Giannis Antetokounmpo Full Highlights 2019.02.06 vs Wizards - 43 Pts, 17-21 FGM!

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 7 Φεβ 2019
February 6, 2019 | Giannis Antetokounmpo Full Highlights 2019.02.06 Bucks vs Wizards - 43 Pts, 17-21 FGM. MONSTER! | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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  • He's a very underrated passer

  • Giannis traveled

  • boy.

  • 1:05 travel

  • Giannis should slide to Dallas in a couple years and team up with doncic, porzingis, and his brother

  • M.V.P

  • If KD and LeBron had a kid. Length of KD, body and athleticism of LeBron

  • Like I'm saying Giannis has super high level ceiling unlike Luka doncic who has more than likely hit his ceiling already, just like young Carmelo already hitting his pinnacle rookie season

    • Nightmare Nightmare This guy Is different than most rookies. He's one of the few players than can actually go completely iso and has a good chance of scoring. He's starting to form a superstar presence. Stats don't always mean something. He will be a long running superstar, as of now, he's just a small star

    • @Kevin Anthony it's obvious lol look at his numbers

    • Nightmare Nightmare Why has Luka hit his ceiling.. that's a ridiculous comment

  • Did home boy jus travel bruh 1:05

    • D̶B̶a̶b̶y̶ D̶K̶ He travels and carried all the time.. watch for traveling violations and just watch giannis closely and see how much he does.. it's ridiculous

  • First time I’ve watched a player and was filled with terror. This man is a problem. He’s aiming for Wilt.


  • fan of giannis but 1:00 is a clear travel you can hear the footsteps lol

  • Giannis is not human

  • He absolutely shits on Lebron even in Lebron prime 2019 giannis is still miles better

  • Didn't Giannis walk at 1:05-1:07, he took 3 steps which it should have been 2 only!

  • Mark my words if giannis gets a shot he will be unstoppable

  • I’m

  • If he can create a somewhat elite shot, hes gonna be betted than Lebron and KD. Hes got the length of KD and the strength of Lebron. Hes more physical than Lebron bcuz of his length and hes a better passer than KD. Unbelievable

  • Ok, i aint gonna lie. I didnt know he was this good, that pass at 3:17 had me like 😲 PG still at the top of the MVP race and is still rising. Giannis is definitely 2nd though. Honestly i wouldnt even be mad if Giannis won. I dont see it happening though with PG putting on a show againt Harden and Giannis. MVPG13!

  • Notice how intelligently he plays the game. Patient, aggressive, plays through the natural flow of the game.

  • What was said at 3:58?

  • Who else thinks the bucks can win the championship like if you agree

  • *imagine the length of kareem, the athleticism like lebitch, and the shooting like kobe. unguardable. i wanna see him break the 100 pt record.*

  • 1:05 Refs are so blind

  • Still waiting for a 50 point game GF

  • This is my first time hearing of this guy. Is he really this dominant all the time? He's gonna make me start watching basketball again. But what's with NBA refs not calling traveling?

  • that travel at 1:03 tho LOL

  • Is that the last shot travel?

  • Not a hater but 1:08 was a euro travel

  • This dude is better than lebron

  • Anybody else here after watching Finding Giannis

  • Where’s his moments card in 2k

  • Giannis is better than Lebron now. Sorry But its the truth

  • What is he bad at

  • He's like a bigger more athletic iquodala

  • His shot doesn't look too bad

  • Wakanda forever

  • Clear cut mvp and it seems like he’s not even trying. He has the best record averaging about 27 12 6 shooting nearly 60 Percent from the field. He’s overlooked because he’s not putting up huge numbers but him and pg are nearly identical in points and he’s number 1 in win shares and defensive win shares hardens record is cute but that’s not how you win mvp

  • Dude travels most of the time

  • 1:04 is a travel right? thats clearly 3 steps not 2 and a half.

  • ALERT: Potential GOAT watch.

  • @2:28 who else in the league can do that? No one

  • The reason I'm picking him to start my franchise is cause he stays healthy

  • What kind of travel is this? From the three point line all the way to under the basket 1:04

  • That stadium got hella quiet when he was about to take a 3 lmao

  • The “GREEK FREAK” 👊🏼

  • Dude is straight up a monster every game Westbrook with 8 more inches

  • never watch him unless he plays sixers

  • 1:05 isnt that a travel? and if not can someone explain why?

    • @Jack McCoy thank you man! Finally got the answer

    • The step when you gather the ball doesn't count

  • He a goat

  • Who else saw that triple step euro at 1:07 😂😂

  • I can see the Olympics already.

  • Stretch

  • I respect Giannis but dawg... HOW ON EARTH is 1:04 not a travel????

  • I love that travel 1:05

  • This is very physical basketball. Brute force, no elegance and not much technique,

  • Γιαννη μην παραχαραζεις την ιστορία ρε συ!

  • NBA travel doesnt work too much

  • He's shooting more now. Oh boy

  • Ever since his rookie year this kid was special.

  • If only they drafted Embiid in 2014 instead of Parker. This team would be a dynasty.

  • hes a god

  • 02:23 Ok, now come on! This is just ridiculous............. I'm out

  • what a shit game

  • three steps every second attack, nice

  • If he ever joins the warriors i will cry 😂

  • Dude went from skinny to one of the most jacked athlete

  • That thumbnail got me lol

  • 3steps each time

  • Had to stop after the bucket at 1:05. NBA traveling is pathetic.

  • This guy T R A V L E D all the way from Greece huh? I can believe it. Take away his travels, you take half his game.

  • Is it just me or it felt like he traveled in a couple of these plays?

  • the euro step at the start, clearly three big steps. Is travel not a thing any more?

  • 1:05 is a travel

  • Harden is 30 y.o ...... Giannis just 25......


  • The thing I like most about Giannis is that he came from nothing and worked hard to get where he is, never wasting any opportunities.

  • Μπραβο ρε Γιανναρε, πηγες απ τον φιλαθλητικο ενα αβγαλτο παιδι να παιξεις στο δυσκολοτερο πρωταθλημα του μπασκετ κ με σκληρη-σκληρη δουλεια καταφερες να μιλαει ολη η αμερικη για σενα. Δακρυζω απ τη χαρα μου για σενα.Εισαι το καλυτερο ινδαλμα για χιλιαδες παιδια. Σου αξιζουν θερμα συγχαρητηρια για ολα αυτα που παλευοντας τοσο σκληρα εχεις καταφερει κ ειναι μονο η αρχη Γιαννη! Ειμαστε τρελα περηφανοι για σενα! Ελλαδαρα ρε! ❤️

  • Imagine being the dude coming in to play against the bucks and you get put on Giannis.

  • Giannis > Me