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HAPPY #SUNDIY!!!! back at it again with ep 5 of DIY MASTER!!!! ok so I have major mixed thoughts on this week's DIY outcome... LOL what do u think!?!? I'll see u wednesday for an epic vidcon vlog and again sunday for another SUND-I-YYYYYYY!!
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  • first of all you need to use borax second you don't colour the water you need a coloured pipe cleaner

  • Who realized the Crystal from the green jar turned purple🤔

  • U can use borax it works very well

  • Am I the only one that noticed that the green stuff turned the pipe cleaner purple?!

  • LOVED the video!!! Even with the unexpected results. Starting ours tonight (with epsom salt). Can't wait to watch more.

  • If you would want to Do St., Christopher hair do you stream and put it inside a little formal round of

  • Lol I thought this was new and and it’s jun 23 I was like so confused 😐

  • She did kinda good😆

  • You nailed it

  • You need to leave it for more time or days

  • It works way better with borax.

  • I did this in my school

  • omg lauren you should have strained out all the extreme baby crystals and made a little jar full of microcrystals!!!!

  • I have quartz rose quartz and quartz c-calsite ithink thats how u spell it

  • I think the dyes were different consistencies because of the alum. cuz in the water it was fine. but then in the alum it was fish poop😂


  • Also u tryed your best

  • You could have done it without the pipe cleaner and just the string

  • You should've left it longer

  • You can use borax instead. I did it using borax and left it overnight and it worked well❤️❤️ love you Lauren!

  • Food colorings always look darker in water than they are in actual food.

  • 2019 anyone???

  • Its chunky because its expired lol

  • First of all she was wearing a torn t-shirts and your nailed it

  • Maybe in all the other jars you didn’t need to dissolve the alum all the way maybe only half way

  • i did this as a science project for school but the pipe cleaners were in the shape of a snow flake it was so pretty and it was blue but the day i had to show is in class it was all droopy and the crystals fell off but luckly i had taken some pictures and put them on my poster

  • You should try with a suger . It work so well I try it

  • Did anyone notes her shirt

  • I❤️her shirt

  • I love Matt😂 anyone else

  • It works better with borax

  • Lauren: Oh my gosh there is a giant one in here! Lauren again: It's a little baby! Lauren agian: We got some baby crystals!

  • Use borax it works better

  • U master everything *nailed it*

  • You should have used borax instead of alum, and if you used colored pipe cleaners, you didn’t have to color the water.

  • I think it was the powder that made it like that

  • You have to wait much more than 2 days. Why don't you use salt instead?

  • T

  • i think it’s the color?

  • You didnt fail you made some crystals

  • Love your collaction of crystals(sorry if i speled collaction or crystals rong)btw i don't know if you nailed it or failed it.

  • I did this experiment but I did it with borax instead of alum I wanna see you do another video if this

  • 2/4 out of 4/4

  • You shouldn’t dunk it in the solution, you should suspend it over the solution and let the alum collect on it through evaporation.

  • You nailed it because you got some tiny crystals

  • If you used only salt & hot water and just tied the string onto somthing & waited a few days it would have formed a giant crystal ( yay for my grade 4 science class )

  • You know how the dye came out in glops it’s because your supposed to put it on a tool then mix it and the color comes out

  • Her shirt is ripped

  • im doing this in school well im going to

  • Mine works but it took a long time just to make a chunk

  • Borox works better

  • this is the day before my birthday 🥳

  • Make it out of borax

  • hi i love you videos

  • I think you 👍it!

  • The alum aluum whatever the heck it is it makes the colors look like fish poop

  • I used Borax and it calms out in a entire chunk of crystal, I left mine for 5 days

  • You nailed it!!! Who is watching this for the tenth time in 2019

  • I'm no scientist but I think it's the Alum powder that made the first one green

  • You had to use borax and dissolve it in water I did it in class once

  • Maybe it was you food coloring🤷🏼‍♀️

  • If you go to dollar general you can grow crystals!! They actually work!

  • My name is Krystle

  • cuzz you did them to balls you have to make them separated like hearts and you have to use borax and worm water please try this a grain with my idea I love you lor

  • Bakwaas zyada karte ho

  • I still think they look good


  • Is her shirt Saposbeb to have a hole in it. In the intro.

  • #NailedIt

  • lauren theres a whole on ur shirt


  • it is aul lum in um

  • ... Everybody else uses a piece of string...

  • Your macking me!!!! LOL!!!!!

  • Use borax I did it and it worked finely

  • Instead of Alume use borax

  • Regrow the crystals

  • Are you sure

  • alum is actually an alternative for deodorant, we use it in our country, the philippines, and it works well

  • We have the same bday😱🤗

  • You could use dish soap instead

  • There actually kinda cool

  • My name is lauren too

  • Leaving it in a while longer does help. I also poured 3 into each and they turned out better

  • you're suppose to like leave it for 2 months

  • Mojojo is from powderpuff girls...dexter is from dexters labotory


  • Maybe it'll took like a week to work?

  • I am a huge rock collector I have lots of crystals

  • Yo why is there a hole in you shirt?

  • You didn’t fail you still made cristals

    • @Bff Forever cool 😂

    • Whatever don't talk to me EVER again

    • @A.A. Smith bruh than why you bring it up

    • @Bff Forever nevermind idk

    • A.A. Smith then why did you say it

  • use borax and hot water

  • Try salt mixed with boiled water and then don't use the pipe cleaner

  • She sexy af Asian girls winning 🤙🏾😍

  • the beginning is like “soooooooo” me: the was a pineapple under the sea😂😂😂😂😁

  • U should of used borax

  • No use saaaaaaaaaalt

  • mabye u need to leave it longer

  • I LOVE this

  • nice