attempting to solve ur life problems

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hiiii DIY babes! omg first off, thank you SO much for all the questions - I'm so overwhelmed by how sweet all of you are and I hope I was able to cover some topics that might give u some actual useful advice LOL. I'm absolutely not certified to do anything but feed my dog, but I did attend high school and date a few people here and there so hopefully my life's teachings has something valuable in it for U!!!
♡ XO lauren
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  • I should have watched this a month ago.... My Story... A boy likes me and I like him just a tiny bit cause sometimes he’s kind heart the next he gets in a fight there were rumours so I asked him if it was true and it was and cause I said I liked him 5% he asked me who else do I like I told him it was non of his business later I blocked him it’s been 2 month now and what’s even worse is that I sit next to him, help I do like him but I also don’t ........ We haven’t talked about It ever since

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  • I have a boyfriend but one of my ex friends try to keep him away from me what should I do

  • "Boobs don't matter" Lauren Diy --2019

  • Lauren u are a star and i love u since day one u helped me through so much thanks for all the support and talking u are the best

  • Hi, I know that I am super late watching this, I have been very busy and I really need to catch up on my YT however I am so glad that I watched this when I did because I have been going through some issues of my own with people around me and how to deal with them and watching this today has really helped so I just wanted to say thank you so very much.❤❤❤

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  • I have social anxiety if u don’t know what that does- It makes me feel like I hate myself and makes me think everyone hates me /: yay

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