Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 9 Σεπ 2019
We teamed up with EA SPORTS FIFA to put Atletico Madrid’s Thomas Lemar, Saúl Ñíguez, Álvaro Morata, Jan Oblak & Antonio Adán through their paces as they take on a #FIFARatings Shooting and Handling tests ahead of their FIFA 20 Ratings Reveal.
See more #FIFA20 Player ratings x.ea.com/59691
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  • Atletico the Best

  • Jan Oblak finally gets the respect he deserves. Highest rated gk.

  • What song? Morata

  • You suck

  • tsg zindaabad

  • Beautiful knuckle from lemar

  • How good is Oblak!

  • I love this video. Atletico is my favorite team.

  • These camera guys rule!

  • U should go one with Raul Jimenez and hector Herrera

  • Alison backer next video plz

  • That’s not Alisson

  • Why is morata wearing nike socks on Adidas shoes😂😂😂😂

  • What's the name of tht song "let it take over"

  • they were definately not going to allow oblak to dive around

  • O maj gad

  • I think PES 20 is boring; but the FIFA demo is inept, what with the field swaying from side to side with the Pro camera. Moreover, the lack of a first person camera is pathetic!

  • This shows how easy it is

  • Juventus?

  • Where is Barcelona

  • Allison looks strange

  • Too much cover up for adan thow

  • Over edited and hard to watch.

  • Where’s Allison?

  • title: worlds best goalkeeper. video: does not contain Alisson. wtf?

    • Oblak > Alisson right now, Oblak has been insane for many seasons more than Alisson

  • Guys go and watch this and have fun 👉gr-tv.com/tv/%CE%B2%CE%AF%CE%BD%CF%84%CE%B5%CE%BF-h9xR9x2nTiI.html

  • Now i see why man utd want oblak

    • jaitaikun de gea new contract

  • Morata’s first goal was edited 😂 he never hit top bins from that ahaha

  • What’s Morata’s music called???

  • since when did Alison become ginger and Slovakian

  • The guys are coming with unbelievable tekkers

  • Not even top 3 keepers in the world

  • Morata 100% missed the shot lmao, you defo edited it to make it seem it went top bins

  • Alguien en español ?

  • Alisson suppose to be higher rating than oblak

  • De gea and pickford are the best goalkeepers

  • Where is billy

  • Lemar 86 #Fifaratings

  • He’s really not the best gk

  • Next in Manchester when rashford breaks the camera with a free kick

    • @Nigel Monteiro yea bro he might even put the ball out of the stadium

    • yeah, that's cause he'll miss the actual target i.e. the goal

  • So many players are underrated these days.

  • Antonio adan. Remember the name. The player that will remain unused in fifa 20.

  • The definition of "Over-Produced"

  • Careful throwing that tittle around, goalkeepers need to have an absurd resume like casillas and neuer did in order to be called that.

  • Just getting boring nd too predictable now

  • Damn lemar deserves better rating

  • Oblak is just insane

  • Go to Barcelona

  • Where is bill?

  • Every videos when there are French players on it, we win, we the best ⚽️🇫🇷

  • Oblak -99 fifa rating 😂

  • Brasil ??

  • So the goalkeeper outpaces morata.

  • Don't tell me that's gel in morata's hair.

  • Anyone know where to find the let it take over song

  • fdg

  • I am barca fan but WHAT how can saul have only 85 rating ?? he is top 3 midfielders in rhe world beter than all real madrid midfield combinated

  • pleas go to bayern munich

  • #ronaldo94

  • Worlds best keeper is David de gea