Amazing Ideas That Will Upgrade Your Home ▶3

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  • When a woman starts building something better then you ever could you have start thinking about your life in a bit more detail

  • Why put the only thing with no instructions as the cover photo???

  • The combination trampoline/standing water pit will be fun come mosquito season.

  • Mit den fischen in den abflussrohren - hoffentlich nicht ernst gemeint...?!?

  • How much extra work was that 'trekkie' built-in entertainment center?! Even men wouldn't have the patience for that.

  • If that fish abuser coffee table was a urinal then maybe I could save money on a bathroom. Not a bad idea. Thanks

  • climbing wall could be a big problem on a windy day or hurricane

  • Вот скажите, в первом сюжете, в самом начале выпиливает квадрат. Спрашиваеться:нахуя?! Если в создание аквариума его не использует🤔

    • Ну в смысле т-образный угол с выпиленым отверстием

  • А слабо купить бассейн за 2,300 рублей в кастораме или ашане залить в неё воду и включить три электро кипятильника чтоб вода подогрелась !! ( но не лазить во избежании поражения электро током !!!!!) и не ябаться так с досками ,нарезкой пазов и нержавеющей емкасть с дымоходом и прочей ебатой ебатой!!!!))))

  • I like the first one but was envisioning using acrylic tubing instead.

  • Agree useless unique....

  • Il a trop de poisson c'est de la maltraitance animale !

  • I feel bad that I helped the view count on this... so dumb.


  • Poor fishes , they got no space there !

  • Designed for the modern day ijut that cant find the corner of a round room! Lol Clickbait.

  • Да заебали уже с этим видео.

  • Are you sure are useless

  • a few short pieces of PVC is not a fish tank. that is wildly irresponsible.

    • Not to mention that, the fish will jump out off that and die on the floor.

  • Do ur depressed feel u their saw u on low by lund

  • Da dica de CHUVEIROS

  • 4:30 into video..thats a bad mama right there..i wish my woman could do that.i wouldnt be harassed to put things together no would be

  • no me gustó la de los pobres peces

  • Does anyone anywhere care about cruelty towards fish? That pipe tank was just cruel. They’re not mindless creatures, when will people get that through their thick heads?? You try living in your bedroom or any room in your house with nothing to do. How long do you think it’s going to be before you start feeling crazy and angry?!

  • Everyone doesn't have all the equipment for all that shit man. Wtf

  • Несколько потрясающих идей, которые Вам на хуй не нужны...

  • How do you even compile all this awful useless bad ideas? lol

  • 와!!! 대단하다잉~~

  • Vaya chorrada de video, todo es para profesionales

  • Amazing things you can do by spending a buttload of money and time to, on the end, get basically nothing special.

  • 0:04~1:14

  • 动手能力真强

  • Das fängt mit den Fischen mit Tierquälerei an. Das hat noch nicht mal etwas mit artgerechter Tierhaltung zu tun....

  • 8:00 как сделать такой душь?

  • Музыка гомно невозможно услышать

  • onde compro essa junção de perfil para drywall?

  • круто, батут!

  • Tolle Idee um ein paar Goldfische zu quälen.

  • トランポリン、排水処理どうすんの?

  • Kitchenaze.

  • اكيد بس اني عراقي ♥️

  • : More lie "Amazing ideas that will downgrade your home"

  • fucking trashy ass bathroom floor... *Snorts line of coke YEAH DUDE>>> FUCKING DOLPHINS.... NO NO... IT"S GONNA BE AMAZING!

  • That dolphin floor is fucking grotesque. It's like those people with 4x4s that have those horrific pictures of their dogs on the wheel covers at the back.

  • A los dos días llegas a casa y todos los peces han saltado y están muertos por el suelo.

  • Pauvre poissons !

  • kak ideas just wasted 11 mins

  • Кто тоже зашёл комментарии почитать? А здесь и нет никого.

  • 100

  • O shit so manny wrongs in the videos. In the bathromm you will get moister problems. and the things out side you need some kind tar to protekt the clibingwalls feets from decomposing in the cenment and at least 5 centimeters above. and on the topp of em some thing to stop the rain from the upside same with the bathtub. And personly the Tv space is kinda wierd why build it all to a higher cost. and if you buy it why not build it so you just place the lower part and can move it if needed.

  • Nice toes

  • Want to know abut solar power invertor I mean the reading like ones it's saved like almost 5 bars... Wen the sun is down wl the bar go down just 1 I mean.

  • 트렘폴린 하나설치하는데 엄청난 공사를 하네.....ㅋㅋ 저 집.딸은 좋겟네

  • At 8:15 Girl plugs nose to avoid a Netty Pot treatment.

  • All that BPH leaching into the water with those fish. Probably not a good idea. PVC is toxic.

  • Outdoor step on shower, favorite!

    • Yeah. Who doesn't love a communal outdoor party-bidet?

  • Vine por la ducha exterior inversa y no pudieron como se hace mala onda

  • Рыбки под столом. Что-то мне подсказывает, что они все скоропостижно уйдут в мир иной через пару дней от гипоксии. Фотообои в душе под ногами. Кажется, для этого существует кафель с каким-либо рисунком - намного надежнее и долговечнее.

  • На росийском оборудовании - даже гвоздей прямых не сделаешь

  • So many ads

  • The pool fish...😥

  • 👍

  • ✌ 😏 ✌ \__|__/ | /\

  • 5:58 separation processing;)?

  • 浪費時間又醜………買現成的吧

  • Вот бы этих умников самих в такую тюрьму посадить! (про аквариум из труб)

  • Oh man . Not a single good idea Just waste of time and money .. stupidity at its best

  • fukin' asinine

  • Осталось завести кота

  • 2:27 비오면 어떻게함? Rain

  • Thought it was going to show how to build the step on shower. Wasted my time!

  • 🐬 дельфины на полу,такая хреновня👎

  • fishees will suffer, as user should.

  • Where is the link for the garden shower?

  • Hola

  • The fish one is kind of cruel. They can't turn to either side and certainly must feel trapped.

  • The one I was interested in ... not even close to instructions. Thanks anyway.

  • Chuj ci w dupe

  • I like the part where they explained things.

  • ahaahhahahhahhahhahhahahhaha, the fucking dolphins!!!!!!ahhahha

  • а где устройство душа? 🤔

  • капец рыбе

  • goldfish Aquarium is disgusting! against all humanity

  • Yeah let me just spend $10k in tools to build a hot tub.

    • All the pieces look like they were pre made and assembled in a professional wood shop, so no need to buy the power tools. This would be the most expensive hot tub ever.

  • дебилизм!!!

  • Пидарас

  • Seems that a good bathroom was totally ruined with a cheap plastic floor + hole in the garden for Trampoline, why not add a fish pond as well?

  • Who was playing the jazzy music in this?

  • I my is Indonesia

  • 💝

  • That fish table wtf haha

  • Animal abuse, what's smart here? It's enough to take advantage of them

  • I clicked on this to see how they made the cool shower and they skipped the how to??

  • Класс. Я в восторге!💯👍

  • Děkují vám moc za dobré rady.Super !

  • 1st clip. Would be nice if it was clear.

  • Absolutely pointless video

  • 2:39 auto conversion into mud hole when it rains

    • You can use in Australia only 🤔😂

  • Goldfish FAIL

  • Didn't even show how to make that water press