Buying EVERY Advertisement I See for My Cat!

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 12 Μάρ 2019
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  • :Cheeto pees while maintaining unimpressed eye contact:

  • Ryland where you get that shirt from????????

  • That cat tree is ugly af 😂

  • A little awkward watching this after Shane’s latest controversy🤣 we all know he didn’t fuck a cat anyway! It’s such a shame that Shane gets targeted so often with bs!

  • Yalls coffee table would be perfect to make candy on

  • .....What is my life? I am at home, giving Cheetos all the applause for using the litterbox like a proud mama! XD

  • No shade, you can tell Ryland is more familiar with dog behavior than cats lol the way he grabs and chases after Cheeto to introduce him to the tree. Cats are very standoffish and skittish with unfamiliar things. Cheeto isn't being an "asshole". He's a cat. They need to be introduced gently if it's not something inherently exciting and familiar i.e. a crinkly toy. To get my cat to warm up to a rather large cat tree, I took the baby blanket from her bed and placed it on the tree to get her scent on it. Worked like a charm.

  • Omg Ryland showing Cheeto, Uno and Honey how to drink out of the water fountain had me dying😂😭😂😭😂

  • My 10 year old and I watched this together and she wants to know if the litter box is still working for Cheeto??? If it is she’s asking me for one for her cats for her birthday... she’s tiered of scooping litter🤣 (#firstworldproblems😂😂😂)

  • i love how uno and honey follow you everywhere...its just so cute😭

  • Did you have a threesum

  • when Ryland is showing the dogs and Cheeto how to use the fountain you can just see the animals judging the hell out of him XD

  • Watching this in honor of today’s stupid tweet

  • It must me nice to spend a crap ton of money on random things and literally not even flinch lol

  • only the best for shane's cum rag cat

  • I truly hope ryland will consider having a spray tan, he would look so much better, like a cute prince ✨ an arab ton or something of or darker beige color ✨🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • makes me so happy to see a cat being spoilt. also, the reason he stopped using the litter box may be because of the litter you were using. my cats HATE crystal litter and will only touch clumping clay lol also recently bought my babies a covered/hooded box. probably another reason cats love the litter robot. the whole "if i can't see you, you can't see me" thing lol

  • When Shane doesn't upload for a while, I come here (:

  • Cheetoh got Fat still cute



  • Haha Shane has the best feedback 😂😂😂 Doritos is not interested in any of this stuff lmfaooo

  • Hate to be like this lol but the cat wheel was generally advertised with an Egyptian Mau which is a very active cat who is very energized and have to have exercise everyday. Once again I hate being like this but just what I realized. Lol

  • *poor cheeto*

  • cheeto is like "can you not watch me"

  • *building products* *every gay*: EHHHHHHH

  • Honestly I think Shane is taking a break from all the bs that's happening in Twitter. Also he's been very busyey going to Jeffrey's and all those videos to collaborate with. He might also be editing a lot rn so leave it Ryland your awesome!!

  • Cheeto literally is a Flerken 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • lets be real, Cheeto is the luckiest cat in the whole world

  • 20:25 it’s turning him into a crackhead or something 😂


  • hi

  • Shane is so gay that it's fucking annoying.

  • You should make good videos instead of following trends

  • This was sooooo good!!! Thanks for taking the time to make this video.

  • Cheeto is a shady thing WE LOVE shady animals in this household 😂🤣

  • yeah no let's just watch Cheeto take a piss

  • While millions of people are suffering hunger all around the world, this shit head wasting all that money oer a cat..this kind of videos make me sick..

  • When Ryland said to the dog that she was his only smart animal, I’m not even Cheeto and I felt that

  • I have the litter robot and it’s great. It took a couple of months for the kitties to take to it but it’s wonderful. They love it. No maintenance issues. So easy to clean. Admittedly the price did make me want to cry and vomit at the same time, but the ease of cleaning and time saved from scooping liter was worth it.

  • hey does anyone know what camera he uses?

  • This whole video is the epitome of why I hate cats and I'm a dog person...cats hate their owners. Cheetos a dick. Cute but a dick. Cheetos a cute

  • Did anyone notice Ryland’s hair sticking up? 😂

  • This video was awesome,do a dog version!

  • Anyone here after finding out what shane supposedly did to his cat? 😭

    • I'm confused. What happened?

    • What, explain, please

    • Same... I'm really disgusted byron what shane did 🤢 I used to love shane and don't get me wrong i still kinda do, but doing that to a cat is sick.. *sigh*

    • Me

  • Ryland: f-u-r-b-o. Oh furbo Also Ryland: continues to say "furbro"

  • He's so not a cat person 😂

  • Shane: you literally could have just gotten food that would make him happy me: me.

  • I just spent $500 on a litterbox bc of you🙈 haha!!

  • *when you have so much money you don't know what to do with it*

  • Does anybody watch this channel for Ryan or Shane?

  • we better get updates of everything and how Cheeto, Honey, Uno like it

  • Shane really turned ryland into a whole HOUSEWIFE im crying

  • Here for the "Shane fucked his cat" comments lol

  • wait wasnt cheeto toilet trained by ryland ,,,, sooooo i guess cheeto went f this lol cheeto's reaction and face to the robot litter box and shane and ryland fliming and watching him pee and putting him in there be like parents who over react to everything a child does and the child just wants them to go away

  • Remove the flower in the fountain. A lot of cats are afraid of it.


  • My moms cat only drinks out of the sink so maybe I should get her the flower pot lol

  • cheeto looked uncomfortable in that robot litter

  • Not trieing to be rude but is he gay

    • Yeah, he's dating Shane

  • this video is boring af but i lov u two anyway so

  • Hey Ryland, I’m a super crazy cat lady if you’re looking at getting Cheeto another water fountain try a stainless 360 water fountain some cats avoid plastic and it’s a pain to clean! 😊

  • to get cats to drink water is to put water in their food watch jun from rachel and jun's adventures

  • you're welcome for your cat tree u little asshole runs away 😂

  • Very disturbing

    • Dude it's legit a joke. Everyone gets offended over everything these days even if it's a joke.

  • he said 28$ and it was 29.99 😭

  • Honey knows no tricks... also the smartest animal? Lol 10/10 here for this content.

  • Sweet Jesus, poor Cheeto....yeesh.

  • Tape a treat to a high part of the wheel

  • I love how he started the video with buying stuff FOR his cat, the the roles reverse and he’s the one who ends up using all this stuff instead lmaoo

  • In case people were confused he was reading out the price he had to pay because he was using honey so he would save some money

  • Cheeto has the sweetest face ever❤️ Also I love that litter box! I’d get a cat if I could afford to use that litter box!

  • Is that a guatine in your house

  • 13:44 I’m allergic to cats which is sad bc I really love cats

  • Did anyone else on twitter see something that said “Shane Dawson sexually abused his cat”? My friend told me she saw something that said that on Twitter.. I’m sorry for the bad comment I’m just wondering

  • 8:44 Skinny Legend

  • I have the same cat fountain and I had to take the top off for my cat to use it. He won't drink still water, so it's helped him drink more

  • We have 4 cats 🤗😻 I'm a total cat person. I've seen the wheel thing before, and I've seen ppl using a laser penn to make the cat runn. I'm not sure you'll see this comment. But I would try it if you haven't already 😁 that litter box tho 👌🏽 I would buy that for sure if I had the money 😁 and the fountain should make the cats drink more water cuz they like moving water more. But you have to change the filter every month and as a poor girl I don't have the money for that 😂

  • I have the fountain and 5 cats, and it took all of them a good two weeks, maybe longer, to trust it. Now they won't drink out of anything else but they definitely did not love it at first.

  • bro my goats name is uno

  • #savecheeto

  • I have that flower water bowl and my pets love it! One of my cats drink all the water at once like it's a race 😂

  • ssssssssscccccccccrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww this mediocre $#!T

  • 16:30 this feels weird lol

  • you should have me bring my cat Gizmo over to try them haha he's so hyper and he would definitely use it

  • Shane is mean to Ryland...telling him how stupid everything is

  • Should have gotten just a regular cat fountian rather than a cutesy flower one. Wasnt a fan of the stream/flow on the flower fountian. My friend has a Savannah cat and its a psycho and i think that cat wheel would be perfect for it.

  • HELP #unsilencesbsk

  • Omg I have the same flower water thing tea

  • My friend got the flower fountain and their cat really loves it

  • Damn watching this made me realize how privileged y’alls life is. Must be nice

  • Oh my gosh I’ve just had an amazing idea. You should use one of those laser lights on the wheel to make him run on it

  • Ryland is actually a queen

  • that’s honestly me making my dog do tricks before i let them go pee mood in itself

  • You should do way more of these they are amazing you are so thorough and detailed

  • Cheeto is my spirit animal

  • shane was like pissing me off because i’m like LET THE LITTER ROBOT WORK

  • Y’all need to put Cheeto on a diet

  • this already didn't age well :( waiting for the rush of comments

  • Cheeto is like "exercise… ew"