Giannis Antetokounmpo Full Highlights 2019 ECR1 Game 1 Bucks vs Pistons - 24-17-4! | FreeDawkins

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 15 Απρ 2019
April 14, 2019 | Giannis Antetokounmpo Full Highlights 2019 ECR1 Game 1 Bucks vs Pistons - 24 Pts, 17 Rebs, 4 Asts in 3 Quarters! FreeDawkins - NBA Video' #DawkinsGiannis
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  • I was there. When Drummond pushed Giannis and the crowd saw the replay. Everyone was lit

  • FreeDawkins gotta secret time machine in his basement

  • Best

  • Lmao. What's with these white people saying Greek? I dont see no Greek person. I see a black person. Are you white people crazy?

  • How many games will this series go?

  • μαλακα γαμαι ;Δ

  • 4:47 wtf!?!?!?!? three steps from 3 point line. Then jump and dunk from free throw line?

  • Hulu Has Live Sports

  • Giannis always

  • Giannis always

  • James better

  • I fell bad for the pistons

  • My son is officially unstoppable

  • Can we get some of these clips of Giannis in an anti-bullying campaign video?

  • drummund can eat shit, pistons have been shit since they lost Billups, Smith, and Monroe. Trash. total poop.

  • Domination by the Greek God

  • 5:47 that ref thought Andre drummond was picking a fight😂

  • damn they got smoked!

  • He shoots worse from the free throw in the playoffs than in the regular season

  • Great game for Giannis, but 5-12 from the free throw has to improve

  • as a toronto fan Im so scared of this shit rn

  • Nobody gonna mention that giannis free throw dunk!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!

  • blake griffin not wearing socks with his sneakers? thats gross.

  • so Thon Maker can run fast....

  • This woulda been a decent series if Blake Griffin was playing

  • 24/17 on 23 minutes!?! This man is the definition of unstoppable

  • This is without brogdon mirotic and donte.

  • Lol, I thought this series might go five games.

  • Now that I’m looking at giannis, Zion can guard him and will be more of a talent mark my words

  • 6:18 He literally dribbles three times before making a basket

  • He’s the only chance of anyone at least challenging the warriors, he’s a shorter less stronger shaq, with a barely reliable jumper, it’s still A jumper though, and he can dribble and pass and play defense, giannis is a modern day shaq basically.

  • MVP

  • look at Drummond on the last three, shit is too funny

  • 5:29

  • Can we just fast-forward to the 2nd round Celtics Bucks? Pacers and Pistons have no business being in the playoffs.

  • MiL needs build a team for the greek freak like lebrons old teams straight 3 point shooters around him= Rings for real

    • +G D yeah they do have 3point shooter they need more people lmaooooo

    • Gautham Dixit 😂😂😂😂

    • thats literally exactly what they have...

  • If you convert these numbers to 36 minutes, he would have had 38-27-6 smh

  • This is how lebron built his legacy. Giannis better lose the cf to save a Finals loss.

  • Giannis is too OP. He's like a Super Saiyan

  • The question is..what will he be rated on 2k lol

    • if his rating goes up even a little he will become a real problem for 2k. I mean hes a already a complete glitch.

  • Giannis is no doubt a beast and an amazing basketball player but he travels a lot. The dunk at 1:09 was sweet but he stopped dribbling outside of the three point line, held the ball for three steps going in. Does it again at 4:48. ??? whats up with that? If i even did that on a street court the players would laugh at me but an elite pro does it in a playoff game and it's not called??? that's crazy

    • +Landon Day This is allowed on the NBA if the first step is considered a gather step, you can do two more, so overall 3 steps could be allowed :) NBA is not like European basketball!

    • +Giorgos Rogkakos you can play it frame by frame and clearly see the first case is three distinct steps after his last bounce

    • If you play the video in 0.25x speed you can clearly see that in the first case there is no traveling and in the second case the first step is a gather strep



  • Giannis is the New legend!

  • MVP

  • He looks like the best player in the world

  • Bruh Blake has got to be allergic to the playoffs. Like wow, every yr this guy is on the bench watching his team struggle. At this point in your career you might as well play through it

  • Antetokounmpo with a developed jump shot is a nightmare for the NBA.

  • 5:28 lmao drummond said fuck dat shit but giannis nailed the three 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀 54 95 boxscore

  • Whoever the Bucks GM is know's how to build a team around Giannis. This dude is just a monster

  • It would have helped the pistons to have Griffin. But with or without him, the bucks are ripping through this team

  • is no gonna talk about how he almost dunked from the free throw line

  • 2:43 imagine being maker😂😂

  • In 23 minutes. BEAST

  • So that free throw dunk. Nice nasty or whatever, but he shouldn't do it as it puts strain against his knee issue he had earlier on the season and definitely does not help with the ankle sprain he had.

  • Dwayne casey facing another playoff monster aside from lebron and that is GIANNIS

  • 4:47 Traveling

  • I’m worried Giannis will be injured due to his explosiveness like D Rose

  • MVP

  • just give this guy the MVP, he is so dominant. Harden is great, but Giannis is better.

  • just give this guy the MVP, he is so dominant. Harden is great, but Giannis is better.

  • From the Free Throw line.....

  • A f*kin beast

  • Zaza gotta injure Giannis

    • if anyone injuries a superstar player the whole fanbase will be sending death threats and probably wait for them in the parking lot

  • Giannis is Orlando Shaq. 💀

  • only 24.480 views????

  • In 24 minutes! MVP! Top 3 player in the NBA along with Durant and LeBron. This team is going to the finals and they will run right through the Celtics too Mark my words.

  • 23 Minutes 24 Points ! What i expect is to elevate in Playoffs... He is hot ,motherfuckers..

  • Play 35 minutes man...score 50+ points in all those series..u can...destroy them..stay in history for ever.

    • Better not to risk injury though. Game was over, he wiped them in 23 mins and he's like "NEEEEEXT"

  • He is mvp and best player in the league it’s not a debate he can do it all and when he hit his jumpers he’s unguardable 🐐💯

  • He stole the ball from three points line on defense area and he did just ONE tribble before he dunked the ball from the other side! NO ONE ELSE can do that!

  • If Giannis can shoot, he'll go down as the Greatest basketball player of all time.

    • The most complete player ever, yes.The GOAT? Time will tell, but he is on a very good path towards becoming the one.

  • Andre just did the gay pushing. Good for him.

  • MVP

  • Giannis straight up turned the Bad Boys into the Hardy Boys.

  • Mvp

  • Giannis the Greek God he is warned us the bucks have arrived and we laughed! Welp I must say after that space jam free throw shit he just pulled the bucks most definitely have arrived!

  • This is what I’m scared of for the warriors fuck this dude is good

  • Brook and Giannis just made Drummond looks like a G-Leaguer. Drummond finished the worst real-plus minus in playoff history with -45.

  • And wouldn't you know right ... sweep in coming

  • air

  • Παμε ρε αλανι

  • Pistons are trash without Blake on the floor.

  • Drummond waved off giannis three just for it to hit nothing but the bottom of the net 😂

  • I pray Giannis never develops a 3 point shot…..I love seeing him bully every around the basket

  • If the Pistons were gonna play like that they should have let the Heat get that 8th spot


  • Wheres blake

  • Greek Freak is a different dude lol

  • 4:46 you tryna be Wilt Chamberlain?

  • Giannis needs that Wilt Mentality. He needs to drop 50pts, 20reb and 5 blocks on the piston from now on and sweep them

  • Giannis Antentokoumpo John Adedokombo

  • Adedokombo. What a beautiful last name

  • This negro Giannis showed mercy. He could have put his Nigerian balls on every piston player. Dudes unguardable. Anyways, Giannis should join the 76ers

  • He could have had 30 if made the free throws...Great game though!

  • Omggg ain’t seen nothing like this in a while

  • 2:34 when zaza just gave up injuring players

  • It would be an embarrassment to the League if GIANNIS doesn't get MVP👑

  • Uh oh

  • From a Freak to a Demigod now.