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00:04 Money safety tips for travelers
01:48 Cool life hacks for your next flight
03:12 Packing tips
03:41 Best ways to fold clothes
05:01 Beauty hacks for travelers
08:52 Clever way to store shampoo
09:40 Compact blush paper
10:33 Never lose an earring again
10:56 DIY Sushi roller organizer
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  • Make new hacks

  • You know what I always find foolish? That because your carry-on is too heavy for the plane, you need to pay extra to put back on the *same plane* .

  • And now all thiefs now where your money is

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  • Who is here to read comments?

  • Pls make new hacks iam a subscriber

  • Did someone noticed that they use this same clip in the beginning like 50 times

  • 3:48 *Packs three shirts, two belts, and a pair of jeans* 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Who else just LOvES these crafts

  • Теперь и воры знают все тайные места... Now the thieves know all the hiding places...

  • Arrives at the hotel with friend; Friend: I forgot to bring my soaps down there is no soap in the shower. Could I borrow yours? Girl: Sure! 2 minutes later- I am going to go shopping... Wait! Where is my $100 dollars??? Friend: Thanks for the $100 dollars by the way... but how do I get it out? Girl: Wait what did you say???!!!

  • 3:09 No WIFI in the air😢

  • What if criminals are watching this?

  • اكو عراقي

  • At 0:23 how we will take out the money when we need to use ?

  • Thank you 😁

  • Jeste glupi pa kako ću iz sapuna izvaditi novac 🤨

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  • 2:10 the most perfect way to look idiot

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  • What if a theif watch this and get idea where people hide their things

  • Wer hat auch Angst, dass er das geld zu gut versteckt und nicht mehr findet? 😂das merk icv mir nicht glaube ich 😍

  • Search what if you throw apple at enemies and watch the video (if you are a shroud fan)

  • Wait but how would you get the money back out of the soap...

  • I love you

  • Did anyone else notice the time at 1:21

  • This is frickity frackity assault 9:42

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  • 1:22 Good morning

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  • Saya suka karya Indonesia maka saya akan suskref

  • Claire story after using this hack 1:01 - Yesterday,i was in the club and i was drunk after sometime i thought that if i go to my house and if my mother smells my mouth i would have been killed by my mother and she forget that she has kept money in chewing gum packet and by mistake she started eating dollars after sometime she realised that in her mouth there is no sign of chewing gum and realises that it is something paper type thing and when she take out it from her mouth guess what her money was wet and teared😂😂😂😂😂😂 after doing this hack now she cant use this money which she carried 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Disclaimer-just a fun story dont take it seriously😊😊 Like if u like this story- ⬇

  • Repeated videos

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  • Repeated hacks always...

  • r u americaino?????

  • In the start with the soap when they put the money in how were they supposed to get it out

  • 01:36 Person at the cash register:that will be 20£ please Person paying:gets out toothpaste tube*then gets out money* Person at the cash register:😐

  • They are always repeating the same hacks 😠. I think they don't have any more ideas.


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