Can ANYONE name a single character from the movie Avatar?

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 20 Μάρ 2019
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  • i wanna say one of them is named neytiri I literally only know this because homestuck and jake english (ive read the comic 6 times) whos a massive fan of the movie and uh basically every movie that ever existed never seen avatar but homestuck i have

  • That was clever!

  • 4:12 dark Vader?

  • 2:01 anikan is darth vader

  • papa smurf. that was the cat lady

  • 6:29

  • For some reason I know all about Jake Sully and the way everyone said his name in that movie with different accents and shit but I can't remember any other character.

  • I thought he meant Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • 6:28 can we meme this

  • I remember Neytiri, but that's simply because my search engine won't forget....

  • MrBeast: Litterally gives away a house, a lamborghini AND his own mother... jackfilms: FIIIIVEDOOLLAAH

  • lonzo jersey

  • 20 movies, 10movies vs 1. The odds don’t seem that fair to me 🤷🏾‍♂️. Let’s not forget the 40+ years of comics, video games and such Star Wars has, let alone Marvel.

  • I thought you meant avatar not avatar

  • Grace duh

  • Avatar sucks It's overated even tho nobody fucking remenbers those character I've even forgot that Sigone River was in this movie

  • Jake right?

  • I would have said Papa Dragon.

  • Of course: 1- MC on the wheelchair 2- Tall blue alien female lead 3- Doctor Number 5 on the military facility 4- Evil Sargent that controls a mecha 5- Blue tall guy that hates the MC and loves female lead

  • 5:47 that dude is blitzed

  • If only it were the last airbender haha

  • That mic is too phallic for my taste


  • Now I'll be ready when someone comes up to me offering $5 if I can name a character from Avatar! Thanks jacksfilms!

  • Comparatively, few characters in Avatar had names.

  • Wheels and the Legman and blue Native American woman

  • Jake sooley

  • oh I know, Nefertiti

  • Please do this more often

  • best i could come up with is "Navi" but it think thats just the race of the blue people. Which is close enough and i should get poiints.

  • I actually know 2 of the characters but only because of Funhause thanks Elyse.

  • I only remember Jake Sulley or specifically Jake Sooleeeee from Funhaus

  • I remember Jake Sully because he has the same initials as John Smith.

  • "Anyone like money? More specifically five of them" 😂😂

  • "Dark Vader"? 4:12

  • 4:11 "Dark Vader"

  • The NAVI you nerds. Oh wait...

  • in case you're wondering, their names were 'Jake' and 'Neytiri' pretty lame, I know.

  • JAKE SULLY!!!!!!

  • Aang. $5 pleaseeee

    • true

    • +Toni Uchi The only avatar that anyone remembers tho lets be real

    • wrong avatar

  • Papa Dragon

  • 6:31 i Lol so hard.

  • Thanos

  • Jack stop using a shotgun mic as a handheld

  • 4:12 uuhhhhhhhh dark vader

  • Neytiri duh!

  • Natiri was Jake's Girlfriend

  • I liked the movie for what it was, /shrug I remember Jake Sully and Dr Grace off the top of my head. The girl I forgot, It's Ney-something.

    • GrimoireVoss , the girl is a smurf

  • Roses are red, Poems are hard, Jesus Christ is the best Avatar

  • I need more question boys

  • Jake Sully. The main character.

  • That movie was just a crapier, unmemorable version of Pocahontas. It was successful due to its impressive effects and the 3D boombut to be fair you guys compare it with franchises here. I'm quite sure most people can't name many characters from stand alone movies.

  • I was obsessed with this movie when it came out, I used to actually go to sleep with it on at least once a week. So I remember everyone. I’d be a rich man if they asked me the questions.

  • Jake sOOOly

  • ayyy can we get more question boys???

  • That whole time I was like, just say jake sully and then, when the last guy said it a was satisfied.

  • Eric: You are an asshole Jack

  • Kinda sucks you don't link or even name Erik or Brock's channels in the description.

  • James sully

  • i woulda won i would have said katari or however u spell it

  • can you name one character from avatar? - Jesus Christ ..

  • After hard thinking I remembered Banshee but it turns out those are the weird blue/green alien dragon pterodactyl bird monsters the blue people ride

  • Jacksfilms: Can you name a character from "Avatar"? Me: Pocahontas

  • Jacksfilms: Can you name a character from "Avatar"? Me: Avatar

  • I sat here for 5 minutes trying to think of the protagonists (Jake Sully) last name, then it came to me.

  • The funny thing is that i can remember colonel quaritch because he had that coffee mug drinking meme.

  • needs sponsor for $10

  • 6:30 Jesus Christ😂😂😂

  • holy shit two people actually got it

  • I remember some of the characters from Avatar. Were they called Papa and Mama Smurfs?

  • Jack sound like a seagull or something at the end 😂

  • Megamind

  • Holy fuck Erik is here

  • Okay to be fair one movie against entire movie series isnt fair. Jurrasic Park and Jaws characters are hard to remember too.

  • Jake sully

  • *Jake "The Paraplegic" Sully*

  • "Jake Sully"

  • The first chick was hot

  • papa smurf

  • Avatar was a bad film, sorry everyone.

  • What about Aang?


  • Did that dude say "Dark Vadar"?

  • I always remember Jake Sully cause they made a whole deal about the Navi saying his name wrong and thinking it was all one word. Also pretty sure Zoe Saldana’s character was neitiri or something (can’t spell it but I’m pretty sure I’m saying it out loud correctly)

  • TV Q? Quear?

  • Actually 24+2 clicks if you include typing

  • Avengers Characters: More than 3 movies, and tons of individual movies about the characters themselves. Star Wars Characters: Like what? 9 Fucking movies or something now? Avatar Characters: Literally only 1 Film 'Tis shit is rigged.

  • *Jenny Nicholson fans, unanimously* JAKE SULLY!

  • 7:05 Jack genuinely surprised and happy

  • I unironically love Avatar, I wish I lived near Santa Monica.

  • im like: JAKE, GRACE, that one self centered idiot

  • 6:30 excuse me

  • How does NOBODY remember that woman screaming JAKE SULLY!!!!

  • I've seen Avatar more than any other movie, and the only name I can remember is "Jake". Lmao. EDIT: After further thought, I remembered that his last name was Sully. Still can't name a SINGLE other character though.

  • Jake Sully, Neytiri, Norm, Tsu’tey, Grace, Colonel Miles Quaritch, should I go on?

  • Nobody: Lady: J E S U S C H R I S T

  • I only remember the name of the planet “pandora” because it’s the same name of the planet in borderlands

  • No way I could - first time my brain heard 'unobtanium' it noped right out of that movie!

  • the weird thing about avatar is that it got the highest gross on the first try... and there are many more to come

  • Jake sully would be my guess lol

    • and I would've been right!!