I Tried the Viral Exploding Nail Polish Remover and OMG (DO NOT BUY)

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 10 Αύγ 2019
"I have never been terrified of nail polish in my life until now"
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  • 👀👀👀

  • You guys remember The scene in stranger things where the rats Kinda "exploded" ? ....this "nail polish remover" looks just like them.

  • Anyone else see the purple nail polish start smoking after the explosion...

  • When I first saw this on fb I thought it was just paint stripper in a nail polish bottle. Just the consistency and the way it eats at the polish is very similar!

  • I thought this girl was irrelevant

  • my father has tested with paint stripper it is the same throw it away

  • i had headphones on and when she screamed she scared the sh** out of me 💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • This is the first video I seen by you and I was instantly like “that nail polish collection looks like a nail place”

  • *thats my brain when I watch troom troom*

  • "No injury" just possible death

  • You should do some alien nail art next 👽 maybe on Ben

  • That stuff totally reminds me of the gel stripper I often used to remove paint, polyurethane, and varnish off of woodwork, and gel stripper is highly toxic. It is also a permanent blinding hazard if people get it in their eyes, and it causes severe burns to exposed skin. It even eats through tiny weak spots in heavy duty rubber gloves after a few days of use, and then burns the skin underneath, while the gloves still look normal on the surface. I think someone needs to call the Feds on these Chinese companies and get that stuff off of the market if an ingredients evaluation confirms what many of us are thinking... Another GREAT video, for the win!!! The part where you scream like a little girl after the alien nail polish remover jumps under its own power is PRICELESS! Immediately wanting to set up the same test again to see what happens gave me all the great feels, because that is exactly what my friends and family and I would totally want to do, also.

  • 12:40 You’re welcome

  • Imagine if just in another 5 minutes the skin peels off and still we dont know the ingredents?

  • No offense here at all to her, but does her smile remind anyone else of idubbz?

  • Christine: it’s clear to say that- me: you’re a psychopath

  • 3:55 Antonio Garza who?

  • omg the relief that washed over me when you said you used swatches and not your actual nails

  • She already has 7 mil subs,no I wasn't gonna subscribe....but what the hell, what's one more😅

  • When you were 17 I was 0

  • You shouldn’t have said they don’t pay me enough to do that, that makes you sound like your just doing GR-tv for the money. You make awesome videos and I love them but saying something like that could lose subs..😨😨😨😨

  • They like stranger things?! She should have Noah schnapp do her nails 😂😂 he has a yt channel

  • you shud test that on a car rim to test your teriy?????????!!!!!

  • Horror movie worthy scream 15:59. omg that scared me cause i was just listening, not really watching and had to rewind the video lol

  • Poor Ben you need to run I feel bad XD

  • buy this product and give it to your enime. They will be shook

  • I was so happy she was testing only on swatch sticks. But then she tested on poor Ben and I was not as happy. I am very glad you pointed out that the lack of an ingredient list is very suspicious and even went as far as contacting the manufacturers to acquire one. :)

  • I bought one from laqued and I've used it many times. Ingredients are listed on their website

  • That ridge filler is a new Holo Taco product isn't it

  • 12:50 do you think my nails are going to fall off? (while waiting for result on few nails)

  • CHRISTINE YOU NEED THE NEW SAMSUNG PHONE ITS HOLO💿📀 Edit:I barely know anything about android phones but I saw a video of this phone recommended to me on GR-tv thas why I know bout it I hope u get it💕💕

  • Take it to a lab with the cart paint stripers and verify the ingredients and see if matches!!!???

  • you should make a video of you making a bunch of peel offs 🤩 like if you agree:)

  • Wait... What if you did this on polish mountain??💅⛰️

  • I used the product you used as a teen to remove the car paint last week and it sure does look like what it does to the nails lmao

  • No list of your ingredients smells like the paint stripper from you dads car business....ya pretty sure its illegal and dangerous!! But ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  • Hi simply what is your favorite way to make overnight oats ?? And love you 😍😍😍

  • I bought this through Wish, and had similar results *unresults* with regular polish. Now that I've watched your video, I will be tossing the remainder of the bottle. I've learned my lesson. NO COSMETIC PRODUCTS are safe if you buy them from Wish. (this includes an "IT Cosmetics' loose powder that made my eyes burn. FAKE

  • Literally died when she brought out her peels bag 😂

  • I love how you can tell the youtuber by their nails

  • your jaw is so fucking strong, like disney male hero levels of strong, your jaw is wider than your fuckin cheek bones and it might even by wider than your forehead even jesus christ I wish I had a jawline like that. face a solid rectangle like a prize fighter hey for real though stop smiling like that it looks really fuckin bad your looks aside, your content is shit, kill yourself dumbass

  • left a like for our fallen soldier Ben 😔 🙏

  • It looks so nasty🤢🤢😭😭😭

  • When you say top coat I hear Taco 🌮

  • The nail polish moved because the inside wasn’t dry and the top was. But oml that was scary 😂😂😭

  • I was 3 in 2005 and I’m 17 next week 😂

  • Did his nails get hot? You know chemical reaction?

  • Damn your cat is cute

  • nice teddy bear had ben

  • I love you Christine... But you keeping old, dirty, peeled off nail varnish is kinda gross. It’s like a middle age woman hoarding something... Just with you you’re young and you happen to choose to hoard the nail varnish you peel off every time!!

  • gr-tv.com/tv/%CE%B2%CE%AF%CE%BD%CF%84%CE%B5%CE%BF--fH0Y8sp3Kw.html

  • Try 5 minute crafts nail hacks! 😂

  • Gee, a product from China that isn't safe. Imagine that. 🙄

  • Isnt it illegal not to list the ingredients?

  • Do the nail polish mountain then use the remover on them! Btw love your videos they make me smile when I have bad days, your my favourite youtuber ever even tho I'm not into nail art your videos are enjoyable too watch unlike other nail art channels x

  • 16:03 the nail polish be like bye felisha

  • I want to see what happens if you put this on a Polish Mountain!

  • This vid is the best video u have ever made im just 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • 15:59 RIP my headphones 😂😭

  • That is making me itch so much...

  • this should be a shane dawson video.

  • Ben you're a true hero

  • Im gonna buy this then sue them because it’s illegal to sell a product without the ingredients on it

  • I want a taco rn ;-; 🌮

  • I havent even heard of this and IDGAF

  • Now that you have 5 more bottles of it; try to use it on car paint. Will this supposedly strip the paint off like how you remember it?

  • You should do “trying to do nail art without the sound and of the video “

  • you need to make a peel-off base coat for holo taco

  • Christine you cannot hide the fact that I just saw a glossy holo taco being used🧐

  • *Yee*

  • PLEASE put the nail polish remover ON REAL paint to see if it works the same

  • Okay, I’m no scientist, but I know a thing or two about chemicals/ingredients. I’ve had to read ingrident labels practically my whole life because of a disease called celiac. ;/ anyways, my mom was also a huge safety good food freak. Anyways, basically any form of resin, which I saw in the video is EXTREMELY TOXIC! It’s used in the craft industry, and while using it during clay/charm crafts you HAVE to use a MASK! Collegen is actually really good for people, but I’m actually allergic to it. Last, this is just a tip from a girl who’s been reading labels her whole life, if you can’t pronounce it, it’s probably not good for you, however sometimes there are natural ingridents that are hard to pronounce. If the ingrident used in it is used in harmful products, that are used in chemical warehouses, or cars, etc. DONT GET IT! Anyways thanks for reading 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • i grew up around paint stipper as well as my parents are antique restorers. the stuff they used was liquid but it was nasty stuff and i would NOT want that on my nails

  • Cristine !!!! There is another GR-tv channel that troom troom made called woohoo you need to try it out

  • omg when she was saying top coat i heard taco and was so confused aha

  • Why was my mom watching you on my account? *B r u h*

  • It's *T H I C C*

  • She is cute!

  • Maybe it only works on real nails

  • Even simpler life rule: Never put anything from China on or in your body. **Clothing is probably okay after it has been washed five times and resized to fit a normal human instead of a lilliputian Chinese person. Of course it will fall apart on the second wash (if not the first) so this is likely a pointless disclaimer.