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  • Max's point was SOOOO spot on!!! Who started what went down? And yet, NOTHING happens to him?!?!?! SMH!!!!

  • Stephen A Smith STFU What position did you play in college or NFL Football

  • Suspended indifonitely is bullshit 3 games tops the media is what drove the nfl to suspend him that long it wasn’t that bad it was very stupid crybabys

  • LeBron so fake if he really wanted melo in the league he could have got him to Lakers

  • Ryan Clark is dumber than we thought. Remember he at one time thought he was a WR, too funny.

  • Fell off a cliff?? Bruh they been competing even with injuries. I really hate ESPN at this point

  • 1:11 - “Olavadipo” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sad to say this bit but max is right. Garrett should be suspended but Rudolph should have that same problem

  • I see what Max’s point is, Max’s point is, does Myles Garrett still take off Mason’s helmet if Mason NEVER attempted to take of Myles’s helmet first?

  • Can u send to my house just 8 grand please carmelo

  • And if brogdon doesn't perform well in indiana, they will say that bucks made a good decision by not sigining him 🤔🤣😂

  • When is his first game with the blazers ? I want to catch that game :)

  • This chick loves looking at herself

  • Hahaha no. It’s a last fleeting attempt at having a wing this season. They ended their season with this signing. The curse never fails to strike. Melo will hurt them.

  • Wow Damien getting mad at Myles when he can’t even handle a discussion without seeing red 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • No lie Max Kellerman have using his brain right lately.

  • Stephen A and Damion sell outs bruh no cap for the first time ever I agree with max

  • Company Man Smith

  • I called it

  • a boost to loosing

  • SAS is a moron. I used to be a fan but this is ridiculous and Steve Smith was out of line as well over reacting from the commentary booth

  • starts talking about mike Tyson about 15mins in 👍

  • Kenny Stills takes a knee every week. ✊🏾

  • Anyone with a max player becoming a FA in 2021 should be very afraid of Pat Riley and his cap room.

  • After failing to protect him all game, the offensive line failed to protect him from getting his bell rung.

  • He got tired of Letterman and merchant bullshit

  • need to stop!!! know good and we'll keeping your job consist of saying the right things. At this point you don't deserve the right to overlook who enitiated the issue. Myles did not know the result of the ball being loose from Mason hands. Therefore Myles was clearly attacked when the NFL is clearly not taking in consideration... But yet Myles was definitely in the wrong for going that far's crazy. But the SHIELD clearly needs to investigate every know obstacle of that play and go from there.

  • Don’t start something you can’t finish literally applied to Rudolph

  • Myles Garrett was tackling somebody who already got rid of the football; with seconds left in the game with the outcome of the game already decided. Max Kellerman is stupid.

  • No one is talking about how Rudolph was trying to rip his Garrett's helmet off first

  • Yes they did, Malcolm is actually underperforming in Indiana in my eyes, i expect his shooting to go up by few %.

  • Why do you think so many people hate the NFL now

  • Why pay bledsoe? I mean I would of paid brogdan last year then traded bledsoe for depth. Trust me! Eric bledsoe will be the reason the Greek freak will leave mark my words. He can't shoot and he's six foot? Why pay a short man who can only slash over a taller man who can slash and shoot? Doesn't make sense.

  • Freddie kitchen job is gone

  • For the rest of the year Rudolph started it

  • First!

  • "Its not like Myles Garret is like: 'now I'm gonna go hit this dude with his helmet'", as he hits the dude with the dude's helmet.

  • Im pretty sure melos defense is better than your dieting

  • If Joey Bosa had hit Lamar Jackson over the head with his helmet these fools would be calling him a racist and saying he should be ejected from the league Myles Garrett is black and they are defending him. You don’t hit someone with your helmet and get a pass this is never happened in the league you can punch are you want be a man don’t hit a defenseless person with his own helmet

  • Stephen A should be suspended for wearing that sweater... just looking at him making my neck itch

  • Brian Windhorst Is one burger away from a heart attack

  • Myles Garrett to the XFL!!! 💯

  • Ola-va-dipo

  • I can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree with Max why is he chasing a guy that is already restrained and he has no helmet on and act surprised he got hit

  • I don't think it's as big of a deal as they're making but clearly wasn't Rudolph's fault lol

  • "Sour Milk" gets another taste. Apparently Portland thinks they will find cheese

  • Talk! about the football player WR in the same game bleeding out his ear?


  • Max, you wilin' bruh.

  • These A holes make my ears bleed..

  • Dude Kendrick has a sinister laugh

  • He took Dungy's team yes but Callahan took his team to the bowl smh idiot

  • It may be assault but it is also the first nfl clip ive watched since they began fighting over the national anthem.Not that i give two shits or watched before that but i had to see what people were talking about.If it were up to me wede turn the stadiums into water treatment plants.


  • i GUARANTEE Mason Rudolph will never ever try to snatch another mans helmet off. Thug started the fight, and isn’t being held accountable for it. NFL is racist and rigged.

  • I don't mean you disrespect her but even the slight comparison between whatever arena she played in to MSG is just ridiculous.

  • They pick Eric FREAKING BLEDSOE over Malcolm Brogdon smh

  • huge respect to rachel. for this piece

  • Mason deserves exactly what he got

  • This Stephen A is irritating. his mouth runs like the no. 1 idiot fountain of america.. Dang. Shut up!! Let someone else speak..

  • Mark praise Kawhi for winning injured GSW team, but Harden was leading against GSW to 7th game. If CP was not injured. Only james(Lebron James, James Harden) know what healthy GSW team is

  • Idk man Fizdale is insistent in stretching the floor with Randle...he lets him iso from the 3 as well...

  • Lets be honest max just trying to keep his n word pass

  • This guy Kaepernick has a mental problem. Why would anybody be interested in him as a QB? He shot his limited wad and his mouth off 3 years ago when he wasn't paying so well. But now he miraculously thinks he's the shiznit? The QB's coming out of college need a chance before this guy. Nobody owes him nothing.

  • Im a Knicks fan please Pray for me!!!!🙏

  • Max just trying to be opposite side. If not, then no debate. Too obvious it's a game

  • I still don't see how Rudolph didn't get in any trouble since he is the one who started the whole thing

  • Big George and Iron Mike are the 2 most scariest fighters to EVER step foot in a boxing ring PERIOD

  • It's obvious Brian never played sports a day in his life

  • I want to believe brian can..... but he cant....

  • It’s important for him to show up and do good! U don’t get a second chance to make good first impression! If something go down wrong, don’t let it be u Kaepernick

  • First Rudolph was pulling at Garrett helmet that why he snatched of rudolph helmet. Then Garrett was being pushed backwards then Rudolph got off the ground and charged Garrett. Garrett didn't know that whether Rudolph wanted his helmet or throw a punch so he what anybody would have done protecting himself. Probably shouldn't have hit Rudolph with the helmet. But anyone can honestly say Rudolph was going to do when charged Garrett.

  • I dont think Knicks fans care what Kristaps thinks. Maybe Kristaps should worry about not raping any other women.

  • This will not end well. LOL

  • Portland must really be hurting for players 😂

  • And you perk are the reason I keep watching,never disappointed


  • Max watch the reply again bro

  • Killed by a helmet ? Really? I swear this guy lives in a parallel universe and is disconnected from reality he should come visit Africa one day 😹😹😹😹😹

  • Ali, Foreman and Tyson are the three best to ever do it

  • I like Perks’ laugh! Lool

  • Bo Jackson

  • Max is absolutely right

  • Congratulations Wood- U PLAYED UR SELF

  • Malcolm brogdon>Eric Bledsoe

  • Finally, somebody's naming Mason Rudolph as the Instigator of the fight,

  • As a bucks fan I was SCREAMING this all fucking summer

  • He should not have started the fight ,,


  • Pouncey "reacted" too. We saw how that panned out.

  • I'm pretty sure melo will do atleast better then one Kcp is doing as of now, lakers should have grabbed him .

  • Why they do him dirty in the thumbnail tho lol

  • Portland Jailblazers are back!

  • Bro I love max he keep it real don’t start a fight u can’t finish

  • Russ is pathetic. Talking smack and pointing at Harden's 47 while he shoot 6-20 for the game.

  • I agree with Max💯

  • Myles Garrett is done!

  • Funny dude lakers are gona be the team that beats them this year

  • I’m with Max..If it were street fight Mason would of chilled out..he only pursued him further because people were between was dumb on his part

  • One of the most boring elite scorers in history, no doubt.