Joaquin Phoenix and Jimmy Fallon Trade Places

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 5 Οκτ 2019
Joaquin Phoenix confirms a little-known fact about what movie he’s seen more than any other in his life and then trades places with Jimmy.
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Joaquin Phoenix and Jimmy Fallon Trade Places


  • Anyone else wishes he shot Jimmy on the face just like Arthur did Murray?

  • Imagine joaquin phoneix and jeff bridges in a movie

  • Joaquin - you're a bad man jimmy Jimmy - why? Joaquin - because you invented me on your show... to make fun of me.

  • way better than kimmel's

  • All new? Dawg, it's been boring since its current host took reign.

  • I wonder how would Jimmy Kimmel feel after this awesome interview

  • Is this the worst interview ever or is jimmy just high as fuck?

  • Jimmy fallen is such a two faced fake ,kinda like a old weather man at a high school football game on Friday night. go away

  • holy shit this is cringey...

  • What an absolute waste of Joaquins time.

  • It's an epic movie with a message about the struggles of mental illness's and the consequences of not treating them. Ik this ain't the main point of the film but it's what I loved best about it. Just sayin. I think next year for mental health awareness day we should all dress like joker, instead of yellow!

  • Jimmy:you are fantastic in it Joaquin: okey 😂

  • this was really bad

  • The best , i ♡ him

  • I love Signs

  • How many people didnt know Joaquin before this movie?

  • Jimmy you’re a c**t for making this unavailable in my country

  • Everybody joking till Joaquin says knock knock

  • He reminds me of Johnny Galecki.

  • Jimmy Is acting like an asshole

  • Lmaoo what is this Interview!!

  • Check him if he has a gun!

  • Joaquin : Knock knock... Jimmy : VietnamFlashback.mp4

  • He hasn't stepped out of his role in the movie

  • He has the cutest voice ever! Amazing movie iconic

  • I hate Jimmy's left hand's ring finger.

  • This is soo much better then kimmel

  • Joaquin lowkey hates this show

  • It's fun to see how this interview reveals Jimmy's true personality rather than his typical "fake" I-wanna-be-loved-by-everyone persona he uses every other show. Joaquin really creates tension in his interviews and forces hosts to improvise and act out of character... gotta respect him for that

  • I just wanna say that I’m happy for Jimmy still be alive after Joaquin came to him.

  • Yey

  • What a weird unfunny interview

  • Joaquin is a hard interview but he seems so genuine on how he carry himselfall the time

  • Is he drunk?

  • He said, "you guys listen to him!?" Lmao

  • Bro WTF happened in this video what drug Jimmy had omg

  • Even though I don't like Fallon but his interview is MUCH better than Fallon's.

  • why are all comments being deleted about how unprofessionally prepared Jimmy was in this clip?

  • Thanks God Joaquin looks different from the movie, or else I won't be able to watch any of these talkshow after the movie

  • What's up with the awkwardness...?

  • How about another joke Ji-mmay!

  • Joaquin : you are awful Jimmy!! Jimmy : **scared shit out of the world **😂😂😂

  • Joaquin Phoenix doesn't like those talk show things. It bores him every time.

  • this is the most uncomfortable video ive ever seen.. why is jimmy so unprepared...?

  • Jimmy fallon is failing so bad!

  • You are awful Jimmy You brought me here just to Made fun of me

  • that first 4 minutes was just totally useless

  • Joaquin Phoenix deserved the spotlight after playing role as Joker

  • Joaquin Phoenix: Knock-Knock Jimmy Fallon: Chuckles, I’m in danger

  • i wanna see joaquin do mad lib theatre. like just imagine the ridiculous answers he'd come up with 😅

  • its himmy fallon not jimmy fallon

  • Con subtítulos por favor 😞

  • fallons finger doin too much

  • Why is his leg up like that it’s freaking me out

  • Я не понимаю но я смотрю 🤷‍♂️

  • tp lol

  • Jimmy: You said you lost 50 pounds? Joaquin: Did you say 50? No. 15. They didn't pay that much.

  • Joaquim is a funny dude

  • Joaquin Phoenix: "you're awful Jimmy" Jimmy falcon: "Why's that" JP: "You invited me on your show just to make fun of me" JF: .......... JP: ......... JP: "wanna hear a joke?"

  • huge respect to joaquin for not letting jimmy spoil the movie