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School is officially back in session! And that means your brain is probably hard at work these days.
And while some of us appear to be very book-smart, others prefer to see simple tasks from a different angle.
Either way, it’s not too late to take the school year by the horns and make the most of your lessons!
That’s right, you’ve got some ingenious school hacks comin’ at ya!
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  • 123go: Try pitting the bottom of your pencil sharpener in a deflated balloon! Me: Or just go to a trash can

  • I don't believe the battery trick would work. I am stiil a fan

  • For the people who know Spanish you should probably go back and listen to 1:39 again 0-0 ok ik I'm dumb ;-;


  • Can you make a video of a new pool video

  • Great Video :) I do really love watching this :) Thanks for the Hacks I can use it in school projects

  • I like your vistas

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  • This channel is better than troom troom

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  • You stole these hacks from different videos

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  • anyone else notice that at 0:05 she wrote 8-7= ! instead of 1 great video :) and it says she's in 8th grade at 2:03 haha

  • Cool life hacks

  • U I love your vids😘

  • Did she just put the balloon on she put her mouth was on, on the desk and then Sophia put it on the sharpener

  • Who’s better 123 GO! Or... Troom Troom

  • Yeah I am very very late. But love 123 go hacks

  • What happens when you run out of notebook paper? Literally the next page is your secret stash....

  • Vicky and alivea make the weirdest faces.. 🤨🤨

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  • Your the best

  • Tenzin is Tenzin

  • Is it just really hard for you to do this vid

  • I love 123 go’s hacks there so good!

  • i love 123

  • It said 8grade math test

  • Can you please do more school hacks, please 🙏🙏🙏

  • Don't try the klock home :O

  • Chal bhag faltu meaning very very gooood hacks

  • Who watch 123go but does not do it because l do

  • Use your earrings to make circles XD

  • Why do I ship Vicky and Kevin?

  • I like it but I dot like it.

  •'s 2.30AM here....wan'na eat twix...😂😂😂

  • This trip has been awsome because I was with a hundreds of fans

  • On the foil hack she wasn't even clicking the on button she was clicking the AC and she must have paused the camera and put the regular battery back in

  • In my country we aren't allowed with calculators when we have tests. We aren't allowed with like never. Lol.

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  • i noticed that when Vicky saw the teacher coming, her pencil was upside down XD LIKE IF U SAW IT TOO

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  • Hello! I'm Turkish. Your videos are beautiful.

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  • 5:42 now how do u turn it off wow your teaching me more than school so far you have taught me to cheat steal and sneak my phone in can't wait to learn more

  • Where is Mia??? Like if your favourite is vicky!!!

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  • The band aid hack is my fav

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  • Do you know that’s cheating with a Band-Aid hack

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