Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson

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  • PART 2 UP NOW!!!!!!

  • Anybody else just keep coming back to these?

  • The live photo thing is only for 6 plus and up because I have a 6 and I dont have the live photo and one of my friends has a 6 plus and he has it

  • Is it bad that I laughed when Shane said that the horse was just melted?

  • It's my fourth time watching this video, but this time, I noticed the dislike was blue......I never touched it

  • Yo the deep face thing scared the crap out of me

  • HAHAHAHA the honey ad really makes me want to get it lmao

  • stop activating my siri

  • he forgot tom and jerry for the cartoons because they put 500 pound anvils on each other and this video scared me for life and its creepy

  • Millie Bobbie brown see this

  • the music @ the end got me shook too

  • *Shane dies with white lighter in his pants ME: OMG Illuminati!!!!!!

  • I got goosebumps towards the end when they were comparing the clips of Stanley th giraffe to the car being driven through the deadly campfire, it really scared me how the media was taking the attention away from people trying to escape a huge fire and trying to survive, to a giraffe that’s main use is for tourist, it really shocked me.

  • That’s why you shouldn’t build your houses out of FUCKING WOOD AMERICA wake up!

  • Why is it that the only part that I got excited about when he was talking about the watch conspiracy was the Ryan Renolds clip lmaooooo

  • My mum watched this then immediately put our microwave in a built in safe in our house 😂 And also is 44 a prime number?? Or anything illuminati?

  • My microvave is in a whole difrent rome than the stove and in my country isnt like that big fires

  • waiting for part 3 !!!


  • *I’m only 1 minute in and my bag of popcorn is empty :/*

  • Now I know why my parents didn’t let me watch most cartoons

  • I have no problem with stores for specific body types but with all the shady stuff they did, I’m getting rid of my holister shirts

  • What if pets are just robots to track us

  • I feel like I’m going to be killed after after watching Shane’s videos

  • good acting Garret and Andrew

  • That how it was with the Carr fire and the Paradise fire I lost three family members in the carr fire and was evacuated from my home for days and was pregnant with my daughter

  • My microwave died a week ago thank goodness I don’t think I’ll buy a new one


  • The frozen part the music is so dramatic And the watch part too how is that not a commercial

  • guess who’s having nightmares tonight

  • Honestly i dont want to be immortal bc like i domt wanna live to the day our earth explodes because if climate change

  • Shane: exposes FBI and the Government The Government: DAMN IT BOIS HES ON TO US 0_0

  • that fire :O think about all the wild life in that mounten :(

  • Deep fake takes catfishing to the next level

  • 58:00 I'm just happy Jonathan Groff's made it in the video 😀

  • I feel so weird Shane voice makes it more scary

  • I don’t wanna die yetttttt ugh I wish I was born in the 50’s

  • #TotallyFamilyFriendly

  • Shane knows how to make websites creepy XD

  • 1:14:26 one time I was at the mall with my mom and little sister and we went to justice and by checkout they had a sign that basically said that if you were plus sized then you would need to shop online. wow people

  • the nursury rhyme about the cradle always made me cry for some reason

  • This made me cry when I watched it bc my cuisine loved out there and there home was infected and Ik this is back in December but my cousin still dose not have a home and is living with my anut

  • 6 6 6 next to the big mac ?!

  • I’m just scared

  • I’m actually kinda scared!! After watching this I was in my bed crying for an hour!!! Don’t worry I’m fine!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Why do you no longer upload

  • Why am I watching this home alone?

  • OMG SHANE!! Dutch Bros in Oregon does the thing with the music!! In every Dutch I’ve ever been to the music is always blasting I never knew why till now!!!

  • I'm a child and the child theories scar me for life but I love you conspiracy theory videos Shane!

  • My parents moved from so cal to Tennessee, literal weeks before all of the fires and the house they had just sold and would have been in burnt down. God really had his hand on them and im so sorry so many others werent as fortunate... My mom also used to tell me about the candy placement for kids. She realized this 25ish years ago when I was about 2 and kept walking out of the store with gum or candy and she would have to take me back in and pay for it. She hated that they put all the gum and candy exactly the right height for my sister and I to just grab them, take them to the car without my mom noticing and then once she noticed, they were already open so she would go back and be forced to pay for them or teach her kids stealing was okay (my mom isn't that kind of mom, she always tried to be 100 percent on the right side of the law).

    • Omg I'm so annoying but I used to live by the mall your at. I wont say the city cause people get crazy lol. But I worked at a hair salon one exit up, it's now called prescillas (was then L'Esprit)

  • The only thing I’m worried about is Stanley 🦒

  • This is how many times shane said "oh my God"👇🏻

    • Your finger is pointing to the thumbs down, but I know what you meant

  • My phone always picks up to early, and I can hear the other person on the line... eww

  • Lucky me I have a drum roll please a android

  • How do kids on GR-tv get a pointless show when Shane should be having his own conspiracy theory show- he already has enough for like 5 seasons

  • I bought a harley davidson hoodie and wore it all weekend. Then all the ads on my phone are motorcycle jackets for sale. I didnt mention it once so it had to be either coincidence or the camera on my phone. Also i used cash to purchase so no financial record. Wtf? This stuff happens all the time but first time i noticed targeted ads through the camera.

  • No one Rewind: what do we do now------k-pop * idol starts playing*

  • y’all i have rlly bad anxiety but he makes me feel better.... wth!!

  • Went homesick from school for this 🤠

  • I had a Samsung and when I would be on the phone it would randomly start going static and a screeching noise then hang itself up so often I changed to iPhone now tho My work only works if I press the side button then say it R toys r us paid redundancy 2 everyone

  • It’s 3am and I can’t sleep. Me: I should watch those Shane Dawson videos I have been to scared to watch during the day for 7 months… because I hate myself

  • SHANE!!! When I was little my gma used to sing me an old Norwegian song called Johnny von beck. He made cats and dogs into sausage and when his wife found out she made him into sausage and served it to the townspeople

  • my brother said your fake and bad and all that shiz but I'm like, "do you think I fricken CARE!? I trust Shane!

  • Shane i just found out i have severe / moderate depression i wasn't really sure but i have been sadder and im not really fine , but i have a question because i heard u have it is it possible to have moderate depression but not really knowing it but still being happy ? Ik this is kinda dumb but ok 😐🙂

  • Ok first of all, Shane this is amazing. Second, I don’t know if Andrew edits this, or Shane, but whoever did, props to you. The editing is amazing, and you need to be recognized for it!❤️💞

  • *i dont have microvave ? And that laser is cool teory that why the firemans dont destroi that fire but most bad is that u own goverment kill u thats most sad cose in america are many good people pls dont let the world bad guys **#BENICE*


  • *I just cant belive why u dont stop that fire... when u have big fire u can stop it only with fire why firemans dont burn stuf around houses and dont save them im just cant beleve it*

  • Is it just me or did the Walt Disney being frozen reminded me of future armer ??

  • Am I the only one who sees the three sixes in the disney logo

  • It bothers me that the music isn't credited. DOES ANY ONE KNOW WHAT IT IS?

  • Good thing I own a galaxy!

  • I just scared the shit out of myself I was watching the Micky mouse but and I went to the toilet and forgot that my bathroom wall is Micky mouse

  • when I have kids their not watching that shit.

  • IM GONNA TELL YOU A SECRET: sometimes i flip my phone off, and after i do that it slows down...

  • okay is it just me or does shane look really....bothered? like he’s acting differently more reserved and freaked out?

  • and yes btw im and android use so im chillin BOIIIIISSS

  • omg the fire broke my fricken heart.

  • finally a youtuber that actually isn't scared of anythingggggggg

  • Doctor: you only have 1 hour and 44 mins and 44 secs left to live Me: *watches this video*