100 People Tell Us About Their Worst Breakup | Keep It 100 | Cut

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100 People Tell Us About Their Worst Breakup | Keep It 100 | Cut
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  • 5:23 going through the same thing girl. Hurts like hell to hurt the one you love


  • *stole my dOg... still miss her tho- but my DOG*

  • nobody: emo dude with a sticker for an eye: "buttfacemaximus"

  • He dumped me while I was out of town at a funeral to get with another girl, only to have her leave him for another girl too. Karma.

  • ''If you share life with somebody else and they leave, they take half of your life with them''

  • Love the girl with the orange blazer

  • I left in the middle of the night He left in the middle of the night Me: I FOUND YOUR EX

  • Dated a girl for 5 years. She had baby rabies. It was too soon for us even though i promised her forever. So she left me. Found an older guy who already had a kid. He didn't want a kid with her at all. They dated like 3 months. He cheated on her. She called me crying. Im too nice so i listened. She's codependent so she's attached to his kid like it were her own. Sometimes calls me, i dont pick up. Dated a girl for 1.5 years before that. She broke up with me over the phone. Then months later told me about all the orgies with girls she was having (thanks for the invite) and then she went back with her ex who beat her and he knocked her up. She said she was happy, but who knows. Dated a girl for 3 years before that (high school) she developed an incredible brother complex, so she left me for his absolute best friend. I think 4 girls i've dated married the next guy they dated. I'd start my own business where you date me for a while so you can find your hubby, but part of me is a little salty. lmao. I'm a happy person though :)

  • Come gather' round children (STORYTIME): My worst breakup was with my ex bf ended Christmas 2012. He was really sick and I helped him get in the tub. Went down stairs and his phone was blowing up. Come to find out he was cheating on me with multiple women. Went back upstairs took my gift card and gifts I gave him for Christmas and told him it's over. The last thing I remember of him was this clown struggling to get HIS BUTT NAKED ASS out the tub as I left LOL. Grateful that he was an as*hole when he was and I had sense to leave a relationship when my needs aren't met because I met my awesome husband six months later and we are expecting out first child next month! Moral of the story: Don't let staying in a bad relationship block future blessings.

  • The person who had this idea is an asshole.

  • Looking at these people I’m not surprised

  • I honestly love how many people took accountability for their actions and admitted to being in the wrong during their past relationships

  • I felt that 💔The girl in the 5 year relationship😪💔

  • I love people in cut videos they are all like so different

  • I’m going through one though 😂

  • My ex didn't even break up with me, he publically posted a video of him with his new gf and I kinda had to get the clue.

  • I threw a burrito Me:Bruuhhh

  • We were engaged. Got home early from deployment. Caught her with my best friend. Never again.

  • just hearing that a guy could actually be heartbroken over someone has really surprised me

  • idk if there’s some Limelights here ( aka Why don’t we’s fans) but if they are, bitch, THERE IS TATUM HERE AKA JONAH’S BF wowwww at 2:44 😭🙀

  • "..she kicked me in the face...." LOL

  • The guy at 4:18 "it's very much like bad guy" Me: I am a baAaad guy........ DUH.! LOL sorry I just love billie eilish more like billie eyelash soooo much

  • What the actual f*ck, am i watching so many weird peapole, ok.

  • “I threw a burrito”

  • 5:25 she said the exact same thing in the rorschach test video

  • 2:19 all I hear is “I killed our baby and thought it’d make him happy” lol

  • 5:07

  • "i threw a burrito" "bUt WhY dON't u LovE Me" "how could u leave these titties!" "who the FUCK is jared?!"

  • Ask 100 people their sexuality’s and how they figured it out!

  • Text dump at 12 in the morning

  • My worst break up was with a friend

  • Nobody: Guy at 4:22 : 👁 👁 👃 👄

  • Ghosted me after a year dating, and promising to move in and marry

  • Anyone think this is starting to get staged a lil? Ha

  • My worst break-up well idk if it was a break-up but me and a girl met like a few day prior we were flirty and just she was perfect the second we texted and then couple days past she tells me she may be pregnant with her ex’s baby and I’m like okay? She told me about her ex and he sounded like the shiftiest guy ever heard then we plant to hangout but the night before she sent me a video of her and her ex were both naked and it crushed me cried like a baby smoked a ton of weed to get it out of my mind then a day later they broke up and she wants me back as her friend and I’m like idk.

  • 4:29 hajajajajajahahahaha poor dude

  • 5:50 Jareeeeeeeeeed

  • ''I actually don't like dogs'' What the fuck dude

  • Haha , humans 😹

  • yessss I love the part where they call them out by name go the fuck off

  • why the guy at 4:28 look like his face been sucked in ?

  • Shit hurts man :(

  • 4:22 is that an actual human? He looks animated

  • She’d take my balls if she could!

  • The last one lmaoooo

  • 5:25 my heartttttt

  • *And I was never ever even in relationship* #singles

  • 4:51 whooo is sheee?

  • Tateeee 2:44 😢


  • Is it me or is like almost every guy on this chanel gay

  • a bunch of anger *...i threw a burrito.*

  • Are there any limelights that screamed when they saw Tate?

  • He left in the middle of the night NEXT SCENE I left in the middle of the night

  • How can you leave these tit...?

  • 5:25 aw,,,, :(

  • the girl at @4:51 is so fucking pretty I was momentarily shocked when she came on screen

  • "I threw a burrito" got me lol

  • I mean I miss her .... *BUT MY DOG*

  • 'How did you get over it?' *Smoke some WEEEEED* XD


  • “he’s just like a wack nigga”😭💀

  • You americans are really stranges, look at those people wtf 🤔 :^

  • 1:06 My..guy.. why you dressed like that?

  • "i threw a burrito"

  • No one cares but.. my worst break up was probably with my ex fiancé. It started after I fell sick. I was having heart problems, would wake up in the middle of the night out of breath, rapid heart rate, couldn’t eat and lost 25 pounds. I was about 90-100 pounds. He was getting upset that I laid on the couch all day because I was too scared to get up because of my condition. I saw a doctor and they said to give the meds a few weeks to work.. well he had his mother come over and tell me I had to move out at that moment. I moved out and a few days later he wanted to get back together but didn’t want to live together. I said no and a few seconds later he was calling me bad names on social media. I knew that if he was in my position I would’ve taken care of him but unfortunately I was just in his way. I still care for him as I do with everyone else who has treated me badly. But we don’t talk. Now very happy and married to the love of my life. But thinking back on it.. it sucked and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  • Man!!! LOVE SUCKS no one try to tell me otherwise

  • Is everyone there or at least 70% gay?

  • here’s mine: nothing

  • My ex broke up with me by leaving out of state and ghosted me...

    • I feel you on the ghosted part. It came out of no where and I was blocked on everything possible. It just ended just like that, after she told me she wished she met me later in life.

  • 'I threw a burrito" HAHAHAHA

  • Can’t have a bad breakup if you never had a boyfriend/girlfriend🙃

  • Omg rayne!!! Bring her back

  • mothafucka looking like the coneheads at 4:26

  • i wanna date the burrito guy

  • "She'd take my balls if she could"

  • Plot twist...two of the people were talking about the same breakup🤯😂

  • :48 simmon with hair??

  • I love how it’s not all heterosexual people.

  • the break up? i meannn what break up hahaha

  • "I aborted my baby" I'd leave to.

  • as someone who is going through a break up this was nice lol

  • How’d you eat over it? SMOKED SOME WEED😂😂😂

  • “How did you get over it” “I smoked some weed” 😂😂😂😂

  • 3:20 Fucking cleopatra over here

  • 1:04 Where... how... what planet do you find these people

  • 1:04 We got Cyborg 81-A4O C3PO out here dating robots


  • 3:23 Ssaaammmee sister SAMEEE 😂

  • If you don't watch another second at least watch @5:09 , you're welcome.

  • @0:34 wait is that him?😭

  • that girl talking about the long walk.. that hit hit close to home n i teared up

  • That girl who was crying made me cry

  • Butt face Maximus

  • The girl at 5:05 I felt that. She’s a mood. I love her ❤️

  • So let me one up everyone on this video, my ex tried to sacrifice me to Satan, cheated on me with her best friend, tried to force me into sex, threatened to kill herself if I tried to leave, when I finally left she posted a ton of my personal information online, she released my address on tumblr for all of her internet friends who were just as crazy as her to see, leaked my number, and she still won't leave me alone to this day (it's been 4 years at this point).

  • Well still I think I have the worst breakup y’all it was my birthday he called me breaking up with you is my gift to you then he hangs up the funny part is the day before my birthday we were fine and hanging out together...like what just happened few days later my friend saw him with his ex ! And we were together for 2 years

  • The last one is a yandere

  • "she was bAt shIt banaNAs"