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  • I think that Joe is my favorite person

  • I Need A Stop Motion With Manner Bear From Robot Chicken

  • I'd of watched this version of Star Trek Deep Space 9

  • Damn those people are so intimidated and it shows, can’t handle the Yellow Peepee Energy

  • Woa

  • "Thinking further down the same line of thought, however, if we're so tiny and insignificant - if you're able to find one person in the entire universe who cares about you, why would you want to disappoint them?" Don't know why, but this made me tear up.

  • Idk about you guys but this is my favorite song in Shop.

  • This reminded me of jakestuaber

  • Me getting coffe: Jack in the other aisle: What's an artesenal me?

  • Buff scp 999

  • Me getting milk: Grabs milk from fridge and sets it in cart. Jack getting milk: "What kind of milk were you?"

  • Mental Note heads rejoice, Joe Estevez providing us with a masterclass!

  • 0:32 Anyone know the background music? Lol

  • tis is... what ? i have no words this weirdo video. Uhhh, okay then..

  • Not once in 11 seasons have they ever made eye contact lmao

  • *that'll do*

  • Joe is a god among men

  • I love it when Mark Hamill cameos

  • Lmao jasper really referred his tailbone to his ass bump

  • dig the floating head on keyboards

  • Drinking a cup of Joe while I watch this wholesome Joe.

  • If you add a smidge of THC to your breakfast then your day gets better by four hundred and twenty percent.

  • Is that hulk hogan

  • Bruhhhhh he landed primo on his ass

  • Some of these are clearly poops.

  • I love this. Always glad to see these clips posted. Joe Pera is pretty great, thanks!

  • Tiny riiiiiick

  • GR-tv' s only valu to me is keeping this sort of freaking weird video. So that my parents will not ask me y i am watching it

  • To the right, take it back now y’all TAKE A SHIT ON THE FLOOR IT’S TIME TO GET SCHWIFTY

  • I had a perfect pair of balls, its the third one that bothers me!

  • Joe Pera is a comforting force of pure good.

  • 0:38-0:42 Ankylosaurus aproves

  • “Dora you’re not old enough to buy that “NO SHIT”

  • Pinko is tumblr

  • Jesus christ I did not see that ending coming. And I'm just standing outside of a church waiting to meet up with the lady.

  • This is educational programing at it's best.

  • Human traits according to Hannibal -Feelings -Coughing -Watch TV shows

  • Idk why but this whole thing is absolutely hilarious

  • Who else on the toilet watching this?

  • The annoying orange would totally see this

  • Beats the marvel universe imho

  • I wonder if he will do one about when he was Ritchie from it

  • That Gibby didn't cut the iNipples out was unexpected. No, instead he cut everything except the iNipples out.

  • I saw this shit live on T.V. with my dad. It was a weird experienc3 but we didn't mind it.

  • "Overeasies" & "Pink Grapefruits".......These vicious-gangs must be stopped 😂

  • Man I swear that half of the views this video gets its because I rewatch it every night. I watch the 3 episodes in loop till I'm asleep

  • I recall a couple other clips missing from here like Farting and retards, and Mexican tap water, but I still laughed lol


  • I am beyond thrilled to witness the magic of Pera any time. breakfast noon and night.

  • I saw this yesterday in cinema and I felt like the characters, love it !

  • Joe Is peace

  • Joe Pera me to sleep while laying on my purple boy🤫

  • Joe Pera feet reveal when?

    • @** not until i've sampled the webbings of his toes

    • Leave the premises at once!

  • I just don’t get how they can repurpose the schleem once it’s been smoothed out on a dinglebop. And, even worse, why they cut the fleeb into pieces when done. Seems a little barbaric.

  • This needs to happen.

  • "What do you bring to the table?" "Sex appeal" "Oooh"

  • I love Joe's voice it's so calm. I swear every night I watch his talk you to sleep videos. I downloaded them too so I can fall asleep while listening to them. Joe Pera is the last thing I hear before I go to dreamland.

    • that’s fucking beautiful

  • “Hi joe! Please don’t come over here...” 😆

  • I don’t get the ending hey did he say for barbara

  • booring than usual

  • Thank you

  • My friend Darren looks like this guy

  • Still waiting for the Spagett movie

  • Poor Tim, always a victim of that Monster Greg Turkeyton. Your story will be heard Tim.

  • Yes

  • 1:36 Andy: “I am Pinko. You decide what I am.” Ok, you’re trash! *Throws in trash can* Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂LOL

  • " I like that one, y'all have a great breakfast" why can't my life be that simple :(

  • Joe Mama

    • Yo 👌

  • The best crossover doesn’t exis-

  • Thank You😭😢

  • 9 minutes ago and it has 2.5 million views wow

  • Oh dessert!

  • What in the hell going on at Adult Swim

  • This is good because it’s soothing. What I’m doing is relaxing when I watch this, and I’d like to tell you that I enjoy it. Thank you uploading. Have a nice day.

  • Рнр

  • What is fred using

  • Never actually saw the dark crystal, it was slightly before my time. If it was like this I honestly probably would though.

  • Vicious salesman here.

  • the fact he didn't know who "the pigeon" was is what makes this fucking show amazing

  • The Music is so fancy =)

  • this sucks shit

  • I feel better putting this in a garage. Kick some ass!

  • 0:08 wtf her head couldn't fit through that hole

  • That's our Mike!

  • What's Next? A toy Dragon that breathes real fire? 🐉

  • Well Ryan here seems like a fun guy at parties

  • Nicki covers her nipples? yeah right

  • “Rebecca’s husband refused to take part in the follow up interview”

  • “At least the sharks make it quick” had me fucking dying!

  • when tim started throwing chinese food holy shit

  • ;)

  • You are dumb as they come

  • You guys should do a Nicki Minaj crap vid

  • He may be drunk but he don't smoke

  • I like how they team up

  • I farted during this

  • 2019 anyone?

  • What mod and tank is Tim using?


  • Rick:Oh please dear God hear my preiers... Also rick 2 seconds later: hahahaha fuck yeah I'm the best there is no God!!