Blindfolded Cake Taste Test & Recreate Challenge | MasterChef Canada | MasterChef World

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 25 Ιούν 2019
After blind tasting four different layers and three frostings, the top 10 are working in pairs to replicate Canada's birthday cake!
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  • i hate that shouty persin

  • Omg justine face so kawaii

  • I ship Matt and Justine

  • Wherea my cake? my cousins would like it...

  • No disrespect to anyone but to be very honest, MasterChef Australia is much better in comparing to this, especially on the dessert part, I feel it is way better

  • That asian judge is so irritating to watch.. I mean painfully irritating.

  • Matt is thirsty AF

  • 10:26 f in the chat for Matt

  • Why Re-Upload?

  • Like if the Canadian Masterchef has way more teamwork in the contestants than any masterchef

  • 10:26 oof

  • "mOisT"

  • The asian judge is very interesting to watch

  • trevor and thea is a perfect couple

  • WOW is this Canada's Birthday Cake, it sooooo pretty and very creative flavour, structure and it beautiful tooo. 😤😤😭 Of course maple was included...

  • I’m honestly amazed Miranda’s team didn’t ace it by the looks of it she could’ve told you exactly how many blueberries were in the coae

  • I think we all know who went home....

  • 1:17 what almost ALL guys want

  • Only in Canada would a judge compliment the chef despite not only leaving a huge piece out, but also messing up the order of the cake. Gordon would've destroyed them.

  • 10:26 oh hell no

    • Bruh my mom thought i was watching a porno cuz of that

  • This was the SAME PEOPLE AND CHALLENGE. They just reused it.

  • This is old. Wtf

  • I'm starving...

  • MasterChef uploaded the same video again. but I'm still gonna watch it

  • They didn't find the blueberries... also the end of the video as well

  • F for Matt right there 10:25

  • Anyone else just hates miranda

    • @hoor Dashti idk just hate her

    • Hoor Dashti a few episodes back she almost went home but didn’t because of a sad story about her mother

    • wHy tHo

  • "It might be a bit of an ugly duckling here but inside might be a swine" Now , THAT would be a cake... :D

    • @Davia A. *swine You didn't get it, nevermind... ;)

    • *swan

  • Why did they upload it again?

  • Why were there like four ads in this video lmfao

    • They want more money so they reuploaded this video with more and more ads.

  • I reaaally don't think missing the blueberries was the contestants' fault lol, if you don't get a blueberry you're not gonna taste blueberry unless it's actively been mixed in lmfao

  • All I'm seeing is the height difference between Matt and Justine XD

  • 9:52 what way she looking 😂

  • When it strikes 2, the hunger gods make me watch it

  • Love how the two finalists are on the same team

  • Nice cake boss reference

  • Matt and Justina would make the cutest couple

    • Fax, I ship them

  • If none of them found the blueberries maybe there's something wrong with the original.. Hmmmmmm

    • Lol sounds like an contestant

    • I thing its not alot of blueberries in it like its spread out and their piece got so little on it they missed it

    • I bet they're fake😂

  • No one: Literally no-one: MC Judges: make a cake by just tasting!!

    • Akash Rai actually a lot of kitchens do this to test their chefs

  • I don't know why but I low key ship Justine and Matt 😂 don't @ me 😅😂

  • Is it me or are they reuploading it

  • 8:55 free replays don’t need to do a thing

  • Wait why do I feel like I watched this before?

  • hello im the 1010 th viewer

  • Didnt justince and Matt lose the next challenge anyway?

  • That's one hard cake to replicate

  • Matt with the high-five at the end😂😂😂

  • Reeeeeeee upload

  • Gordon:*tastes frosting* Gordon:it’s raw!!!

  • gotta love them awkward needless hugs....

    • @ArcticEngineer me too... but that's still quite unnecessary

    • Saleh Hashmi They’re Canadian, they like to be nice