Joe Bastianich Critiques Italian Dishes | MasterChef Canada | MasterChef World

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 10 Ιούν 2019
The top 4 home cooks are facing their toughest challenge yet, battling to impress guest judge Joe Bastianich!
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  • Judge:Who do you think is going home? "Eric" Eric: Hold My Sadness😪

  • Who the hell hurt Eric's feelings he look so sad.

  • Eric got lucky winning master chef Canada I thought Kayla should’ve won

  • She definatley wasn't going for a medium she just said that cuz she knew it wasn't mid rare

  • 1:15

  • Eric the type of guy to be 10x richer than Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos combined and still look depressed lmao.

  • Kayla's face always seem like someone abou to kill her

  • 08:52 soundtrack?

  • Why the contestants are stronger than the judjes

  • The judges are to soft

  • Iike omg u guys are nothing like Gordon Ramsay’s level of toughness

  • I like joe. His being nice here.. ahahaha

  • Stop hating on Kayla’s face. It’s honestly very rude.

  • are things really that cheap in the US? a simple pasta over here in Singapore costs easily 15-20USD in an italian restaurant. More if it were in a sky bar.

    • They have to tip in the us

  • Eric's Cute When He Smiles💗

  • No one: Eric: ☹️

  • Even Joe's nice in Canada.

  • >Sees Joe is in the video Oh jesus christ how cringy is this guy going to be this time?

  • Give joe a store bought frozen pizza and call it a day.

  • Eric looks like a melting ice cream

  • Kayla is BUSTY!

  • That blonde bimbo has nice fake stink bags

  • 90% of comments of these comments be talkin about Kayla and Eric’s expressions💀💀😂 DAMN LOL

  • Kaila is so ugly

  • No one: Eric: Gets hand fed food, still sad.

  • This is masterchef canada but joe is from masterchef usa... nani?

    • He is a guest judge.

  • -"Who do you think is going to go home today?" -"Eric" Little did she know..

  • Why does Eric look so sad all the time and Kayla looks so surprised all the time lmao

  • Joes faces annoy me

  • Eric, I would pay $10.99 for that.

  • I want to see Gordon Ramsey guest judge in this.

  • Why do they have more than one judge i feel like all the judges just copy what the first one said

  • Kayla looks retarded when she is happy

  • Kaila - O.O Eric - :(

  • Joe:*already on his way to the airport* Kayla and Tamara: 👏👏

  • Kailas got some big ol titties, but a long face, almost like a shetland pony.

  • why does nobody say a single word about the spätzle being totally out of place?? Its fuckin german food

  • Idk why I’m getting master chef Canada in my recommendations when I’m from us but idc i like it

  • The Asian guy eats like a beggar.

  • Kaila’s eyes were creepily wide the whole time

  • Tammara literally be looking like bhad bhabie

  • Bust down thotianna

  • 👀 👃🏻 👄

  • Incredibly important...yes...we can all sleep safely now. 🤣😂😅😆

  • I feel like Eric should be in the audience for Dr. Phil

  • Eric- 😟 Kayla- 👁️ 👁️ 👃 👄

  • Ill stick with Gordon Thank You Very Much

  • I think it’s just an excuse for the judges to get free meals

  • Eric always looks soo sad 😞

  • 5:20 is see high? look at her pupils