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  • Anyone here when the pump is UNVAULTED

  • When it hit half of the video you should have used a campfire

  • He killed misha the Pokemon go song kid 😂

  • Combats are trash

  • The range is 100m dumb shit science btw

  • Fresh eliminated his trio partner lol

  • Epic. New infinity blade Lazar I want five of em Epic. Only one Lazar. UNINSTALLS FORTNITE

  • Kdhdhdhddhdhhdhdjdhdhhddj

    • Bbbhjxjxjxbxhdhdhdhshdhsg

  • Who is better at fortnite lazarbeam or lazarbeam

  • Don’t be mean to fresh

  • Lannan:gets 2 kills I'm insane Fresh:gets 10 kills I dont have that many kills

  • Lazarbeam: I want more Me: say it Lazarbeam:I want 5 of em Me: called it

  • Fresh killed his trio partner at 6:17 lol

  • Lazar going sweat 1:23

  • aila is click bait

  • How did i not see this

  • We all knew Fresh was coming after lannons first death

  • You got a friend in me

  • There super commen...

  • What season is this?

  • Ohh 1:37-138 he stayed Shit a curse word

  • When lazarbeam gets a. Girlfriend I WAnT FiVE Of THeM

  • Lazar is real life thanos

  • You are a pro at fortnite

  • Um actually there are 6 infinity stones.

  • Lol Ali a is a prophet 😂😂😂

  • Best gun, no troubles

  • Anyone else see there was only 4 in the thumbnail?

  • LazarLazar can I add you as a friend on fortnite!

  • xssrrrs fresh iss a ttv

  • BeGoneThought is my username for fortnite

  • Pump is just return lol

  • I wAnT FivE oF Em

  • Who is better like lazerbeam comment if lachy

  • 0:56 straight off the bat more like straight off the COMbat

  • There is 6 infinity stones

  • Saying clapped won’t get you demonetized

  • Is he copying Ceeday’s 5 weapon challenges?

  • If you dont stop swearing I am un subbing

    • You can't stand him swearing even tho he has for all of his youtube videos. Why the fuck did you sub to him in the first place you baby?

  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  • There are 6 infinity stones

  • 10:51 is known as duck hunting.

  • Y done u play playgrounds now

  • 2:06 2:41 Mission failed

  • I watched the ads so lazer can make money

    • Lazar

  • Lmao means lick my ass op

  • There was 4 shotguns on the thumbnail

  • Lazar beam:”If you have 5 combat shoutgungs you don’t take fall damage.” Also Lazar beam:”I’m using a lunch pad so i don’t take fall damage

    • Fabian Daja lunch pad 💀 💀

  • P i p pomp :(

  • Lazar beam what is your problem with Ali A.u piece of garbage noob

  • I miss the gold pump

  • lazarlazar im form season 10 dusty depot is back but I must go my duo mate needs me

  • There 6 stones not 5 the mind,soul,time,space,reality and power

  • LaZAR??!!!!! You liked your own video??!!!

  • I pickled blazer

  • Lazer beam you killed me my name is misha

  • Only video he is good no hate

  • I know this makes me a nerd but there's actually 6 infinity stones.

  • FRESH THX FOR KILLING I WAS THE LAST PERSON i had 19kills# lannin=lazarbeam so a video of all pistols GREY ONLY LYSM AND LOVE UR VIDS

  • Why 5 combats shotguns

  • Slipstream to your ass

  • Season 9 its trash Season x=10 its op Season 11 vaulted

  • Dab on me

  • I like you and my friends you are the best youtuber

  • why did he broke his own wall when he could edit through

  • 4:57 he switched the blue shotgun with the gold rather than picking them both up...

  • I love bashing people

  • That a lot of damage

  • No one: Absolutely no one: Gotcha bitch

  • Wait at 6:17 it says fresh killed jynx and jynx is one of freshes trio partners now

  • Shut up the hell

  • *I want 5 of em*

  • brooo why u killed me i wanna get 1 win in dous :(( i was the last person

  • 7:26 there are 6 you Idiot, time, power, space, reality, mind and soul

  • lazar:*gets 5 combat shotguns* me:ShOtS

  • Combats are open!

  • Always go there for every of your videos

  • That's that's my favorite place to go Dusty divot

  • You shut up lazier beam nerd

  • Nobody: Literally Nobody Not a soul: Lannan: I want five of em!