Jessica Reynoso - Sing Along (Official Video)

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 20 Απρ 2015
Subscribe to Jessica: - Video animated by Vivienne Medrano: (P) 2015 BMBX Entertainment, under license to Warner Music Singapore.


  • Love this 😉

  • came for vivzi stayed for the music returned for them both

  • Wow Viv helped me discover this song! I'm not complaining

  • Guys, it was probably reuploaded for copyright reasons.

  • I love Vivzie Pop and her art style. It's amazing

  • How did her lipstick not come off when she was in the water

  • ahg i remember when this first came out.

  • I thought it was vivzie ;w;


  • What a beautiful song

  • Two of the characters look like Charlie and Vaggie

  • 4th grade memories

  • When I heard VivziePop, I almost ran through the wall..

  • We all know it was our Queen Vizzie

  • *It’s pretty obvious if, Vivziepop animates these things. Her art style.. is so unique.. THATS WHY EVERYONE CAN TELL ITS ANIMATED VIVZIEPOP !!*

  • Heh cute

  • And the animator being vivsiepop

  • The nostalgia hit me harder than I hit that juul

  • Стиль Vizivepop

  • it's great and beautiful! LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!

  • Beautiful song

  • That is *n o t* how hair physics works when you go in a pool... *it comes out like a nightmare once you're done*

  • This is not your video you stole this

    • They stole nothing, she was paid to make this and credit was given to her.

  • Awsome

  • Lol Timber did u steal her headphones? Btw timber is an animation made by Vivziepop, check it out its amazing :)

  • Subscribe to everyone but who did all the art? Like uh *_rude_*

  • It's not the music video, it's a animation by vivzie pop :P

  • I love this

  • Vivienne draw that

  • My g

  • Disney needs to hire u

  • *Loving that CREDIT to Vivziepop*

  • Lalala loving this vid!


  • Hum... ❤️

  • This is a animatic :0

  • Viziepop your the best animater Like ever I love your vids

  • 👍👍👍👍👍

  • this has to be vizzepop!

  • this art looks like its from viziepop i wonder why its not on her channel

  • Is seriously thought this was Vivziepop Edit:oh I read the description

  • 👍👍👍

  • Lalalaloving this song

  • 그리느라힘드시겠어요~! 한국인이지만이맘을전하고싶네요 힘내세요!더욱만은영상을올려주세요!

  • One of the extras looks like Charlie.

  • 0:29 My brother thought it said the boys in the bathroom never go poop IM DED 😂😂😂

  • What a great song

  • Telling by the font saying ' la la la lovin this life ' I know it's vizziepop because she uses this font and colour! Or it might just be me.. :P :D

  • So so.

  • It's like Vievizpop's style ._.


  • yes con animatic of vivziepop

  • Congrats viv

  • I'm so late!! But I just realized this was made on my birthday! :')

  • 2018? That amazing!


  • this uploaded on my birthday

  • Oh my god this song is so beautiful I could cry, I completely LOVE IT!💖

  • For half of this Video, I thought this was Vivziepop's channel and was really confused when I saw that I wasn't subscribed.

  • 50% of the Comments are about the animator[Viziepop the lovely animator]. 30% asking who is the animator. 20% actually talk about the amazing, cute, upbeat song.