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Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 31 Ιαν 2019
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  • PART 2 UP NOW!!!!!!

    • shane you have send me a chat request in the beginning of the year and I missed it can you plz send me a new one I love you soo much plz

    • I think you are part of the Illuminati

    • World of Pablo FUCK OFF

    • shane can you stop putting scary pics in the vid

    • shane you have thought me to be very careful of the internet

  • This video actually scared me. I’m shook lol

  • I got a little hack for the grocery store one. Just wear abunch of purfume or calone for a part of it

  • wait how did he hear the ringer?

  • Where did the fire start?

  • Bruh that cartoon theory makes 100% sense

  • So social network doesn't mean shit when applying for that clothing store I hope people who enjoyed working there burns in hell IDC if you're ugly or beautiful if you enjoyed working there you need to burn in hell

  • The CEO of Hollister is ugly AF tho

  • Why you have to edit your videos in this creepy way 😂 I'm so scared 😂

  • I own a copy of the Mickey comic

  • I've been in holister without any dirty looks and even got offered a job by a manager

  • Why would Walt Disney want to hide about him being frozen

  • Shane can even make a sponsor terrifying

  • Yaaaas

  • I'm not brave enough to commit suicide

  • These are so set up

  • You can not do it

  • After the Kid mailbox and the burned house I was crying 😭

  • Ive seen that ad!

  • So glad you said about that zepeto game I had it downloaded on my tablet for a while now Luv you Shane ❤️❤️


  • Shane this creeped me out so much …

  • Grocery stores also play certain music at certain times to keep you around or to have u leave quick...kind of like when i was at petsmart they even told us they cater to people with children that have left the nest . I started paying more attention to the music and yes it was more of the genre that my mother would listen to from the 80s

  • while watching this i passed a cologne from Hollister ;-; when i was watching the clip of HOLLISTER.

  • *This is why we use android instead of apple*

  • 47:32 woah Im worried now about My little sis she is 3 and watching like kinda weird cartoons on My dads i pad :(


  • I was literally just singing happy birthday for my best friend and my phone came up with hey Siri and I was like WTHHHHHHH 😣😣

  • One night I received a call from my father on the house phone,and before answering,I said "oh,it's you," and then I accepted the call.Apon picking up,my dad responded with "what do you mean 'oh,it's you'?" It was the strangest thing

  • I just thought that the government started the California fires to kill Shane as he knew to much. I’m actually fucking scared right now. This world is going nowhere but down

  • no one: shane: ok ok ok stay with me now...... ducks

  • Adam and Eve didn't get sent to hell lmao

  • Proud of using Android

  • The part where it’s said “once again these are just theories not facts” I was expecting SUCHHH a jump scare that I LITERALLY SCREAMED BEFORE ANYTHING HAPPENED

  • I use android because of apple. Plus i don't want my phone slowed down.

  • I have the iPhone X , and Face ID had me SCARED. You can turn on your phone anytime and it will unlock it by scanning your face . Does this mean that your phone is always watching? Just like Shane thinks Siri is always listening?! 🤔 guys I’m scared 😬

  • 4:16

  • 4:18

  • Well I’m getting android

  • Yo yo yo everybody back here *_*

  • 1:18:12 she looks like Yoona from Girls Generation

  • I held my phone against my ear and heard the static noise and it scared the heck out of me, I immediately threw my phone across the room😅😂

  • 10:34

  • MmM love your phones wallpaper shane! i cant seem to find the meaning of the T- wait a minute is that supposed to be- noway 18:39 T-sErIeS??

  • you have to make more conspiracy videos like this. They are so amazing :)

  • i am now rewatching this and i remembered a popular spanish childs song everyone used to sing and still do, its called Don Federico (Mr. Federico) and its literally about how a man killed his wife and cooked her then got married again. i never noticed anything weird because it was just a song everyone knew but now that i remember it that was really creepy

  • i'm living for this like sister shane really did it but rip to all the lives lost may you find a better world to live in

  • man i mean, do y’all want music? I’ll give you music. >:)


  • Why the frozen thing is FROG PLEASE OMG EEW ITS MY PHOBIA

  • Just one word for this SHOOK

  • This is better than friggin what *eNdGaMe* might be,AND I LOVE MARVEL IT IS MEH LIFE

  • It was a mistake to watch this at night. Also my house is creaking lol.

  • I’m 7 years old and I don’t Watch cartoon

  • theres nothing scarier than a discount

  • I got it don't give your children a phone until their 25

  • Good that i have samsung lol

  • Honey to the Honey to the Money

  • Shane how do you look at life so differently

  • 49:16 yoooo dude wtf

  • When u said “hey Siri” at 54:09 Siri literally listened in and answered on my phone I’m so confused

  • Why do i feel that shane should make more of these

  • What kind of sounds do you guys hear?

  • 49:41 ZEPETO

  • Conspiracy QUEEN 💖👑

  • shane go home you're drunk.

  • Shane's OverLoaded IQ can lead him to trouble. And I dont even know what kind of Trouble he will face.

  • All the stuff about watches made me think it was really a commercial lol.

  • Hello person in the comments

  • Am I endangered? 😂 I turned 13 a few weeks ago and have an Android..😂😅😵??

  • Oh so basically i cant go to Hollister because I’m a teeny bit on the heavy side trust me i tried to go they LITERALLY GAVE ME DIRTY LOOKS AND GIRLS AND GUYS SNICKERED AT ME like here the scale 👇🏻 👉🏻 (slim ---------|me--------heavy)👈🏻 not being rude towards people that ARE overweight or underweight I’m just talking about how i am and I’m ugly af (not saying people like me are ugly I’m just an ugly person any shape or form)

  • 26:00 how many times can he say omg

  • You make sponsorships so interesting. :D lol


  • Oof its 1:22AM where i am Rn and every second i look over my shoulder into my dark bedroom ;-; and I’m nit joking Rn my anxiety is kicking in Rn and I’m about to have an asthma attack+anxiety attack bc i have bad asthma and anxiety ;-; now i sound like a baby but i dint get scared easily either i REALLY love scary stuff

  • So glad i deleted zepeto a LONGGG time ago (now every 2 seconds i say the word “tea” no joke i actually do idk why but i just love to say tea at random moments and for me that’s literally every 2 seconds 😂😂😂)

  • Hey Shane! I made about you and what we love about you! tell me if you would like to read it! i can take out any part or chapter if you wish! Thank you! ~Kat

  • XD now my older brother will absolutely NOT let me watch tv when he is watching me but I’m freaking 15 i don’t need it (btw he is 19 and single if anyone needs a mans hit me upp ill set him up on any blind date as long as he is happy! 😂) he is just very overprotective and caring and loving (love how this just turns into a free dating comment thing 😂)

  • Anyone else just re watching these specific two videos bc they’re like the best videos shane had so far 😂👌🏻😎👍🏻💕💚🤧✊🏻😍🙏🏻😵☺️🙂

  • Epiccccc 😎 : )

  • On Zepeto, I have it so I tried and I heard static and I freaked up. I don’t want to get rid of it so I got rid of the camera and microphone access. Idk if it worked though

  • you know, sometimes i wonder if shane is maybe an empath or something, because of how obviously some of this shit effects him.


  • Abercrombie also has "models" - that was my title when i worked there

  • Werd just werd

  • ok so these vids are so extra i love it!

  • Are I still gay

  • Watching this at midnight on a school night was probably not a good idea 😅

  • 46:38 Thats my great grandpas name birth and death date wth.......................

  • One time my camera app just randomly opened

  • I live in California I’m for real scared as heck


  • the ducks spent all their money on gucci

  • This scared me

  • Look into life Log. It will blow your mind.

  • Roses are red, Violets are blue, I’m hiding in the comments, And so are you!

    • Charlotte O'Neill pretty much

  • Eyyyy Larraayyyy

  • Android user be like- hahaha I phone users are so unlucky we android users don't have siri

  • I literally cannot go I to Hollister without having a panic attack because of my hypersentive disorder

  • Abercrombie situation is similar to Adolf Hitler, he thought they were a 'superior race'