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Remember these simple rules of etiquette, and you'll never get into an awkward situation. Every self-respecting man should know this. Although, of course, this applies to both men and women. You can also teach these rules to your child and you won't be ashamed of your kid.
Do you know how to eat pasta correctly, how to drink tea correctly, how to pour wine correctly? I have the simple rules of conduct at the table for you.
One of the main rules is to never touch the food with your hands, except for bread and breadsticks, which, in any case, must first be broken off from the common piece, and then put in the mouth. How to stir tea? How to hold a glass correctly? How to cut food on a plate correctly? How to use a napkin correctly? How to fold a napkin after a meal? How to pour sauce correctly?
If you come to an interview, then see these tips to get an interview successfully. Do not put the phone on the table. Do not cross your legs. Also look at how to tie a tie - this is a necessary skill. I have many ways to tie a tie.
0:37 Inappropriate handshake
2:49 Romantic dinner
5:03 How to eat pasta
7:51 When the dinner is over
8:18 How to tie a tie
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