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NAIL OR FAIL?? HAHAH I'm still unsure. Either way, can't WAIT to be done decorating this room... it's slowly coming along! I PROMISE we're getting so close to a house tour!! leave me some other DIYs you'd like to see me tackle in the next episode of DIY master!
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LAST WEEK'S DIY: Buying GR-tvr Merch and DIYing It 2


  • we studied cumulus clouds in school

  • Cumulus cloud

  • try to draw realistically

  • The cloud is called a cumulonimbus cloud

  • Love this!!!!

  • This was posted in my bday!

  • Lauren please try Resin craft ❤

  • You could've put closed eyelids on the cloud with gold eyelashes!❤️if u agree

  • Lauren you look so happy,recently and we love that.Who thinks Lauren should add a glue gun to the merch? You should do a video on"camera guys does my DIY'S"

  • Who is camera man

  • DIY a wood bead chandelier!

  • You should have blue fairy lights hanging from the bottom like a drizzle

  • nice

  • Cumilus

  • It is a cumulus cloud

  • "It didnt seem difficult"she said *cuts to all the problems*

  • Can you do a dreamcatcher

  • It is a cumulus cloud

  • Please make a dream catcher! Like one of those super detailed ones!💖

  • Please do diy locker decoration please

  • Cumulus

  • When she seed eny won who likes sience will I’m like it’s a cloud

  • Try deco den phone cases hahaha I'm sure you will have lots of fun especially designing your phone case with bunch of cute stuff. Love your work❤️

  • I wonder how you make hair ties. Hmmm🤔 I wear them a lot.

  • Lauren you should do a diy challenge whith Karina Garcia

  • How can I make my chanel sescesfull and being liked

  • lauren i just want to say how much you have inspired me and how i apreciate you and your channel so much i am part of the diy squad and i love you so much ,keep up the increadible vids of you bieng yourself and an inpiration to people like me , love ypu girl xxxx

  • Hey! Have you thought about making a ducktape dress/gown??

  • you should make more and hang them all around the room.BYE

  • you should make more and hang them all around the room.BYE

  • Okayyy this is cool but like I’m waaay too lazy to do it for real

  • Do moreeeeee diy master episode

  • You should do swiching life with run way model

  • You made a hige thech loes 369.49 at 4 30 angel cloud

  • My ears are blocked so I have to have it high af lol

  • you should try miniature sculpting !!!!

  • you can put the lights on the outside of the cloud maybe

  • Can u do a makeover on the Barbie dream house for a diy

  • U should have those lights coming out of it like rain. Btw good job 👍

  • You could make a tapersty for one of the episode

  • Lol im studying cumulonimbus clouds right now

  • That’s a cumulus cloud

  • i have questions

  • please do a DIY master of making a giant fluffy bean bag chair!!!! they cost like 300+ dollars and i really want one but they are so expensive!!!!!


  • Cumulus

  • you could use fairy lights as raindrops hanging from the cloud instead of putting them in the cloud

  • I love you

  • You should make rings next

  • This looks like a flying sheep😂😍❤

  • You are making a cumulus cloud

  • My floating poop is now a cloud in the sky!!!!!!!!!

  • I would like to say I know stuff about clouds but I don't

  • It kinda looks like a cheeto

  • Watch your profanity😂😂

  • Beautiful flying poo

  • I want you to do more videos with moose

  • I actual love this

  • 4:41 love that for Lauren

  • Lauren has been so happy since her new boyfriend! Congrats Lauren! Ps. I am on my dads phone

  • What is the stool that moose is sittin on 8:48 called ? Please someone....tell me !!! It is cute af !!!


  • I could buy a bag of cotton balls and glue then together in 10 min to make that. I love you Lauren but you can strive higher than that.

  • You should make soap

  • You should make an over the top beautiful decorated dream catcher

  • Finally another diy master

  • Hey I love u so much

  • i wish she showed it at night as well while the pixie lights are inside ☹️.

  • It was posted on my birthday! ♥️♥️♥️

  • you should hang the fairy lights from the bottom and it will look like a cute rain cloud

  • It’s a cumulus cloud love you💖❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  • How did you learn how to DIY so good!!! I want to learn 🤪

  • is it cumulonimbus yet? is it cloud yet? Also I love you lauren❤️💓

  • You should do a diy squishy next time

  • I think it looks awesome but it would've looked better with the fairy lights

  • Love you laurdiy

  • You can get silicone protectors for your finger tips at the craft store! No need to get hot glue gun burns.

  • This isn’t nothing new but it’s cute 😌

  • Next do diy scrunchies!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I love it! I would have also used a comb or brush to backcomb the fluff to make it extra poofy! I would also maybe add the fairy lights but hanging below kind of like raindrops??

  • Hi LaurDIY 💖

  • LOL NEVER LEARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOL 10 MINS OF LAUREN BURNING HER HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The next DIY MASTER should be those Kawaii charms

  • it is a cumulus cloud you were close :)

  • Margherita pizza is my favorite🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

  • You could have just kept the lights in and turned them on at night and had them off during the day!😂✌🏻💛

  • Where do you get your audio from, Lauren?

  • Ur making me feel better about myself xD

  • I think cause of how wide yours is it’s gonna look like a cirrus cloud

  • Who won the give away?

  • It’s a cumulus cloud

  • Do a punch needle diy!

  • I really want to see Duck and Bearbear and Baby Dino

  • At 8:20 it looked like a pickle no offense 😅😂

  • Ok is it just me or does Lauren have so much patients to do these.❤❤

  • it looks like an unborn baby😂😂

  • Do a video that’s “Camera Man Does My DIY’s” P.S I Love You So Much!!🥰😘🥰

  • I’m so gonna use this

  • Tomorrow I am going to Joann’s to get more arts and crafts supplies 😍