Karlous Miller Stand-Up Comedy Houston House of Blues 2019

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 20 Μάρ 2019
The leader of the new wave of comedy, Karlous Miller, takes the stage at The House of Blues Houston!
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  • What song is that at the end. I hear and can't think of the name

  • Sell me that Chevy I see you working and shit HAHA but what's sup wit it.

  • I was abt to say , this is not new 😂

  • Best New School Comedian HANDS DOWN = Karlous Miller. Who's funnier and/or more real?

  • He left the shirt on the couch

  • That was fire bro 🔥

  • Im not the biggest fan but im one of them 💯 god bless

  • Yeah it’s a oldie but goodie

  • LOUS🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂I can watch U over & over & over again 😂🤣😂🤣😂DADDY LOUS 4REAL😍😙😙

  • Seriously, when are you guys coming to Toronto to do a show??? I keep on looking for dates, I mean any where in Canada and there has been none so far....lawd!!!

  • Stopping by showing love from the podcast app cause it saves battery better than GR-tv when I’m working ❤️

  • I got Hellla love for the 85 South Show. Real talk.

  • Wtf make yall think we care to watch it again jus bein real..

  • Hit this 🖒 if Karlous is a cutie😗😗😗😗

  • These subtitles are killing me... shit myself again shelly man 3:35 😂😂😂

  • Just wanna see if you stay wet with the fan on 😂😭 so funny lol

  • 0 Ten...lool

  • Who came back to this just to hear the band do the intro song? 😂

  • Idgaf what y’all say the dude that laughs in the background makes everything funnier

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  • brother got killed in 09 so shid it was about O10 LMAO!!!

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  • Can't wait to see yall in Charleston, SC on March 31st❤💯🖤💪🏽

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  • 1 of thee Coldest Mufuckas eva, talk yo’ shyt Lous. If i ever meet him,i promise...

  • My favorite comedian other than Bernie Mac and Eddie Griffin 😭❤

  • Real fans already seen this😂😂

  • Omg Karlous my favorite 😂😂


  • Did Karlos say '0'10 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤔 he sooooo funny..

  • Wait this 2018 tho right?

  • Thank you 85 South for the Laughs

  • Soooo when yall coming to Charlotte?

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  • Lmaoo karlous got the best delivery no cap they all funny asf tho

  • Caption saying 2019 like that wasn’t 2018..

  • "Watch it again" looking as boys.. 85 South the ppl want some new shit.. $up?

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  • New uploads please I seen these already damn I keep thinking im about to watch a new live show

  • some of y’all must be new cause these old shows but they still funny

  • Lous!!!!!!!!

  • Maurice Jackson is a multi-millionare

  • If you a real fan you already seen this

    • +Gonzales Babies 3 FACTS!!

    • I've watched every show atleast 5 times. The foolery never gets old.

    • Bad news in here 757

    • HezzO 757 💯

  • I love his laugh ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • Camille Wilson like he's in Half Baked and 'bout to get busted by cops.

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  • “ You Know” 💎💎🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • His fine ass😍

  • 41st comment

  • Yall droppin these clips like yall handin out samples on the block.. GIVE ME A NEW LIVE SHOW!

    • SweetVibez it’s been out already

    • +Refillz * right I was about to say that.

    • Clips? This is old, the whole thing been uploaded lol

    • They gotta make their views some how. Lol. Just support.

    • U see em.... Schulz been talking to them

  • 3 dislikes... hating asses

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  • Ok ok ok!! I see y'all with the constant uploads! 💪🏿💪🏿👌🏾

  • Cant wait until the 31st

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  • Karlous is too funny bruh, i bust out laughing at all his standups

  • Hey Karlous boo in Minnesota I’m going to have titties in the building

  • Los is a fool 😂 "wanna be uh balla"

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  • Karlous is a ghetto prophet

  • I Love You Karlous‼️♥️

  • The dance DC did to los intro 😂

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  • Here before 10k 😎💪🏾👑

  • Karlos bro u da man

  • #thecoldestpodcast

  • Keep up the good work guys come back to Charlotte

  • Where tf is Friday???!!!

  • Love you Karlous!!🖤🖤🖤🖤

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