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Hi Beautiful! Man weaves are the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. It's unbelievable the things extremely talented barbers can do with a balding head.



  • Now all the last guy needs is a nap.

  • Aren’t these just toupees?

  • Wait..... ur gay? 😜

  • Lotta ads bro. If you loved your viewers you'd pull through for us a little.

  • Honestly the BEST hair artist I know went to barber school. She lived like 3hrs away but would come down and do like all my family's hair. Sad for me, but awesome for her she had be doing Dolly Parton's wigs now and then. One day Dolly hired her full time. Hair always amazes me and just in the past 30yrs how much has changed! Thank you for another awesome video gooogeous!!!! XOXOXOX

  • I feel like the guy that got the dread weave would have a stinky ass scalp when he took that thing off coz that was NOT breathable at alllll

  • 10:10 Brad out loud: YES DADDDY! to himself: woah tone it down, brad.. Brad out loud: Its kinda nice..

  • It's a MAN 🗣 weave

  • Can we talk about the man in the back playing with the little girls hair? Awww

  • I find this so fascinating!!

  • I feel bad for these people cuz they loook 10x better with hair and that’s gonna suck when they have to get it taken off 😂😂

  • In LOVE! 😍

  • 😮😮 WHEN YOU SAID "YOU CAN JUST TRIM IT UP LIKE A BUSH"🤣👏🤣👏🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 OMG👏👏👏👏👏❤️❣️❣️

  • The dread weave is fvcking ridiculously well done 😱 it looks so dann real, holy moly

  • So happy for all of the clients in the video 💕 hair is definitely the crown of the head!

  • Okkk I see you cosmo and wanda 👀

  • I wish I could meet you in person. I need to learn how to live my extra life. I am about to color my hair for my first time and I am going full head rose gold/coral

  • The last dude just looks scary

  • the last one looked like ramen a little bit

  • Okay but legit can you please have (at least a collab with) a runway fashion show and design some amazing man weave looks. Please, I am actually begging. It would be such a mood. I would so pay money to see a glimpse of heaven whilst still on Earth. ✨✨✨✨

  • Boy, that hat & that hoodie from the intro. Ima cop em.

  • Dude I’m crying AdrinTheBarber is my uncle

  • It’s not plastic it’s the weave glue. When it starts to dry it looks like that.

  • Brad, look at the middle eastern barbers that wax guys faces for their weddings!!

  • they all have the same look ... a stupid face , a stupid voice ...... its a wahman in a dues body ............. mental illness

  • mental illness at it finest over here .... so useless ... people like this are useless as hell .. weak .... people like this will nbever protect the others .... they'll only suck on everything and ask for special treatments ... i feel bad for any dad having a son like this ..... i would throw him out and make an other one .

  • His intros are the worst

  • You NEED to review hand tied hair extensions !

  • Al Def is another Diverse funny channel, love them . You should check them out brand if you like skillz

  • lmfao this is like GTA ,going to the barber bald n then boom full head of hair

  • Most blacks have resting “I’m gunna kill you” face


  • You’re so positive- you give me life 🤣

  • The glue what it looks like he’s using is called Ghost bond that stuff is serious I can go to six flags and not worry about my wig flying off during the ride 💨😂and it’s a remover that’s made for it by the same brand

  • My sister does frontals for woman and men and it always amazes me how real they look. A lot of woman get them for alopecia. It’s such a rewarding thing and one of her favorites to do.

  • It makes my realy happy when brad says we all are beautiful

  • I really fucking need you to be my best friend lol. I absolutely love you. My mom is a hairdresser so my whole life I was raised learning about hair and experimenting on my own with her supervision. I ended up doing pretty well and do my friends hair if they ever want it done. I enjoy it and makeup so much. I went to hair school for a short time in high school (they offered it there as an elective which was amazing), however, my teacher was honestly mean and boring and racist. I learned so much more from my mom. I sometimes think of being a hairdresser professionally after going to school again but honestly, I’m afraid to disappoint a client, which is why I only do my friends and explain to them everything we are doing and every possibility for their hair. I’d love to show you all of the hair I’ve ever done at home. I’ve learned by pushing the limits on my own hair and it’s just something I love so much. Anyways, rant over. I love you so much and every time I watch you I can’t stop smiling and laughing. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Brad, realizing the versatility of weaves: *omg* Black women: “Welcome”

  • where do you work cus I got to go to you to get my hair dyed some crazy color

  • I love watching really good barbers work they can donsome amazing stuff! I can't wait for the day I see a video on world start of some dudes getting in a fight and one dude just snatches a weave 😂

  • That moment when you hit your hard gauge, can relate

  • "I'm gonna be weaving for days, just in and out in and out." ~Brad Mondo 2019

  • The spray painting thing is usually done to give men (usually men of color) a better and sharper round up (hairline) when the go to the barber

  • Brad should totally react to dread loc extensions!

  • I love your hoodie so much. Where did you get it @BradMondo? I would love to get one

  • I'm feeling Patrick star or Cosmo and Wanda vibes from this outfit

  • You should do like a client swap!!! So you test your barbering skills, and he tests his hairdressing skills! 👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼

  • I love this!!!

  • "I can feeel it in my vains." Lollol

  • Brads mannerisms and how he expresses himself remind me of Pewdiepie from time to time.