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KAAN feat. Snoop Dogg, Eleni Foureira - Sirens - Official Music Video

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 5 Απρ 2019
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KAAN feat Snoop Dogg, Eleni Foureira - Sirens
Music: Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart, Fotios Stefos, Kaan Gülsoy, Drama Queen, Paninos, Ling Fung,
Lyrics: Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., KAAN Gülsoy, Fotios Stefos, Annie Lennox, David Allen Stewart
Rap Vocals: Snoop Dogg & KAAN Gülsoy
Chorus Vocals by: Eleni Foureira
Music Arrangement: Robert Andrei Niculae, Tudor Fornea, Daniel Alexandrescu
Andreea Vătavu - additional vocals
Mix & Master - Daniel Alexandrescu
Produced by: Fotios Stefos
Directed By PickCodes & Harris Hodovic
Production Company PickCodes Productions
DOP Ramon Malapetsa
Post Production Οlcay Kaya
(Verse 1: Snoop Dogg)
Drop the bomb, ring the alarm
We are here to do bottly harm
Now grab your girl
And run along
'Cuz you'll meet with me by the end of the song
Ayo Kaan… What it do?
You take her and I'll take two
Stop depressing stop the crying
Red alert, hit the sirens
All ladies are in for free
Dimes, dubs they all from me
All you ladies are in for free
Here's my number, call for me
Get nasty, get freaky, get wet, now get loose
Get nasty, get freaky
Get loose, get it girl
(Chorus: Eleni Foureira)
Sweet Dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
I travel the world & the seven seas
Everybody's looking for something
Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused
(Verse 2: Kaan)
Boom boom blowin' up
Hands in the sky baby hold 'em up
So fresh so clean when I’m rollin' up
Schitzo sick flow no throwin' up
Showin' up all V.I.P.
Straight to the front i don’t need I.D.
Sayin' "Hi" to every single pretty girl i see
'Cuz everybody in the party wanna be like me
Hot fire I burn that flame
K double A N learn that name
Top shelf with the flow 'cuz I learned that game
Everybody know me 'cuz I earned that fame
Turn it up! B-Boys on the dance floor burn it up!
Everybody 'round the whole world heard of us
And we kill of the track cuz we so murderous
Let’s go!
(Chorus: Eleni Foureira)
Sweet Dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
I travel the world & the seven seas
Everybody's looking for something
Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused
(Verse 3: Kaan)
Flashes, sirens, neon lights
Kicks stands up when we on bikes
See my swag I’m beyond tight
I do my T-H-I-N-G on mic's its..
S-N double O P
First class in your face homie what its gon' be?
People never understand what they don’t see
But you see me so I’m G double O D
Girl, move your waistline to the bass line
Superstar flow i got the outer space kind
Getting to that money i don’t gotta chase mine
And i came in here to party i don’t wanna waste time
Turn it up! B-Boys on the dance floor burn it up!
Everybody 'round the whole world heard of us
And we kill of the track cuz we so murderous
Lets go!
(Chorus: Eleni Foureira)
Sweet Dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
I travel the world & the seven seas
Everybody's looking for something
Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused
Sweet dreams..
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KAAN feat Snoop Dogg, Eleni Foureira - Sirens - Official Music Video 2019


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    • +Sapphire Blue the one we know is better than this honestly....

    • poluduskola Ava Max Gashi Era istrefi Claydee

    • The classic malakes who always find something negative to say 👍 you probably feel better with yourselves now don’t you? Cobra guy I am sure you are a linguist expert on accents and pronunciation. Get a life for f sake.

    • +poluduskola Ξέχασες Dua Lipa ,Era Istrefi

    • I was hoping the real K.A.A.N. had a snoop dogg feature but turns out it's just some fake turkish wanna be rapper.

  • Είσαι τέλεια σ, αγαπώ πάρα πολύ Ελένη Φουρέιρα

  • bende yeteneksizsinize gidicem bu ne yav, helal olsun without me den buraya gelmek büyük başarı

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  • Αυτή δεν είναι η Φουρειρα, πρωτη φορα την βλεπω να τα δίνει όλα και να μην δίνει ψυχη στο τραγούδι.

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  • Pop?? r&b ??? rap ???

  • foureira ellinda ...pia makedonia,mexri ti korin8o 8a ftasoun oi giftoskopianoi kai oi alvanoi.

  • Awesome! Great collaboration. She sings her part really well and looks great. I also really like Eleni Foureira’s song “Triumph”! Check it out.

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  • This kaan is a fake name stealing bitch Knowledge Above All Nonsense real one

  • Δεν μπορω να βλεπω τον Snoop Dogg σε τετοια κατασταση

  • *Απαιτώ Tyga , Τζουλια Αλεξανδρατου & G-Easy Συνεργασία τωραα!!*

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  • Μετά από αυτό έχω πρόταση για έφη θωδη και Nicky Minaj recover το anacoda

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  • Είναι remix του sweet dreams. +1 οποίος συμφωνεί.

  • Οκ αλλα εκανες αντιγραφει τραγουδιου το κλεψες δυλδι

  • just an english.. wait is this bollywood

  • Marilyn Manson left the chat

  • I don't even know how to process what is going on right now. This is amazing.

  • Ουτε που προσπάθησε ο σνουπ

  • Στην ουσία εφόσον ο snoop dogg εχει γεράσει πλέον και τα περισσότερα παιδάκια δεν τον ξέρουν κάν, ευκαιρία να κάνει συνεργασίες με ασημαντους τραγουδιστές να συνεχίσει όσο μπορεί την καριέρα του...

  • Γιατι...

  • It looks like a Batman movie

  • WTF KAAN den to perimena katholou .

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  • Τελειο

  • Sorry... This isn't K.A.A.N

  • τα έχω δει όλα...

  • copy paste:)

  • I am just an english comment

  • Here just for ma boi snoopy dogggg ❤

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  • Απλά καταπληκτικό!!! Μετά την Δέσποινα Βανδη που ήταν η μόνη που κατάφερε να κάνει το πιο σημαντικό βήμα διεθνούς καριέρας (και αν δεν ήταν η μητρότητα στην μέση και η δημιουργία οικογένειας αυτή την στιγμή θα ήταν Νούμερο 1 παντού), αξίζει και στην Ελένη να εκτοξευθεί στην ξένη αγορά. Και απ ότι δείχνει, η panik κάνει πολύ σωστά και σταθερά βήματα για να επιτευχθεί αυτό. Χίλια μπράβο!

  • Καλό είναι ρε σεις το τραγούδι μαρεσε

  • KAAN you're the best :O

  • Ite ton idea apo konta ite oxi pali ta onomata tous einai dipla dipla kai an itan toso eukolo opws meriki to koroideuete na sas dw

  • Emena maresi

  • αυτο δεν το περιμενα απο τον snoop dogg να συνεργαστει με φουρειρα και να παρει ο snoop dogg 1 εκατομυριο 15 μερες για εναν τραγουδιστη ο οποιος εχει γραψει ιστορια που εχει συνεργαστει με dr.dre χαραμιζονται τα παιδια με αυτο το κομματι ενω υπαρχουν κομματια της ελενης που εχουν 20 εκατομυρια views

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  • Μετά σε ένα χρόνο ... Snoopdoog will represent Cyprus at Eurovision 😂

  • τι στον πουυτσοοοοο απο το Gangster party και Next episode... στην ακμή της καριέρας του, σε συνεργασία με την Φουρειρα... Snoop, Tupac called from the after life, this is getting out of hand man.

  • *Eurhythmics left the chat* *Marylin Manson left the chat*

  • cringe

  • Pw

  • Hope snoop paid the royalties......this song was a classic back in the day. There are no new tunes just rehashed stuff.

  • Περιμενω σαν τρελη .. Γωγω Τσαμπα ft Iron Maiden .Θα γινει της Κακομοίρας

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    • αυτό να δω πραγματικά και θα τα έχω δει όλα στην ζωή μου 😆😅


  • Δεν έχω κάτι με την φουρέιρα, προσωπικά στα παπά.. μου, αλλά ρε σνουπ... γαμώ το σπίτι μου.. που είσαι ρε pac να δεις τι γίνεται.

  • Kaan Türkiye’nin gururusun ama Türkiye’nin haberi yok daha kanka

  • The kaan name has already been offense

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  • Του κααν ο μάνατζερ είναι ο ΑΤΖΟΥΝ που έχει το survivor !!!

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