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Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.


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  • is BlackWidow got the same voice actor as Helena Harper at RE6??

  • no man, this is impossible... not fair!

  • I'm going to starve myself trying to read all of these

  • Yesssss, House/Powers of X 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Wtf Iron man looked so rubbish in the game

  • How is his DOB unknown HES TONY STARK

  • With great money you don't have to make it 50%

  • I am looking for time stone to go back in time and watch this movie again for the first time...

  • So you're going for the Comic book helmet of iron man

  • Black Panther Design Was Great

  • Can We Get Iron Man Comics Reboot

  • I`m pretty sure that in alternative reality this show continues....season 4 it`s amazing

  • 日本人いる??w 中国製のアイアンマンかな⁉(笑)🤣🤣🤣

  • UCM suit please

  • 노래좋다

  • if this is comic book based game then Tony stark is Adopted

  • Asian Iron man?

  • What about kluh

  • Doctror strange can do back iron man again because of his power i belive

  • *Whatever it takes*

  • Ugly armor

  • LMAO at Spidey thinking Doctor Strange is a made-up name

  • You know u are worthy When you still know every single line from the trailer


  • I want to go back to that day when I first watched this movie :(

  • Space Punisher Hulk , is the strongest Hulk

  • Tyrell? So we're using our real names?

  • Some scenes have a kinda lag in it

  • What s wrong with the helmet!?!

  • who come to check marvel channel every day to see if there is a new movie coming ? 😢

  • And then Quicksilver died.


  • I REALLY hope that this game is good.

  • the suit body was alright but keep in mind if u ruin the helmet u ruined EVERYTHING wtf is that mouth?


  • I think kamala Khan aka ms marvel from Karachi Pakistan

  • Wish it would go back to the Demon Zarathos.. not a big fan of the "spirit " .. Johnny Blaze and Zarathos..dont fix it if it's not broken .. I loved reading the Ghost Rider in the 70s .. doesn't seem the lost something.. maybe it's nostalgia glasses .. or maybe he's a demon and he should stay that way... Just an old fan rambling....

  • Quentin Quire is the only young character. Armor, Anole, Rockslide, Dust, Eye-Boy, Oya... Where are they? I love them.

    • They'll rotate in X-Men, but hopefully get their own title in the second wave... and actually X-23 is of that generation too, so Quentin's not the only one with an announced home. We do know why Dust hasn't been announced for anything though - she's been appearing in Champions.

  • Marvel Rising has without a doubt the most erratic set of run times for any tv show ever. The first few episodes are 4 minutes. This one is 80 MINUTES (feature length), and the rest vary between normal (22 minutes) and double (44 minutes). Thus far, they’ve had the equivalent of ten regular episodes of an animated series, but with stories bunched together rather than split across two or more episodes. Not that this is a bad thing, it’s just unusual. In the past, this would typically be four episodes instead of one. And the episode with Ironheart would be two.

  • what brand of shoulder bag he use at 3:21 ?

  • I thought he looked familiar

  • With how bad comic conventions stink I think this collab is much needed

  • One does not simply watch the movie without watching the trailer

  • Exciting!

  • Watch Avengers "What if this storm ends" cover, you wont regret it

  • Most of yall in the comments are hating because the chracters are unfamiliar & mostly "black". The story is indeed wack but that never means there aren't better writters who work for Marvel that csn give the plot substance (they did it fir Hulk & Spider-Man.. if it was the same story but the Avengers instead, there wouldn't be so much hate in the comments (most of yall really want to see only "white" heros) & a lot of yall are just copying the next persons post too feel like you're apart of the majority of the community...what's worse is that all of yall sat here & watched it to the end, when we could already tell the story was wack from the first 20 seconds.. Many "white" Marvel fans hated on the Black Panther movie too & that did the best numbers of all Marvel actually broke Box Office records, so it really yall are racial biased because to the pale European in America, subconsciously, Marvel is a "white" man's universe & should remain as such...FOH. Honestly, so called "blacks" should not support Marvel simply because the "white" fans don't support our people in any other way. Other so called "whites" might support what "blacks" create & contribute but you comic geeks & gamers are the seeds of the KKK. Just some uber-nerds, who don't have much of an identity outside of comics, video games, cartoons & movies... Fearful & true illegal immigrants to these soils.

  • Gooooooooseflash and tears in my eyes enev watching this now😭❤️ we miss you iron man.. love you 3000💙

  • That suit look like Asimo

  • I'm just gonna say it because no one else has (yet) why is everyone black except the one white girl? (and the villain but no one likes him) like I get the black panther and the wakandan tribe but I mean the other guys the main group.

  • Hulk has Always been the most popular marvel character. You can make series of movies with only Hulk, just bring back the rights from Universal Pictures

  • Be careful of the evil white men. Only LGBT white women can be good super heroes. Great message Marvel. Hope your company goes under.

  • Than is provided the blood while the world turned to dust...

  • They still haven't fixed wolverine's brown and yellow costume.

  • Z: I just realized something when he said "That's why his buzzing kept us from killing his son." This means Pseudo Cletus Kasady knows that he is in Norman's body. I wonder if this means Fake Cletus will be around for a while or if The Goblin Persona will return and kill the Cletus persona.

  • 0:38 music name pls......... Pls 🙏🙏🙏

  • So the suit is asian now?

  • Wow. In 2019, this Trailer is so weird without the iconic Avengers Theme.

  • Omg barry keoghan!!!

  • The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many, huh, Doc? Though I'm sure all the people you just doomed to death won't see it that way...

  • this movie was so good

  • Thanos voice in this gives me the chills

  • Why does this look and read like a first issue power rangers comic if they held a child contest to see who's could get made

  • Make to movie x man vs inhumans

  • Does anyone actually care about this?

  • Status: *Active*

  • The soy boys

  • So much down-ratings. Please throw this political correctness comic crap in the trash already. Nobody like it. And bring back the best ones such as Spiderman.

  • Why they disrespect Black Panther though wtf

  • Hopefully it wont be anything like Inhumans cause that was pretty bad and did not last.

  • We don't care, we want Raimi Spider-Man 4 comic adaptation

  • Why the heroes black?????

  • Reminds me of those mark dice voice overs

  • Dc: Conquers the comic book scene Marvel:

  • There's a few he wouldn't kill like cap and cable

  • Thor Ragnarok? More like-- like Bore Ragnarok

  • Man I can’t wait for this movie to come out it looks so good!!

  • Marvel is a legend.

  • The people creating this game seriously need to completely rework hulk's gameplay (This dude is like olympic-level athletic and has good running formation) home does not move like a big green hairless ape with Down Syndrome like the first Avengers movie had him.

  • Rip Thanos

  • Marvel stereo typing minority and body types

  • The only thing axe is good for is getting rid of weed stank. No🧢

  • Can we talk about how trash that beat is too? This is just a comic of a Soundcloud rappers fever dream.

  • I am the 665th dislike, I provide the opportunity to be the 666th dislike

  • “Butler gets killed and. . .” (Loudly snaps neck with little effort with just two fingers). . . .”ded”

  • Just glad he is back riding a motorcycle not drive s car.. that gr sucked

  • iron man is dead😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Bruce banner turned into hulk!!!!!! 2:00

  • Hands down the most badass trailer Marvel has put out there.

  • dude I expected to see “Comments are disabled for this video.” but instead I found a place of harmony

  • Make this a movie but use wayyyyy too much money on it and make it good

  • sadly this and 1 can no longer be played for a stupid reason its ALMOST dumb as why x-men and fantastic 4 wasn't in lego marvel 2

  • 0:58 funniest run have ever seen... lol

  • 1:03 Wait Thor can hover in mid air? I thought he can only fly forward with the hammer

    • He can control the wind around him so he can hover, but throwing the hammer and holding onto it is faster which is why he does that.

  • Now I hate high school

  • Iron man died why is he there wow

  • Why is the black "woman" looking like a guy, why is the only white person a transgender and why are the only two that are supposedly guys so incredibly effiminate? Yuck.