2018 ROOM TOUR + Master Bathroom Tour!

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 23 Δεκ 2018
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ok so it only took me basically an entire year to finish decorating one room but WE DONE BABYYYY!!!!! also I don't even think the bathroom gets to count as a "decorated" room since I basically just put my belongings in there and called it done LOL. Hope you enjoyed this and let me know which other rooms you'd like to see tours of! ALSO OMFG 2 DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS WAAAT????? I'll see u tuesday for our usual "What I Got For Christmas" haul!
♡ XO lauren
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  • I want a bath bomb

  • Why does her room look better then mine, obviously it does, she's the diy Queen!

  • We’re u get ur pink blanket on ur bed at

  • you should do a house tour your house looks beautiful!!!

  • It’s 2:13 rn and I have a game early In the morning but idk because I love to binge watch Lauren’s videos 😂❤️💀

  • Loren- and theres the lonely sink that no one uses Me- the could have been Alex’s sink

  • Ur room is so pretty like omg 💕 ur room

  • You should do a house tour 😁

  • And you have a lot of clothes!

  • Whos watching in may? here before 10million

  • I need bath bombs

  • I need a bathbomb

  • I’ll take a bath bomb

  • Can we see your closet?

  • 2019 rooom tour😍

  • Can you do a house tour?

  • You have the biggest room in the world

  • Can I have a bath bomb you can ship one to me

  • Ur bathroom is Also bigger than my room

  • Ur closet is bigger then my room

  • My dream room

  • How do you curl your hair with a hair straightener

  • We need a whole house tour!☹

  • Omg I can’t wait for the full house tour 😩😩😩

  • Now that looks like James Charles's Bathroom

  • I wish i had that many bath bombs😂😂I have two at the moment and I'm sad when I use them


  • 1:06 MOOSIE!

  • Moose made that wall hanging gurl

  • Her eyes look weird at 0 seconds

  • You should do a bath bomb give away! Love you♡

  • omg sis, bath bomb me

  • Love ur room so bright

  • Watching again, laur can you please send me some bathbombs

  • Who wants to see lauren's whole house?

  • Make a video where your instagram follower controls what new decor you put in your room/house

  • Please i beg you lauren do a house tour pls

  • Full house tour pleaseeeee

  • Your bathroom is the size of my house

  • I need a bath bomb

  • Did anyone notice that she called the diy from, “my dog chooses my diy,” one of the diys from diy masters

  • If you didn't catch the couch in her room. That's where they shot the break up video

  • I want to live there!!!!!!

  • Awesome and CUTE

  • Why is her bathroom bigger than my bedroom and her closet

  • Can you design my room for me please i love your ideas💕💕💕💕💕 #laurdiygoesdesigning

  • Does anyone know where that sunglasses holder is from!? I can’t find one anywhere

  • 💖💖

  • It looks like moose is dead 5:32

  • I kind of want Matt and Lauren to be together. #Mauren