Alien: Covenant (2017) KILL COUNT

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    • J X shut up stoopid

    • 16:09 wtf is that?

    • Whomever told you that you’re funny lied. For Godsakes, stop with the shitty jokes and asinine facial expressions. It’s not at all charming and takes away from your content.

    • I don't like you because you cuss

    • Dead Meat you didn’t count all the bodies in the one room. Would have been the highest kill count

  • 4:04 and 5:40 😆

  • My headphones broke. I'm so triggered

  • It looks bad!

  • Had to laugh that everyone on the mission were couples for colonization purposes but there's 2 gay guys, I'm sure they're great at their jobs but couldn't the company find a couple that could do the same jobs and make babies? Just seems counterproductive to me. 🤔

  • I don't know why Covenant gets so much hate. I LOVED the movie and I'm a big fan of the original Alien! Wait...that was Jussie Smollet? :/

  • Am I the only person who knows about the very special alien who is tarkatan if you don’t know what that is it’s the species baraka is in Mortal Kombat 11

  • James: *shows multiple gory, disgusting, bloody shots* GR-tv: Eh thats fine. James: *shows a naked girl during shower sex* GR-tv: DeMoNeTiZeD!11!!1

  • When they finally finish the Alien timeline with the last film of he prequels, could you rank the films from worst to best.

  • Black on white sex??? This IS a science fiction movie!!!🙉

  • It’s a protomorph. “Prototype-xenomorph” because it’s the first/one of the first ones and there are some clear differences between this one and the official xeno

  • urgay 6

  • Wait, I don't think a person dies INSTANTLY from having their jaw ripped off. It still counts as a kill, but realistically, it wouldn't have been an instant kill.

  • Here’s an idea: even though the planet has a breathable atmosphere, maybe you should have at least some kind of protection on before going down to a planet you literally know nothing about so nobody gets an infection and alieniates the crap out of themselves

  • This movie suffered so Hard from prequel-sickness. CGI effects that pale in comparison to 30 years old practical effects: Check Supposedly earlier unsophisticated version of a villain that's ridicously more dangerous and effective making you Wonder what the hell the "improved" version was about: Check Instead of leaving an origin a brooding mystery we get treated to it all leaving you disappointed with a felling of that was it: Check Ramped up killcount that ends up being meaningless because the character build-up isn't there: Check

  • Hahahahahahaha the baby aliens are funny looking.

  • sorry but like this time it feels like more complaining than death count

  • he was so mad about them calling it a it protomorph lol

  • There are many things stupid in this movie. First no matter what any space exploration will NOT allow people to just go out without proper suit including helmet. Then the captain must a real dumb guy not to understand whats happening when David screams at the alien being shot in-spite of it killing a crew member. Then allowing the droid in without any confirmation on who it is. Maybe next movie should be better written. Unfortunately nowadays movies and are more into " Look at the diversity of cast" rather than proper script.

  • They were not engineers but a human like version of them

  • So no direct Kill out just a review?

  • Anyone else liked this series better when the Xenomorph was a Space Jockey Bioweapon instead of being the experiment of a mad android?

  • 04:24 I guess he forgot that good leaders need good instincts too to make snap decisions, and that if something does seem too good to be true it usually is.

  • Why didnt the neomorph come out of the chest? Cause the spores didnt directly enter the blood stream. It would make sense that the spores would enter the ear and enter the blood stream eventually ending up in the heart, where it has the space, heat, and resources to grow. The one that exited the mouth most likely ended up in the lung where it found a suitable place to grow. And exited the mouth because of the difference in size of location. The chest burst is probably from the growth of the creature in the heart, cause it cant leave the heart. The creature cant grow to the size of the lung forcing it to leave via the mouth. This is all a guess and just an assumption. Any person that gets triggered from this comment need to leave the comment section .

  • I didn't believe they could make an Alien movie worse than Alien3 UNTIL I saw Alien: Covenant!!! Absolute Pile of Manure!

  • James needs to chill with the xeno fixation. There are different types of aliens dude, chill. Ridley's series, ridley's rules.

  • So what's up with them not wearing hazard suits?

  • the neomorph looks like scp 096

  • Walter will come back to save the day 😂

  • Are they planning on making another sequel to this?

  • How are you gonna repopulate if you're gay doesn't make sense

  • Yes! Finally a chest burster, wait, is that a fucking puppet!? 😑

  • It is cute

  • It. Is. Cute

  • Dope shirt. Where’d you get it?

  • When I saw Xenomorph is new "chestburster" I wanted to laugh in cinema it looked so fakin stupid.

  • planet 4 is a stupid idea if they just went back to sleep on schedule this whole mess of a movie wouldn't have happened

    • And planet 4 looks like earth 😡 copyright

  • this movie was such a mess pun intended >> and for the david android fight they used the old switcheroo cliche and thinking that the david they already had was dead and now david 8 is on the ship with them ? really how many times are they going to use that cliche in movies?? wtf

  • Can’t you at least TRY to enjoy a different alien species? Jesus Christ. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • jobia watson why? I mean damn every time a new alien comes on the screen he does nothing but shit on them, they look AMAZING

    • I don't like you for sharing this

  • The entire movie could be avoided if they wore helmets.

  • YAY! magento robot is back (he plays magneto in the new x-men)

  • 13:26 looks like the chest burster parody in space balls that did the lil dance

  • I hate the "ALIEN" movies

  • Do kong skull island please

  • its a protomorph

  • So is this the biggest kill count Technically because a whole species died but since he didn’t count it it technically isn’t but is

  • can someone explain the timeline of how Prometheus correlate with alien covenant and the rest of the alien, predator movies

  • Love this guy soooo funny

  • My friends and i saw this in theaters, and we sat in the back of the theater... we all got in a popcorn fight bc we rhought the movie was boring

  • We need clash from r 6 to do its invisible shield glitch