Brain Damage (Perturbator (Feat. Noir Deco) - Technoir) [AMV]

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 9 Οκτ 2016
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Movie : Neo Tokyo (1987)

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  • It's over 9000

  • Make NASCAR -unsafe- great again.

  • I don't think their insurance will cover that.

  • You never fail to provide me with more awesome 80's and 90's anime to add to my neverending collection. Also, great choice of track, goes perfectly with the video.

  • lol brutal....Awesome

  • LORN, anyone?

  • Man, getting groceries in the future is brutal.

  • This is what it's like to chew 5 gum while pod racing

  • that was fucking terrifying, what awful future awaits us. I mean honestly i bet someone will do something like this on live tv one day. Anyway it was pretty cool i mean holy crap was it scary though.

  • Ace detective Manny Pardo

  • Jesus H how fast were they going?!

  • Cyberpunk 2077 looks sick

  • Мэни Пардо жги

  • I am living for this gritty F-Zero anime.

  • To drive in the night.

  • this shit is so fuckin tight.

  • 37👌😀👍

  • How curious. Is it a game? Is it an execution? Is it both? One, a trap in the form of the other? Is this how these strange beings elect to end their own existence? What terrible creatures you are, humans. I pity you greatly. Sincerely.

  • Fricction: yea

  • 1:44 when she keeps sucking

  • What about the 2000s?

  • 😬

  • Well luckily for them they are wearing helmets so they should be Ok

  • Can anyone pleas tell me where can i watch this?(i visited about 10 sites and it either doesn't work or on japanese without subs xd)

  • Was a anime short called the running man u could see he was racing his ghost epic!!!

  • Initial D: 205th Stage

  • jeepers creepers 1st place (add mario kart 64 win song)

  • 1:45 when you realize ''The 80's'' will have a new meaning in 71 years.

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  • Back when anime wasnt a mistake

  • Third time listening to this today for my Rouge Trader battle music.

  • Wow!! The anime fits perfect with the music, is amazing :)

  • So is this the new F-zero?

  • 3:31

  • 1:47 my reaction after seeing the sonic 2019 poster

  • The real question should be is how fast you have to go before you go super sayian

  • I see the Dunlop advertisements in the background but it seems that a tire producer would be out of business in that particular future.

  • Reminds me of AKIRA...

  • Name of anime ?

  • power demands sacrifice and pain

  • F-Zero ?? 🤔

  • I'm on the freeway right now going 120 while using my telekinesis powers to type this message..arrgghhhhh

  • god gunship dron racing legue gose so well with this

  • These are some some pretty shitty race cars. Check out NEOTOKYO, it's pretty cool.

  • lol why their vehicles started to crumble?

  • Name of the anime anyone?

  • Wtf is happening in the video?

  • Hey they play Forza too lol

  • destroy every thing he has all thw ways make sure every one has a gun its a wast of time but if you have the game an play it over take what his as like they say its a game an make a rainbow coffin for this fag

  • hi can any one playing this game over throw this guy an make his life like shit over throw everthing work to gether an take this guy down i want a youtube video an see if he crys ...

  • Cyberpunk 2077 preparation.

  • How Mario Kart felt on the Wii

  • And now imagine, that in original anime this part is almost completely silent. Edit: *completely silent*

  • Where's cap.falcon?

  • now this is the kinda stuff I can get behind when it comes to anime.

  • That's some incredible animation. 😨😵👌👌🔥

  • why did they die?!

  • Why are they all dieing lol what are the chances of that they all were bad mad drivers..

    • +arnold jayeola 👌 k

    • +yuno gasai he went too fay and was chasing his own shadow.

    • +arnold jayeola to do what kill himself

    • The guy is using telekinesis

  • No mames qué pedo

  • That song is very i don't know how what to say but its great

  • What anime?

  • Anybody else feel like flooring the gas pedal to this shit?

  • I didn't understand one thing from Neo Tokyo, did the racer was the fastest driver because he was cheating every time??

    • Yes, we is killing drivers by using his telekinetic powers to destroy other vehicles

  • Now i understand how Jeepers Creepers become bald! :D

  • likely as the song is good at the same time while each racer just sign a death warrant when going 2000 miles an hour with all sorts of shot tumbling down on you like a wrecking ball. worse way to die like that.

  • this movie is 184$ usd on amazon

  • The Anime of 1980s are the Super Detailed Animation ever, but when we reached our 2019 the Anime become CGI and not details enough to be like this 1980s right? who agree with me? PS: Thanks for Likes :>

  • not really a fair sportsman

  • Reminds me of Akira.

  • PRESS R TO RESTART the song

  • What the name of the animation?

  • Estoy viendo el video de la canción después de ver libros para colorear dibujados por adultos de timonako

  • Just another day riding up the 405.

  • How many synth songs are going to use this same cartoon...?

  • Never Scan and drive.

  • Like si viniste de un vídeo de título (libros para colorear hecho por adultos).

  • Кого интересует это фрагмент из аниме Neo Tokyo

  • Do you like hurting other people?

  • For those who don’t know Abstention is a word meaning you need to calm down and slow down or your heart rate or something is to high or you are putting to much G’s on your body

  • Me when my girl says she's home alone

  • press R to Restart

  • man que es esto

  • Ben and Ed song???

  • This feels like the transformer movie I forgot I had...

  • There are few things in this world more synthwave than this amv....

  • Thanks Kanye, very cool!

  • Paiky en linea 💀 💀 💀 ♥ 🔥

  • Why is stuff getting sucked upwards instead of being pounded flat into the track?

  • Thicc skin

  • Жуть че под капотом😅😰

  • Real anime....

  • Greetings Earthlings and Happy Sunday! 👋👽 I bring you pizza 🍕 and I bring a controller 🎮in case anyone wants to game. 😄 Have a nice weekend everyone. 😉

  • Super!

  • This channel is amazing it brings back really good memories!!! and yet somehow only 135k subscribers, there is a lot of underrated work on youtube, nevertheless, keep the work going, amazing to have this memories back

  • como se llama ese anime ?

  • Great but terrifying as well. Deserves more views

  • What's the name of this anime

  • What's the name of this anime?


  • These AMV videos are always so fucking cool.