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00:07 First aid hacks
07:12 Easy home remedies
09:58 How to applying band-aid wrong
10:39 Effective ways to handle emergency situations
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  • Who else realizes most of these will get ants in your bed


  • *gets infection from HOT GLUE from a glue gun on a cut*

  • At 2:00 i have tryphobia and that makes me itch sooooo bad ~i said this jus to see if anyone else is like me

  • 13:28 srsly? Duck tape? On SKIN!?!??

  • 5:02 didn’t know that toy bees could hurt so bad this video is a warning about the bees.🐝🐝🐝🐝

  • واو

  • 7:57 My Latina Mom: See Vicks Vapor-rub Cures EVERYTHING

  • The thumbnail is so stupid

  • This channel is dodo , even the thumbnail , theur life hacks are fake

  • When she peels her skin of Me: eww That’s glue

  • look at the picture when u saw the ways the picture u do not use gluegun to heal ur womb gluegun has bacteriasss

  • Turmeric also stops bleeding

  • I like 5 minute crafts😍😍😍😐

  • バナナやったら、赤くなって痛かったw

  • 12:59 that’s very gross don’t do that

  • Are these life hacks or do you just have waaaaay too much time on your hands?

  • In the thumbnail, Me:are they high?

  • The glue pat in the stich was wrong, j shouldnt do that. Ur skin will burn and ur wound will get infcted

  • 0:49 plz dont do that again😱

  • 4:13 I could use some of that.

  • Hahahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Black pepper on a scratch can give an infection DO NOT DO THAT

  • Hmmmm with a thumbnail like that do I actually trust this?

  • Б

  • What is it with this channel they love ginger and putting fruits and vegetables on your FEET

  • One question... does anyone actually trust these remedies that “cure” sicknesses? Why can’t you just buy real medicine?

  • I might sue you. Yall are feeding useless and dangerous information to others.

  • That's....a glue gun....

  • 0:49 is mood

  • glue gun? Where the **** is my glue gun?

  • חעלגאכיעיי חקיטיעאק טכטטעע. גטקט לגחחכוו

  • جذب بجذب

  • 7 year old: *has headache* MUUUUUUUUUUUUM mother: What is it now... 7 year old: I neeeeeddd coffeeeeeee Mother: why on earth would you need coffee? 7 year old: I have a headache... Mother: who on earth told you to drink coffee when you have a headache?!? 7 year old: 5 minute crafts....? Mother: .......

  • 2:08 don’t do that

  • Me no drink caffeine

  • ummm pepper in a cut?? not a good idea 😂

  • These injuries are so anticlimactic

  • Yeah

  • 0:49 British girl attack

  • 2:00 um no

  • This show is family friendly :shows a really disturbing thing in thumbnail:

  • Оррр выше гоооррр в 1:33

  • Don’t fall a sleep in the sun or put sun screen on?🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • omg i want to kill them dumb ass bitches

  • 11:08 watch somebody walk in on you like this 🤣

  • Or u know, just put some bug spray a head of time 🤦‍♀️


  • Мой ор выше гор в 18:10

  • minecraft.

  • 10:40 this life hack is for ppl that own a tiger,so if you don’t,keep scrolling :) 😂

  • good

  • Please!, do not repit 0:48 ;-; i cant sleep now!!

  • The thumbnail is well very stupid cause it’s basically telling us to hot glue our skin

  • Thumbnails cant get any worse

  • Am I the only one questioning the thumb nail

  • 👨👖👕

  • You don’t put hot glue on a open cut that’s just stupid you need to seek medical attention

  • That is so fake 0:46 you wild be in so much pain before you even pulled your skin!!!!

  • None of this crap is true!!!!!!! I’m not a doctor but I’m pretty sure that thumbnail is not true

  • 10:09 and 11:55 is the same hack

  • Ты дура

  • Y Yo You You a You ar You are You are b You are be You are bea You are beau You are beaut You are beauti You are beautif You are beautifu You are beautiful You are beautifu You are beautif You are beauti You are beaut You are beau You are bea You are be You are b You are You ar You a You Yo Y If I took 15 minutes to point out how beautiful you are, it really means you are so beautiful. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. (Please like, this took me so long)

  • “Caffeine can relieve a margraine!” Me: or help prevent one

  • 0:46 how does that happen

  • Ik, more then half of yall. Clicked on the video, to see some dumb person. Put hot glue on a cut. 😂☺️

  • Like si creen que la mujer esta hermosa

  • 😁

  • Why theres so many 5 minute crafts -5 minute crafts -5 minute crafts girly -5 minute crafts kids -5 minute crafts teens -5 minute crafts workout -5 minute crafts men -5 minute crafts *family* Seriously, did I miss an another 5 minute crafts?

  • Alguien que hable español? Alguien?:"v no ok soy la única :^

  • Kid: I'm sick Me: Put onion in your sock and you'll get better!

  • Literally some of these are what I'm scared of like the nail ones😂

  • Ginger does have alot of healing propertys like if you have a minor asthma attack chew on ginger


  • Who has a freaking TIGER TIGER10:39

  • Anehnya yang tidak bisa di buka puasa bersama

  • Wow to cool

  • What ud ed dies

  • I wanna try the gummys for sore throats.

  • Q coop

  • pro

  • Когда мыл лайфхак с мозолью после туфлец они скачало одну ногу показали, а потом другую! Тоесть на одной ноге были мазоли, а на другой нет

  • 5:02. I feel bad for the bee. I know it's not real, but if it were and it was a honey bee it would be dead. Honey bee's die shortly after stinging something because along with the stinger some of the bee's organs are pulled out of it's body.

  • Vai toma no cu

  • 5-minutes crafts : just do this to feel better! Black mama’s: Just drink some ginger ale 😂😂😂😂

  • It's not a PrObLOM anymore

  • won’t banana residue literally attract more bugs?? stupid

  • Uhhhh im still recovering from a hotglue burn from 7 months ago. I anit gonna do that you trying to kill us thumbnail

  • Oh I got a cold might as well boil ginger and coke add honey

  • the thumbnail tho

  • -gets cut- * dumps pepper on cut* OWWWWWWWWWWIE -Goes to doctor- NOOO I NEED TO CUT OFF MY HAND DUE TO 5 MIN CRAFTS


  • Love how its first aid tips then transitions into various knots

  • As the thumbnail tells us, instead of getting stitches like a normal person would, hot glue you cut.

  • what

  • Sometimes i wonder why they dont do it right the first time

  • these people must rarely get sick

  • Horrible thumbnail, Its fake

  • So cool😘

  • привн