I Tried Unique Japanese Vending Machines In Tokyo

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 6 Ιούλ 2019
So we traveled to East Asia to film a six-part series about beauty, style, and shopping and we’re kicking it off with a tour of some of Tokyo's most interesting vending machines! Japan has a TON of vending machines that you can purchase a variety of goods from, and we visited 4 different machines all over the city to investigate some of the strange ones we had heard about. We got some canned bread, hornet larva, spicy snacks, hot soup in a can, and mystery box items from a ~creepy~ vending machine corner!
A huge thanks to RinRin for helping us! You can check her out here:
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  • HELLO FRIENDS!! happy friday! here is part ONE of our asia series, we had so much fun roaming around the city finding these vending machines and i hope you enjoy it as well! which machine was your favorite?? xoxo, saf

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  • Why do I feel like Rin Rin lied about her allergy cause she was really disgusted by the larva

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  • tyler: dying from one bite saf, a half indian: takes another bite and is completely okay

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  • Low key sad they didn’t hook up with Simon and Martina from eat your sushi too. I think they would’ve gotten along well

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  • When the food on the label actually looks like the food inside the container God bless Japan

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  • I was literally drinking the melon soda in the vending machine at 23:33 as I was watching this video

  • The hot and cold coffee and tea cans were great, but my favorite machines were full of frozen treats which included small serving sized non-dairy fruit flavored treats for only 2 dollars! None of the machines we saw had cat purses, or I would have one now. I loved Japan so much and know that I would definitely go back in a heart beat. :)

  • No cap, Carolina reaper isn't spicy, nor does it taste good, sooo 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • *I like your documentary*

  • someone needs to make a japanese vending machine app that lets tourists know where all rhe vending machines are in japan and have it organized in a way to help them find whatever they feel like eatinn or buying such as hot ramen 😻

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  • I once actually pulled a Rinrin and licked a Jalepeno xD

  • The Icecream is a much better idea XD

  • Any other New Englanders quirk an eyebrow and yell "Brown bread in a can!" at their screen?

  • Kichijoji!! I wish you visited Simon and Martina while you were there!

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  • Since you do so many experiments I want to see if you can do a larp and tell us your experience

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  • How do you get Japanese money? I’m from America and I wanna go to Japan one day.

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  • Brown bread comes in a can, and is amazing warmed up, with butter. One should be able to find that in many grocery stores. With or without raisins. I prefer without.

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  • They should do a video of meals out of vending machines for the day

  • RinRin is so cute oml

  • Japan has so many vending machines because they don’t have much land space for so many shops and with an ageing population it’s easier to employ one person to collect the cash from who knows how many machines instead of a team of people to run one store. It also saves on rent because they don’t have an actual shop unit to rent out

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  • I kinda just found your channel because of escape the night season 3 (You were my favourite and most helpful I hated it when you died so I searched you up) And can I just say (not in any offence) you give me buzzfeed vibes, or like maybe I've seen you on buzzfeed idk lol.