James Charles & Tati DRAMA Explained!

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OMG the tea is THE HOTTEST it's EVER BEEN!!
Did James Charles just lose over 2 million subscribers!? We’ll tell you what’s going on and tell you why Jeffree Star just called James a “danger to society”. On April 22nd, James took to his insta story to promote Sugar Bear Hair Care vitamins which, as some of you may know, is a direct competitor to Tati Westbrook’s Halo Beauty vitamins. Tati posted a video on GR-tv on Friday that may have been the final blow to James career titled, “Bye Sisters.” It seems people are coming out to back up these stories. In a now deleted tweet, Jeffree Star said, “There is a reason that Nathan banned James Charles from ever coming over to our home again, There's a reason why I haven't seen him since @GlamLifeGuru's birthday in February. He is a danger to society. Everything Tati said is 100% true."" This whole thing has been a major hit to James as his subscriber count dropped drastically.
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Written by Amanda Holland
Edited by Celene Ramadan

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  • Homosexuality is a sin, do you see why yet?

  • You're a great reporter gurl 😘😘😘

  • Move on people life is to short

  • Tati mind be like "OMG James Charles is advertising some other vitamin I’m gonna cry and make some crazy internet drama shit”Jeffree star be like “omg James has more subs than me let me say he is a danger to society so I get more subscribers and be more famous”

  • hu r these people

  • didn’t even know tati was a person until this drama.

  • I just found out there's a beauty community

  • some guy : what's your sexual orientation? james : i'm *_celebrity_*

  • Um...over vitamins?

  • I think I was the only one not subscribed to him 😂😂

  • Jake Paul: 5 mill in 6 months never done before James Charles: -2Mill in 1 week never done before

  • Non sense feud

  • So this is a drama now huh? Smh🙄🤔🤦‍♂

  • I came here to understand the memes i knew this was not going to be good but man... This is reeeeee

  • its an unfortunate case of sexual harassment. with celebrity and with no celebrity comes responsibility. sexual harassment is never ok.

  • James played the biggest uno switch card EVER

  • After seeing this I’m unfollowing

  • Idc what he did james is everything to me and once ur a sister ur always a sister and if people wanna come at me go ahead because sarcasm comes from my mouth like stupid comes from urs I'm not gonna unsubscribe to him just because of a mistake boo hoo idc I'm always gonna be a sister and that's never gonna change

    • Ok but no one asked and it's probably because no one gives a shit

  • James is a great person

  • I didn’t even know Tati existed till this 💀 💀 💀

  • Who is here from tfue's drama?

  • What happened to the sister squad???

  • Never was

  • Was I the only one who did not know what was going on until I watched this video?

  • James just released a huge Uno reverse card on Tati

  • What's wrong

  • No, just checked and the subscription is at 15.1 million.

  • Lol. That's ok Batwoman is "coming" out soon. Bat Sister!

  • teagivce me a shput out

  • through the shade

  • Damm, tea spilt.

  • Soooooo james is basically a narcissistic sexual predator?

  • Guess what he got the 2 mil subs in 1 week

  • So your telling me all this happened bc of some vitamin gummies ppl need help nowadays

  • James is gay?

  • Damn all of this over some vitamins, Tati petty as hell PERIODT💯💯 i’m still subscribe to James Charles I don’t care what anyone says

  • Now this makes sense........ Huh??

  • Never thought i would be agreeing with anything Jeffrey star has to say...but in this case, i too think james Charles is a danger. Something in my gut tells me that kid is not ok. My intuition has never led me astray so i believe it. Although i DO think tati did this out of spite for the vitamin thing...had that not happened she probably wouldnt have ever exposed ever him.

    • you stilling living in the past ? Jeffree star apologised because he is a hateful little bitch . and So is tati, they almost destroyed a boys career.

  • Im not big on the makeup scene, but a lot of people at my school love makeup, and have mentioned the drama happening with James Charles... After looking into the details, I see that James is in the wrong here. Idc about “betrayal” or whatever, I’m looking at the predator side. It is not cool to push homosexuality on straight people, and I feel like this happens all the time this day in age. The loss of subscribers was obviously not because of him betraying Tati, but because of his behavior towards straight men. Let that be clear.

    • +N8IV the waiter himself texted james he was bi. The waiter even made a video. Everything was consensual. Go and hear his side please and thank you 😊

    • +N8IV Nope, you should really watch james latest video and how he exposes there lying ass

    • +Mille Liza Bicurious, I believe, that's fine.. But what he said after he stated he was straight, was unacceptable

    • No honey the waiter he flirted with was bi.

  • F james

  • That's why a boy must not touching a Girl Things

  • Who else never even subscribed to James Charles 👇

  • this is sooooo much drama for nothing!!! of course im still subscribed to james charles.... this is actual bullsh*t

  • Ha Ha, I love it.

  • Vitamins you have to be kidding me

  • Look guys james charles is 19 years old everyone make mistaks

  • Why are they considered part of the beauty community? They look like a cross between an imbred frog and a retarded mannequin.

  • Id like james charles # sorry

  • Yes I am subscribed to James Charles people should give him a second chance

  • why are people wanting to know the drama in other people story? why the world we need this?😐😐🤔🤔

  • My friend called me a danger to society once but then I gave him a chocolate and immediately said that I was no longer a danger to society. In total I was a danger to society for like 2 seconds

  • I am still scribed to James Charles

  • Just because of flintstone vitamin gummies.

  • Y was i laughing is james a SAVAGE

  • all this over sum vitamins...

  • I'm sorry, but I still don't understand what the drama is about. Yeah, I do get why James would get mad about splitting up with a supposedly 'hawt' waiter that he met from the John Howie thing but what's the drama between James and Tati?

  • CAN AWESOMENESS TV STOP BEING BANWAGONS!!! U guys r making this situation so much bigger than it has to be. I’m sure both Tati and James r stressed u guys making this vid is f helping ANYONE. Stop being rude btw I unsubscribed


  • Honestly, I have never ever heard of James Charles until a few days ago

  • She should be glad that he is even using them

  • I didn’t even know who he was until the drama started 😂 no I will not be subscribing

  • Yes

  • The old bitch is mad cuz he promoted a different vitamin ? Grow up woman

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i am NOT subscribed. OF corse not!

  • I just subscribed him

  • F*ck Jeffree Starr that Crack Zombie, Tati is Transgendered and Jamea Charles is a Meth Baby with an IEP


  • Being a 'mother' to someone means forgiving the kid when he does something wrong, like endorsing another vitamin (he didn't kill your dog). She went after him in a big way for it, after he apologized. That kind of sexual harassment allegation destroys people career. She had to have known.

  • I nevered subbed to him,hate guys that do those kinda stuff

  • Who is Boi? I don't care Why is this happening? I don't really give a shit

  • This is stupid plain stupid fuckit😂

  • This is what happens people who aren't true thick-and-thin friends get too buddy buddy. Sure, it's years and years of "good times". But *ONE* perceived slight and suddenly that person airing out your entire life on social media to ruin you and taint your reputation for good. lmao wtf What a stupid situation.

  • The epitome of why important societal issues don't get solved.

  • What a great, comprehensive job you did telling this story. I've been trying to get the details and people like Jeffree Star just talk endlessly without ever saying what happened. I will say tho that guys unfairly pull the "straight card" when they regret agreeing to hook up with gay guys. How different would this be if James were a 19 year old guy persuing female fans? Double standard.

  • james' fans are too much drama ew

  • But why is Tati upset at James for sponsoring sugar bear hair vitamins. Ik that sugar bear hair vitamins are the direct competitor of tatis halo beauty hair, skin and nails booster, but that does not mean that she can start crying on her channel because james is not sponsoring her vitamins. He can sponsor any vitamins he likes. Tati is not a real friend because she wants james to sponsor her vitamins. He does not need to if he dont want to. james should not be loosing subs like that.

  • James Charles is still a young adult he is is still learning so DONT GREAKING HATE

  • After watching this video I still don’t care.

  • I wasn't subscribing him , but I'm now and I hope he gets better and gets back , because all the sexual stuff is personal And when you are a celebrity people expose your personal (everything) ..!! And that's annoying , I dont care if there is some beauty battle in the matter , " humanity is still humanity " and no one deserves to be treated like that online or in real life , not to mention attempting to ruin their career 😿💔

  • never was subbed to him

  • Lol they both a danger to society

  • Me: I have to give a shout-out to my homie from my childhood, Flintstones Gummy Vitimins Tati: Your punishment will be decided by the council.

  • As a holosexual, I’ve gotta go with Tati. Out of all the booty gurus though, gotta’ go with the nail booty guru, Simply Cristine.

  • yay another sexual predator!

  • Yes I am sucribed to James Charles and I always will be I love him even though a lot has happened but anything that does happen I'll still be a subscriber always you could hate on me if you want I don't care it doesn't hurt

  • I really dont know what is happening until I watch this

  • Tati: *steals thanos gonlet* James: .... Tati: *snaps fingers and James subscribers go away* James: *Depressed.*


  • I eat sugarbearhair because it's good (I don't know if I spelt it right)

  • is it bad that i still don’t understand what’s going on

  • I am a male that has no interest/ care for anything that happens in the beauty community; following drama that was caused by pills.

  • So you DM a gay dude, accept an invite to his hotel room and start hardcore making out...and you're like "nah I think I'm straight.." you're not straight lol.

  • At no point in her rambling did I get a educated opinion. I feel stupider for watching this about a james dude. May god have mercy on your soul 😂😂😂

  • Am I the only one not giving a shit?

  • I thought it was serious My head hurts

  • Who cares! Gat something real and important to worry about 🤨

  • I lost even more brain cells...

  • 0:4 bitch please 3M

  • 🦄

  • Ya same!