did this guy just INSULT MY MOM?!

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 14 Σεπ 2019
I stop by the offices of Talk To Me In Korean to see if they're actually a better teacher than my own mother. Also I get in a fight with a small child.
BREAK THEIR WEBSITE ► talktomeinkorean.com/
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Oh and no he didn't insult my mom. Hyunwoo was very nice.



  • Momiplier really wants that death match.


  • I could not stop laughing hahaha

  • You have the best family Mark, almost in tears laughing. X

  • Your mom is the best

  • I like you either way cause your funny af you make my days better

  • *mark: where did I get my stupid from?

  • This video is the meaning of the word awesome

  • H-how dare you break that to me like this..-

  • I want Mark to make more videos on him speaking Korean. I wanna learn from his Mom. Momiplier seem to be a really good teacher.

  • mark stans red velvet and u should too

  • Omg!! I saw Hyunwoo and I clicked. I’ve been a fan of TTMIK for 2 years now and a fan of mark for 4. I’m in love with this video!!! And his cousin is adorable (And idk why but something about Mark always struck me as a Reveluv 😂)

  • うわー!

  • Who would win? Markiplier, an extremely successful and widely beloved GR-tvr Or His 10 year old cousin.

  • I love TTMIK it’s a good place to learn Korean

  • Ahahaha

  • Your tutor is cute

  • I loved watching this. Your channel is fantastic

  • No one: Absolutely no one: Markiplier: 8:41 STRAWBERRY

  • Markiplier: to show how strong I am I will beat up a 1st grader

  • 나는 당신의 비디오를 사랑 Markiplier

  • “Full of red meat and brown...SODAS!” -Markiplier

  • Markimom

  • This video is straight up wholesome.

  • man why as my pc slow

  • He seems to really love kids

  • lixian is the better teacher

  • Mark: "Lixian ENGAGE!" Momiplier: "Oh! You want me to engage in this?... This is how I teach my son." Us: *laughing along with Mark at how adorable his mom is*

  • When Markimoo leaned over to ask Momiplier if that was right and she said yea then "Listen carefully" made my day xD Also gave me a mafia vibe...Momiplier is all-time Mama Boss.

  • I disliked the video

  • I'm pretty sure it's Seoul not soul Lix xD

  • I love momiplier she’s so precious 🥺♥️

  • Aww the kids so cute

  • Moms so confident

  • this is amazing!! i learnt hangeul in 2013 and i haven't been studying properly but! it's been 6 years and i can understand korean but it is impossible to string full accurate sentences together.. i think i need to shape up and get me those books

  • Mmmmm it smells like Korea here

  • this reminds me of the videos that jolly make lol

  • Saeyoung-ah ,hyung has asked you to beat him up! Do your best dongsaeng! HWAITING!


  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • You should be using the level 1 book lol

  • Is there a Japanese equivalent of this?? I'd love to learn korean but I don't want to fill my plate too full


  • 17:13 the foot stomp that kid does totally reads ' Just try it" XD

  • I love how momiplier is like "Fight! Fight! KILL HIM!"

  • 좋은 비디오 마크 정말 당신의 비디오를 즐기십시오 !!!!

  • NO USA🇺🇸? 🤨

  • The dislikes though

  • Oh boi!! Mark is part nuclear warhead??!!

  • OMG YOU LIKE RED VELVET. Well... one song... but it's a good start loool

  • Mark is 50% Korean, 50% German, 50% American, 50% English and 100% confused

  • "I am an American, full of red meat and ... brown sodas." LOL!

  • There are no dislikes Only 3.3k Australians liking this video

  • I love those books omg yay

  • okay but like marks korean is really good

  • Is his mom Asian?

  • Mark: Strawberry Me: 💘💫💛💕💛💕💚😜💕💛💕💚💕💚💙💜💫💜💫💜💫💚💕😝😍😍😍😍💙💚💙💜💕💜T^T... ☆*UWU*☆ ♡¤w¤♡ 💓😍💫💫💛💙💜💚💕❤💛💜💘💕❤💕⭐⭐


  • Mark singing red velvet made me cackle. I stan to many kpop groups for my own good (peep my profile picture)