I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 11 Ιούν 2019
I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...
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  • haha grape

  • Loved th bo burnham kanya rant reference

  • grape needs *chocolate milk*

  • Adam looks like stoned Harry Potter

  • Oh boy I love me some God's Cylinders

  • Adam: i never got my chocolate milk :c

  • Lol I love how his sweater changes words

  • 6:36 adam: "cold as hell" *_theres a discrepancy here_*

  • What Will you do if you have 1 Millions dollars? Something else: I probably suck a d-


  • haha you are a machicast

  • I knew there was something wrong with your jaw not trying to be rude

  • i went under general and had all 4 wisdom teeth removed, so I had a verrrrry mini version of this. You could have warmed up the tomato soup a little! It just wasn't meant to be conventionally hot.

  • This is one of the first videos I watched of you and your funny af😂 I subscribed and belled now I will binge your videos🥴

  • Me:Awww Adam::NO NO NO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  • Somthingelses brother: _drops spoon in soup_ Also somethingelses brother: *why do i hear boss music*

  • "like that smash button"

  • 2:24 like the smash botton.

  • Oh my gosh my food is mostly my life

  • Ok is it just me or does Ada m look like Markiplier and Tony Stark put together?

  • I don't think he realized that he said like that smash button at 12:24

  • why didnt you have smoothies while your jaw was wired shut?

  • Don't forget to like that smash button

  • When you make plans on the weekend but your parents stops you 4:02

  • did... did u just say like that smash button...

  • Did he say”Like that smash button” ? 12:26

  • me: *is supposed to have summer vacation* school: you will stay 3 weeks more me: 4:03

  • I watched this video a few days ago and I have been thinking about the “hey what’s that?” Part and keep re watching it sksnsns

  • y u hate tomato soup😡

  • me: what would you do for a million dollars? adam: suck a di- me: ok were done.

  • as someone with a fucked jaw (it's uneven like tyler posey) i feel this

  • If u not grape u r............ AVOCADO 👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Remember to *Like That Smash Button*

  • Ryan Reynolds: i hate green lantern but i like deadpool

  • You uploaded this on my moms birthday

  • I have a crooked back, we must be related :D

  • 6:05 he cursed

  • I couldn’t stop laughing at this oml

  • Kanyeeeeee

  • ᕼIᗰ EᗩTIᑎG TᕼᗩT ᗷᑌᖇᖇITO Iᔕ TᕼE ᗰOᔕT ᑭᑌᖇE TᕼIᑎG Oᑎ YOᑌTᑌᗷE.

  • I love when he fights the demonitization button


  • I hate food

  • I've been meaning to watch this video

  • Asmr fans be like 💦😫💓

  • His voice sounds like the buffest blackest man in the world. I love it.

  • I feel bad. because my brother fell in a hole and broke his arm or leg BY A HOLE

  • Tbh. You look like blixer from Just Shapes & Beats. .w.

  • I had headgear for a year and basically could on move my mouth up and down. I now have such bad lock jaw that most of the time I can't eat or open my mouth wide at all. Seriously it's been locked for like a week straight. It sucks. It's painful. It makes me insecure about my mouth overall.

  • Why is this in my recomended????

  • Yaasss blowing bubbles is definitely something I do regularly!🤣♥️


  • NOT THIS TIME MOTHER Fu...........

  • Same me too

  • My baby sister eats more than me ._. Also my nose is always stuffed and I would suffocate ._.

  • i went on a 3 month liquid diet. *am i a joke to you?* one time my mouth watered from looking at a vEGEMITE SANDWICH


  • i like having a minor case of cystic fibrosis

  • Grape

  • What helped Adam was to watch food porn😂😂🤣🤣

  • Aww I want jaw surgery too

  • That’s a oof.


  • 12:23 Adam: Anyways, don’t forget to uh.. like that smash button, and uh.. ahem stay hydrated. Me: Adam’s going places. Like if your staying hydrated! XD

  • That's what you really look like!?!?!

  • Why the heck did this get dislikes? 🙃

  • I need chocolate milk merch

  • You look and sound lile markiplier in this vid lol

  • I never realized how funny this guy is

  • LMFAO weenie hut general i get it 😊

  • Must’ve been quite a task for someone of your... Talkative nature.

  • People: AWWWWWW Adam: No no none of that shut up SHUT THE **** ... GET DEMONITISED 😈😈😈

  • two months ago i had ependix removal and now my stomach and physical activities are much easier than before

  • Awww his swollen face was kinda cute

  • I’d commit mass murder for pepsi

  • No no shut up shut fu- not this time mother-bleeeep

  • Tomato soup is so good like It is

  • Loving the new style!!

  • "like that smash button" 12:24

  • I kind of know how it feels I split my lip open and had to drink the boosted drinks go a week

  • Eat melted ice cream

  • 1:27 tho...

  • I was eating your favorite food while watching this _Bananas_ GET REEEEEEEKT jk I feel sorry for you. NO I DONT

  • Bruh I’m gonna have to get jaw surgery in 5 years cause I have the same problem you had But luckily they changed it so they only wire it shut for the surgery Even though I’ll still have to have a rubber band around my jaw that I can remove when I eat AND still have to go through the liquid diet thing Wish me luck if you see this comment 5 years from now

  • Adam eats some soup I try to eat some Adam:I'm gon na eat you!!! Me:aah

  • who else searched up people eating tomatoe soup after this video lol

  • Aww his face


  • Chocolate milk MY LIFE

  • Speak up! My volume is up all the way on my phone and I can barely hear you

  • Love you Adam I'm sorry I'd feel the same way as you I want to be a you tube.

  • *adam i sorry to say but you watch to much vore*

  • 1:33 DEMONiTATIon

  • My jaw was almost broken by a bigot....so long story short I have been put on a liquid diet for the last 3 weeks so I get it but oh God the next 3 weeks might be the end of me.

  • Why am I satisfied at the mouth movements?

  • ղօҍօժվ: ղօե ɑ ʂơųɩ: ŋơცơɖყ ŋơɬ ɛ۷ɛŋ ɬɧąŋơʂ: Ąɖąɱ: ᗷIᑭᑭITY ᗷOᑭᑭITY- ᗩᕼᕼᕼᕼᕼ! ᕼᗩᐯE ᗰEᖇᑕY I YEIᒪᗪ I YEIᒪᗪ!

  • I know the pain, had my jaw broken. Boosted drinks suck. Though I couldn’t do soup at first, had to eat blended baby food first. After the 2nd month I got desperate, blended a chic-fil-a TIL it was the same a baby food...fuck nothing so vile tasted so good.

  • 0:06 the best questions ever start with this

  • He's a raging bull in a good way

  • I love myself no matter what and this is so funny tho