COOL GIRLY AND BEAUTY HACKS || Smart DIY Beauty Hacks For Girls

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 2 Νοέ 2019
There are all kinds of life hacks. But for us ladies? There are a whole mess of girly hacks out there that serve us way better.

Whether it’s makeup tricks, fashion short-cuts or DIY hair-care, us girls can use all the help possible!

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  • I think she just curled her hair with the curling iron

  • Do t do these go to gloom and you will see what I mean she did these hacks and they didnt work

  • I hate you you now wye because the hack hairs don't actually work some do but some not

  • I love 123gold go y’all are the best I always watch this

  • All of it is fake especially the hair dye one

  • The brush was not touching her hair it could not get colored with the brush

  • It really takes an hour to get a fire extinguisher 👨🏻‍🚒🚒

  • use scissors, paper,rubberhands and sticktape

  • Amy !?

    • 3:28 if you look close enough into the background they normally sprayed her hair

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  • Por que os vídeos que parecem ser mais divertidos pasam em inglês

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  • Plz make videos on hair problems specially on lice

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    • You photo shoped it the die your hair and more it didn't work at all you a lier.

  • 3:53 whts wrong with the bathroom mirror

  • Them-doing your hair is a hassle Me-unless u have an afro like meh 😂 -spray with water -fluff it out -cute headband DONE!😂

  • So funny

  • Seriously 123go why would you ever need To Clickbait people. People like you when your truthful and helpful Also entertaining not just Lying for who knows why. You suck or at least your actions do. So I hope you stop. Ps. You could get more popular with REAL hacks that go with real problems. And "Sharp bobbie pins" 😑

  • Girly.😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 We are not girls then.


  • 3:28 if you look close enough into the background they normally sprayed her hair

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  • Aw man, I hate it when my curling iron electrocutes me...

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  • I tried all of it and it didn't work

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  • My sister weared the sock curly hair hack last night

  • You photo shoped it the die your hair and more it didn't work at all you a lier.

  • What say Lana's tatu ?


  • Please make more shows with Lana and her sister. I don’t know her name though 😅 .


  • Well at 3:28 you see it’s fake because the brush is barley going through her hair.Its just touching it,it’s only on top. I tried it.It only gave me highlights.

  • Rainbow 🌈 hair!

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  • Yes, I have totally had a random bobby pin stab my finger, foot, and ass out of nowhere.

  • How do i subscribe ore like? I really wanna know!

  • Amy : wait an hour or so Her friend : don't worry I've got the fire extinguisher It doesn't take an hour to find a fire extinguisher duh

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    • Umm I am a huge fan of 123 go but the hair color was a big fat LIE

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  • For the hair color thingy her hair was already colored lol

  • At 3:51 when it said "sharing is caring'' Me and my friend says sharing is killing😂🤣

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