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Feed your competitive spirit right here on the Lolesports GR-tv channel as we bring you the best that professional League of Legends has to offer. Here you'll find live streams from major leagues, including the NA and EU LCS, the NA and EU Challenger Series, the LCK, and the LMS, live in HD. Stay for the action, but stick around the Lolesports channel for additional video features and interviews to help you get more familiar with your favorite League of Legends pros.


Let's Go NA: Team Liquid
Let's Go NA: Team LiquidΠριν 7 ημέρες
Let's Go NA: Cloud9
Let's Go NA: Cloud9Πριν 8 ημέρες
Ready for Worlds | Kobe
Ready for Worlds | KobeΠριν 15 ημέρες
Ready for Worlds | Phreak
Ready for Worlds | PhreakΠριν 16 ημέρες
Let's Go NA: Clutch Gaming
Let's Go NA: Clutch GamingΠριν 18 ημέρες
Phreak Show | The Worlds Patch
Phreak Show | The Worlds PatchΠριν 16 ημέρες
Ready for Worlds | Jatt's Chair
Ready for Worlds | Jatt's ChairΠριν 19 ημέρες
Ready for Worlds | Flowers
Ready for Worlds | FlowersΠριν 18 ημέρες
Ready for Worlds | Dash
Ready for Worlds | DashΠριν 20 ημέρες
Good Luck at Worlds: #LCS
Good Luck at Worlds: #LCSΠριν 19 ημέρες
This or That | Trash Talk Backfire
This or That | Trash Talk BackfireΠριν 20 ημέρες
#EUMasters The Penta | Quarterfinals
#EUMasters The Penta | QuarterfinalsΠριν 19 ημέρες
Worlds 2019 - Format Summary
Worlds 2019 - Format SummaryΠριν 26 ημέρες
LEC Athens: Finals Tease
LEC Athens: Finals TeaseΠριν μήνα
#LEC Legends: Rekkles
#LEC Legends: RekklesΠριν μήνα
#LEC Semifinals Tease
#LEC Semifinals TeaseΠριν μήνα
EAT LIKE A PRO with Upset
EAT LIKE A PRO with UpsetΠριν μήνα
EAT LIKE A PRO | TeaserΠριν μήνα
EU Rising: Splyce
EU Rising: SplyceΠριν μήνα
I/DK Reunion
I/DK ReunionΠριν μήνα
EAT LIKE A PRO | TeaserΠριν μήνα
EAT LIKE A PRO with sOAZΠριν μήνα
EAT LIKE A PRO with Xerxe
EAT LIKE A PRO with XerxeΠριν μήνα


  • Sneaky claiming to be the best bot lane, blows up under 25 mins

  • “So the inspirations for the ig skins were the ig players” Hmm yes the floor is made out of floor

  • Quem é br e so vendo em 2019 só pra ver o pai tava CHATO NESSA EPOCA 🔥🔥🔥 1:55

  • would love to see both on finals but, I also want Fnatic to be on finals.. >_<

  • Damwon is like Dang won? They work play like as one.

  • Can we please see Rekkles on an ADC ;-;

  • UZI

  • One of my favorite moment till this day is when Rookie speaks in Chinese during the final interview. When he translates the Korean for the LPL fans in the audience. That's really considerate, sweet and loyal of him to LPL.

  • dam i could watch this 1000 times, faker's shh is never gna get old. THT DROP.

  • Uma Jan monkaS

  • 3:30:10 Does Qiyana get i-frames from her W? i can't see why the nautilus hook didn't connect.

    • @Saimiri Ray has to be in the g2 game thats the only quiana vs nautilus

    • Wrong time stamp :/ but I wanna see the scene !

  • 58:21 CTBC J vs GAM 2:02 Griffin vs HKA 3:06 G2 vs Cloud 9

  • Faker gragas mid XD

  • imagine the both of them in one team holly molly best mid laner and best adc in the world in one team i realy want see that XD

  • Nice translation....

  • If SKT can do another 3 peat then that would cement Faker as Michael Jordan of League. 😂

  • Perkz the best

  • 5:25:19 zeros ?????

  • Its rly annoying that they hide/delete the videos. I cant watch them all that fast... LET ME SEE THEM

    • Not in mine, and I haven't seen the second day

    • Do they stay in your View History?

  • Slay caught out so many times for GAM, big rip

  • me da um frio na espinha quando o drag aparece

  • Getting goosebumps while watching this. 2 of the GOATs at their roles and players who ever played League. Pure admiration on both players.

  • 3:55:39

  • G2´´ with the 15k gold difference monkaW

  • Watch me.

  • 4:20:57 911 dmg

  • who is the girl who makes the interviews???

    • @Reaping Shadow me too!

    • @Reaping Shadow she does the interviews on LEC broadcast if you want to watch her more

    • okay Thank you <3 i got it now, but she is definitely cute on her ig! And i also like her slightly french accent :D

    • why do you not know that ?XD anyways its Laure Valée. Dw in her instagram posts she is not as pretty as in the interviews.

    • @Shark. Jo That's Laure "Bulli" Valée <3

  • 3:13 I love how the referee in the back laughed too LMAO

  • time to put deftly in C9

  • 1:33:43 IG vs DWG 2:36:13 AHQ vs TL 3:43:01 FPX vs SPY 4:40:50 JT vs GAM 5:45:16 GRF vs HKA 6:48:11 G2 vs C9 On computer I only get the last 4 hours of the stream. Anyone know a fix?

    • Ori shem-ur Ah, thanks

    • It's always happen when a long video is upload to youtube. Just wait and the problem will fix itself.

    • Mobile has all of it though.

  • EU>NA

  • Clowns 9

  • Viper and Sneaky trembles in the power of autofilled adc perkz.

  • 1 million views after 1 minuet You don't need years of experience to figure out this is going to go viral

    • 1 milion views and 5 comments xd

    • jennifer Quinn that’s because the viewers from the 7,5 hours of the livestream count as well😂😂

  • NA<<<<<EU <3

  • GAM will destroy this two teams

  • my youtube recommends never showed me this till 2019, 2 years after it was on youtube despite watching the 2018 one and watching most of the LoL cinematics for a good portion of the songs

  • Huh I never realized that was Albert

  • They're making c9 look good , little did they know all this footage was against na teams lol

  • A teaser for worlds doesn't show the 2nd place for MSI finalists or the only NA team to make it to semis. Cool.

  • PerkZ showing everyone that he is watching. WATCH ME

  • Hey what's the song in this video and where can I download it '^'

  • 2 Korean Rookie and FAKER

  • Viper shouldn't have a problem with this "magic". He's usually better on bruisers and mages.

  • ....

  • GREATEST mid laner to ever play the game and the GREATEST adc to ever play the game

  • 19:39

  • who's in the thumbnail

  • Thrash faker

  • sneaky highlight LUL

  • When the word of the moment is innovation, g2 is a very scary team.

  • *G2ARMY*

  • É o Brasil aparecendo no 2º lugar do The Penta porra! Só não é quem tá fazendo a play 🙃

  • Were is generale teddy??

  • No skt today? Ima sleep early.

  • still waiting for brand jungle :(

  • Winning is not everything, the fact that this video exists proves that the world knows how good UZI is. and despite SKT losing a few times people still know Faker is still the winner. They have surpassed their team identities behind and known for who they are.

  • Skt vs rng STILL THE BEST GAME EVER IN WORLDS 2019 Good Luck UZi

  • G2 G2

  • 0:14 watch yasuo "Test Cube"

  • Inb4 Viper plays Teemo bot

  • London is prob one of the best riot hypetracks for promo/champ select

  • Faker is like "God Ye Qiu" of The King's Avatar. He's Back!

  • Gooooo SKT <3

  • Why NA so quiet? Why NA so quiet? Why NA so quiet? Why NA so quiet? Why NA so quiet?

  • Talking about bot lane without uzi

    • UZI? The best ADC in the world who got outplayed by some wards? That UZI?



  • NA MAD because NA BAD

  • Had no idea Riot Games was owned 100% by Tencent (a Chinese company)... Hmmm..

  • RNG =royal now giveup

  • Hỏi ngu cái: Con rồng ngàn tuổi đó khán giả trong khán đài có thể nhìn trực tiếp con rồng trên không (giống y như con rồng ngoài đời thật) mà ko cần nhìn vào màn hình sân khấu đúng ko?

  • Skt uzi?

  • after the changes to crit items, bot laners got screwd, and this is the perfect example for it, legit, i am hyped when i see ADC perform at international state, but when i see Heimerdinger/fiddlesticks, Garen/Yumi, Veigar, Pantheon, Syndra, its just not fun to watch at all, there is no counter play or outplay while playing those champions, and i don't know why Riot hasn't done anything about it, Those mage picks or none ADC picks are used for just one reason, to keep the enemy ADC behind, because of how weak ADCS are, its more important now than ever to GANK them and make them fall behind because of how well they spike with 3/4 items and they are beasts at late game, but its so easy to keep them behind when you pick dominant but not so useful off meta picks in the bot lane, usually when you see off meta picks in the bot lane, they don't usually do much but to keep the ADC in check while the rest of the map is being taken by the team... this is like lane swaps before they changed the towers, you hide your weaker player by swaping lanes with duo bot, so both top laners have to farm under turret, thats why you can see now more "ADC players" who are basically godlike in lane, being held down by off meta picks... that is just garbage IMO... thats how bad players win the game and is disgusting that is still a thing, i just wish they buff ADC crit items and buff tanks so we get a meta where no mages in the bot lane are allowed

  • Good " Soundtrack"


  • I love how much doublelift loves a show. Theres no way he actually thinks mages are bad, but he's still gonna talk trash for the fans haha.

    • hinting msi finals, yeh mages are trash, they got destroyed in the bot lane you can gues what, yep mages :)

  • UMA JAN monkaW

  • So rito is shaping the meta in favor of G2 🤔

    • No. It's G2 who is shaping meta for others, Riot cannot control it :D.

  • i take garen yummi than tarik sona anyday, those taric sona meta is probably the most boring thing ever

  • "internected community" HA OK RITO. NICE TRY

  • Playing garen yummi bot lane isnt magical at all

    • very tru, rekless is a traditionaly adc player, in this case he has barely any options, so he plays save garne yumi, an adc that plays a tank, but hey it works i gues

  • Đéo liên quan nhưng không biết hôm nay gam có cho thợ lặn ra sân không nhỉ?

  • Vayne: * standing * "Now you see me.." Presses Q Vayne: 2:05 "Now you don't!"

  • why is this so much better than the 2019 one?



  • Well basically Kai´sa is a Ryze with attack speed, scale until your Q does everything, so yeah, is an ADC, but no, is mage.

    • Kai'sa is more like an Akali with hyper gap closing and ranged attack or like a much more reliable Ahri... just with only one dash instead of three.