizzard fix this to fit current ideology. Because it would feel really dumb? Then why change it in the game?

  • probably these movies are the best thing about the game lol

  • i sided with the Banshee queen on my warlock but after this i felt like Garbage so i switched mains to my orc DK

  • This is by far, by a very far amount, the greatest non-retcon-video of all times!

  • We better be able to kill sylvanas at the end of this expansion she is so annoying. I'm already tired of her and her boyfriend

  • that voice of pain 1:52 should be in game as well that sound at 2:18 for some spell that would be awesome to hear that.

    • Never playing this game again

  • hmmm return of the scourge.... guess classic was hurting retail real hard they had to make a nostalgic expansion again.

  • That’s what happen when you bully someone, even blizzard is trying to raise awareness of bullying

  • why cant yall add your cool shirts to the blizz store

  • Ok so jaina looks bad in her cinematic but she’s not bc we all know that amd so as azshara bc with her plans of defeating nzoth. And here comes sylvanas haha wow

  • Ok so any shadowlands theory about this cinematic??

  • There is no deepness in warcraft's character's. They're changing because of some dark magic, not because psychologic issue. But at least blizzard make top notch cinematic's.

  • Well atleast this cinematic didn't suck :D

  • Mary Sue breaks lore. How far this game has fallen.

  • Every moment in blizzard's trailler is my wallpaper

  • Feminism strikes once again

  • These expansions are getting stupid.

  • Trupofajt

  • Sr

  • Shadowlands the next under funded, under developed lazy expansion from activision, A company that would rather pay people to pretend to love the game and promote it, then give the dev team any real money to create a decent product, dont support garbage, thats why the worlds dying.

  • I came here to wash my eyes after shadow lands cinematic

  • Armies will be shattered. Worlds will burn. Now, at last, on this world, vengeance shall be mine. For I am the Queen of .... Oh, sorry, wrong trailer. Someone ran out of ideas I guess

  • This game means so much to me. Thank you for everything Blizzard and the community <3

  • This is just that WoW movie but with sylvanas instead of gul’dan

  • Fits my DH purrfectly

  • Climate change in a nutshell

  • This was one of the best cinematics from Blizzard 🤙🏻

  • Anybody else rolling Necrolords in Shadowlands?

  • This is so epic im getting back on wow as soon as i get my paycheck lol.

  • Cast Anduin : Leonardi DiCaprio Sylvanas : Keira Knightley Jaina : Kim Kardashian Genn : Hugh Jackman Alleria : Natalie Portman LOL !

  • I think that someone from SHADOWLANDS told Vol'jin to make Sylvana warchief

  • wish there was a war scene

  • The lich King was wielding a 2h weapon as a frost spec hence could not loose all of his offensive most of his gear is missing plus I doubt he had the heart of azeroth

  • Never playing this game again

  • Lol some leader you have there.. Jaina, Jaina... JAINA!!! :D :D :D

  • It’s almost like Blizzard should just launch its own cinematic universe

  • Wow mew races= allaince: Grimtotem Tauren (starting area= grimtotem camp) | horde: Chaos Orc (starting area= Outland & near dark portal) (redskin orc) (twilight hammer,black tooth,bonechewer,drago nmaw,burning blade clan) updates mag'har orc normal brown skin + one eye , white skin and has a bandage in the left hand | void elf transform to high elfnand turn normal to void elf ( same as worgen transformation)

  • Wait, this isn't the Elder Scrolls 6 Trailer

  • Lots of people think this does not make sense lore wise but it makes perfect sense: Sylvanas is not extremely powerful like you guys think she is, she is obviously REALLY powerful but not even close to being able to do that to the Lich King IF NOT for the fact that she's acquired death related powers from an unknown source, possibly the creature from the Shadowlands we see in the other trailer, and giving her an advantage towards the Lich King (that also gets his powers from the Shadowlands). She's obviously been in contact with the realm of the death for a long time and has been scheming for this, since Azeroth has been filled with death the recent years, and the more bloodshed the more souls that end up in the Shadowlands. And people that were expecting the return of Bolvar as a Lich King menace... It's kind of impossible because the fire from Alexstrasza makes him a perfect balance between life and death and thus, being able to hold off the scourge safely within Icecrown. Tbh looks like a solid expansion both lore and feature wise.

  • cinematic trailer vs gameplay footage of wow is just so frustrating.

  • There can only be one Lich King. And it will always be in our memories.

  • I've been pounded too hard and too many times by blizzard. Not playing retail anymore.

  • They basicaly copied kurapika vs ubogin..with the invisible chains and smoke to hide its true fight strats

  • Yeah. Keep making WoW instead of Warcraft 4 was a bad decision, you got that right.

  • I know you boi's Came here to see when wow still made sense.

  • All Girls Dream if shes not doing good.

  • This is still my favorite cinematic. I can't help but laugh seeing them so dumbstruck at Chen. The pacing and the music are just brilliant.

  • You will always be remembered as the True Lich King. Rest in Peace my King.

  • Can't wait to start leveling up again :)

  • Cinematics Dept: How many expansion intros do you want with Sylvanas? Writers: Yes.

  • Anyone else notice that even after she used the last arrow in her quiver on Bolvar, she still had an arrow to pierce through the giant slab of saronite that Bolvar threw at her?

  • He supposed fight with sword not heavy hammer

  • Great, another dark energy spaceship expansion

  • Chained by arrows? Seriously come on.

  • Still one of my all time favorite wow expansion trailer....

  • Ah yes, the ice cream citadel.

  • Sooo, what's with that hole in the sky?

  • My favourite expansion

  • Never doubted my Queen, loyal to the end :)

  • World of Warcraft's true ending!

  • I have watch this so many times and it does not get old

  • best cinematic ever.