IF GIRLS ACTED LIKE BOYS || Weird comedy by 5-Minute FUN

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 9 Σεπ 2019
How weird would it be if girls acted like boys?
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Which one of those comedy situations is the funniest?
0:12 When a guy look in a mirror
0:25 Watching the game together
0:32 To say hello as a BRO
0:39 To get in the balls
0:56 Trying to do the laundry
1:14 Feeling comfortable without T-short
1:32 Not being afraid of spiders
1:37 Having problems tie up
1:53 To put too many things in the pockets
2:07 To flirt with strangers
2:14 Feeling the need to be better than anyone in video games
2:40 Do IKEA without instruction
2:58 To not pay attention when someone is talking
3:15 Do you want the video “If boys acted like girls?”
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Do you want us to do the video “If boys acted like girls?”
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