FaZe Clan REACTS to Fortnite for the FIRST TIME

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 16 Οκτ 2019
FaZe Clan Reacted and Played Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 For First Time Ever! FaZe Rug, FaZe Jarvis, FaZe Banks, FaZe Cizzorz, FaZe Adapt, FaZe Blaze, FaZe Teeqo and me (FaZe Kay) Play Fortnite: Battle Royale
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    • I want to be in faze my snipes our crazy

    • My gamer tag is Gd Sharp please gift me the battle pass.

    • nope

    • Kay try and recuit Ali A I think hes got what it takes

    • Can gift me battle pass electric852mars

  • I Really Wanna Be In FaZe

  • Plz put me in faze

  • I thought all faze members are good at fortnite

  • Everyone in Faze smokes weed 😂

  • I wanna join faze clan but for cob or fortnite clan members

  • 10:56 did he say pattleplass

  • Damn I didn’t know Teeqo was that good

  • I 11 not a pro at fortnite but i am am good at games my name is brayden i would love to get recruted

  • Faze rug played fort nite underwater

  • At 1:57

  • I want the battle pass I have 1 skin please gift to me I liked subscribed and used your code my fortnite username is TBNREzekiel

  • Can i join faze maybe its simple

  • you should watch me sometime i am pretty insane bruv if you want

  • My subscriber count shows many times he has said HOLY in his life lmao

  • Fam there were ppl in this that I havnt watched play fortnite in agggeeesss lol Blaze Scissors Teqo And those types of ppl

  • If you love cizzorz 👇

  • epic id is Itx Musa

  • 12:30😐 (I’m speechless)

  • Did they go to Fortnite because they are Ass at Call of duty now?

  • How many likes is how many times faze Kay said you’re insane Jarvis

  • Put me in faze my fortnite name is Zhaneh123

  • I love you faze clan

  • Did anyone realise that Kay made his intro after finishing the video as in the intro he was at level 105 but then when adapt was playing Kay’s account (solo) was at 104

  • Please battle pasa OnealmightyJJ12 please

  • Can i join Faze i really good at the game

  • That vid was littttt

  • teequo such a good dude😂🥳

  • Who’s else wins got reasted

  • Can you join me Kay

  • bra just do bugha….. he is cracked

  • Was cizzorz the only one that won

  • Recruit me J am a huge fan

  • Me pls I watch your vids everyday their insane

  • Yes.

  • Its like creative destruction

  • Faze blaze keyboard lol

  • I liked and sud gamer tag is Kingtytheguy08

  • i wish i can play fortnite but my pc is to lagy and my ps4 is not downloading fortnite but i like playing roblox

  • Cizzorzs FPS btw

  • My favorite landing spot in fortnite is salty to Jarvis

  • Me please im a gaming invite me to FaZe

  • chapter 2 is isane

  • yo please give me battle pass I have a disease

  • I still have no skins and I have been playing since season 1 not chapter 2

  • Ali A should join FaZe

  • Noob screw you kay

  • I really want to join FaZe

  • Please I want it because I have no skin and I use ur supporter creator code but I need xbox live gold and I watch every video of almost every faze clan member at SlurpZAK47 my username

  • FaZe Kay check out YFG Retak3Z he’s good

  • Cizzirz was in a bot lobby literally

  • Your boys as hell all of you 1v6 me your bots!!!!!!!!

  • I wanna join FaZe. kay

  • Can. I have the battle pass

  • Insane bruh

  • please i need the battle pass i dont have a lot of skins

  • u should get FaZe Sway and Serk to 1v1

  • U are my hero frazier

  • Please I haven’t gotten battle pass in4 seasons

  • I have no skins can i have the battlebpass