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An unfortunate incident of pure ignorance. A huge thank you to the AC check-in employee who was SO amazing to us and de-escalating the situation.
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  • How can moose be on the book

  • Your in the Kim zone


  • ur grandma is so freakinggg cute and when she was shaking the stickerss ughh bless her

  • Wow! 🤞😍❤️My best friend's birthday is 10 days after mine 😍😍🎂🎉💓😘

  • Wait do you live in Canada or California

  • Your dog is legal in Canada and you dont need a muzzle on moose

  • I live in Canada

  • Alex=best boyfriend!!

  • rip

  • i was like omg i have lara diy's itames i feel like a true fan

  • Any one here after there break up 😢

  • I have 5 pitties and I have been asked many times to muzzle my dogs because of their breed. I am so sorry this happened! Troll: Omg Moosey is the scariest doggy ever! Totally needs to be muzzled.

  • Laurs grandma is adorable💕

  • I have a Pomerania and his name is hunny

  • i like how she makes it so detailed. it makes me understand her more. Love ya!

  • Umm no the United Kingdom England gets basically nothing or everything last also we don’t have your murch so

  • I have a pit bull 🐶

  • I can’t believe that someone would say that about Moose

  • Go Walmart Canada!

  • I live in canada!!!😁😁😁😁😊😊😊

  • Your grandmother is PRECIOUS

  • 6:35

  • Yep I’m in Tennessee

  • This is exactly what I'd do if this happened to my dog like he's my LIFE like I dont know what id do without him (btw)his name is Thomas


  • I saw U but didn’t want to disturb

  • I was at target when u where there!!!

  • Post after the breakup😶😪

  • “Would you like a muzzle? Should we put a muzzle on you?”lol

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  • Omg your nana is so cute!

  • What's a muzzle

  • I got everything from the great Laur diy .

  • Can I be in the Kim-Zone please 'cause my life sucks

  • how about how she talks about pits??? Wanna talk about that... Pits run in my family and they have helped me through millions of difficult times for me. Believe me I love watching her vids but what she said struck me hard, she judged them by the videos posted and photos but no one ever seems to see the truth behind social media, cause all social media wants is to make them out as a monster.... and it makes me sad to see a idol of mine get trapped in the internet’s web of lies...

  • Lauren is a pen 🖊 Moose is a highlighter 🖍 Lauren drew the world 🌍 Moose made it brighter ☀️

  • 7:08 when Lauren is MADDDDDD

  • I have a pitbull and that’s happened to me I called the cops I was mad

  • I am suppose to have a ESA or a Service Animal but I don't


  • Omg bull terriers are so amazing I own one if someone said that to me she would be on the ground

  • My granda has a pimple

  • Hi I live in India New Dehil when will this come out at my place and please have a trip to India.

  • If this happened to my dog Ummmmmm 😐 Girl, I’m a wrestler 🤼‍♀️ don’t mess wit me or my dog

    • I also used to have a pit bull his name was Leo and my dad loves mini heeler dogs

    • So cute. I have a Texas Heeler (Australian Shepard/Heeler mix). Her name is Pixie

    • +Amaya Zamora oh, I'm sorry. That's a nice breed though. I have a pitbull mix. ❤

    • This use to be my dog but sadly we gave her away but I still call her my dog she is a catahula dog or leopord dog 🐶

    • Is that your dog in your profile picture? 🙂 if so what breed are they?

  • 13:44 "satan plz leave the area" aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • You go queen tell that horrible lady who the queen is you go love moose sooo much

  • OMG your nana is soooooooo cute

  • Who watching when they already over

  • Awwwwww Nana is so cute😍

  • I live in Canada

  • Hey I'm Candace for the win

  • That woman is obviously a dog hater and should be fired or suspended.

  • Put them in the uk plz

  • Why isnt there any in Australia? Btw I LOVE YOU

  • A hole? Girl wow

  • i was bit by a dog but i dont think dogs should have mussels i think she was jelly of moses cute face and wanted to cover it up

  • "Do you want a muzzle ,should we put a muzzle in you? "

  • Omg tell me why Laurens Nana is so CUTE!!!!!

  • This is how many people think Lauren’s mom should have a yt channel 👇

  • Laur i went to walmart but i didnt find anything so can you send me a braclet one please

  • hi Lauren! I say your diy crafting stuff in West Covina in Michaels and when I say it I was like OOOOOMMMMGGGGGG:O And I got all of the things that were there!:D

  • 2:41 @simplynailogical lives in Canada!!!! Any holosesuals?

  • this is horrible! I have an ESA and if this happened I probably would have had a panic attack! also I think I would love the Kim zone

  • 2019

  • Can you sell stuff in target Australia Victoria Yarrawonga.

  • pause the video at 11:19 moose is THE cutest thing EVER!!

  • Satin never do that to MOOSE MOOSE AGAIN!!!!

  • I love moose moose

  • Pls put nanna back in the video plss

  • I live in Canada so cool

  • What province are you in

  • what's a muzzle

  • Your dog is so cute and you are amazing love you Lauren

  • I miss them two together

  • have you met azzy

  • If I was in that situation I would've slapped the sense into that women!!!!😡😡😡

  • I saw some of your products in Virginia at Target but I was trying to find your stationary and school supplies

  • who would ever do that to moose moose

  • If that happened to me I would have been all over her face ... hate against me ok .. hate against one or both of my dogs ITS ON ... 👊🏽

  • Anyone else from Canada?? :)))

  • :)

  • Is the DIY kits coming to Cape Town ?? Love you ♡♡♡☆☆

  • 🤬😡😠wow

  • Alis wachabi, defend your defend.

  • Lol my name is Kym 😁

  • #canadian 🇨🇦

  • Who is here after the breakup? :(

  • Are they launching in England

  • Why does nobody care about Australian viewers.

  • can you show the footage

  • i just got a new pitbull pupper 3 days ago he is fantastic

  • I cant believe this woman would do this to you, I'm so sorry this story just listening to it made me stress and sweat, I cant imagine what it would be like for you, I'm SO sorry for you!!!!!!!!!! Ps I love you❤

  • ME AND MY DOG >:(

  • don't dare do that to moosie moose...he is an adorable innocent dumpling.....if anyone do that again..we prettylittlelaurs fam will give maximum support to our lil dumpling...moose is the sweetest lil thing ever

  • Lorin sorry that happened to you u dint diserv it.😄

  • 2 0 1 9 ?

  • Lauren nana is so cute

  • I found your craft kits at Michael's USA

  • If I were Lauren I would've straight up hurt that airline support lady, like sorry but don't ever harass me and my baby.