Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 14 Μάρ 2019
Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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  • best trailer ever

  • Black Widow’s handgun defeats Thanos confirmed

  • This is now my 15th time watching this.......

  • *Who else cried when spider man died*

  • y thanos ? donde esta mi héroe thanos

  • Rocket to war machine How much for the suit


  • Everyone can do what she can

  • Black widow is so useless

  • We all now tony did not die check 1:57

  • If the people who made Captain Marvel are to make Endgame, they'll portray the Avengers trying to supress her and as hindrances to her while she gets to boast of her powers and mock Hawkeye and Antman.

  • If you're reading this cash app me a dollar $TrashGod3n7 dont worry its to buy a ticket for end game when it comes out

  • Should have gone for the head.

  • March is taking too long. I want it to be April so I can watch Endgame.

  • Hawkeye’s Stylist Got Snapped Halfway Through His Cut DAYUM.

  • I feel like everyone who said “Whatever it takes” in this trailer is probably going to die in this movie.

  • There was a 50% chance that Thanos would die in the snap.

  • The Avengers suffered heavy defeat in their biggest battle yet, it cost them their comrades and half the universe. They failed and they must learn what they did wrong. Captain Marvel comes in. She's never wrong, always the right one and is the "strongest, most powerful hero", despite missing out their biggest battle and pretty much all the other battles too. She comes in and make the Avengers seem like a bunch of losers.

  • I wish this party is outstanding

  • Wasn’t Thor’s mjolner destroyed? 🤔 There should be the strombreaker here instead of that 🙄

  • Is captain marvel in the movie?

  • last year it was evacuate the house engage to the movies and get this man a coke now it is every one said to go on the 27th some do but not us even if their is a small chance that their a tickets we owe this to stan WE WILL GO 26TH what ever it takes

  • Plot twist: hulk kills thanos

  • ..


  • Who else watched big tv spot. Who else noticed that 0.20 thor is at thanos place

  • I think thor and captain marvel will kill thanos

  • 1:40 when they match the music with her gunshots is actually kinda nice

  • Bananas ❤️

  • who ever disliked this must watch alia

  • who is behind black widow at 1:57?

  • The movie is seemingly confirmed to be 182 minutes long (3 hours and 2 minutes)

  • “The best we can do is to start over.” I think they’re going to reboot everything thru the storyline and bring new actors to play the characters.

  • Rip don't do it Infinity bleach in your eyes👀, Like to undo.

  • Who else gonna buy a copy of the movie and show it to there kids when there like 10

  • Anyone else hyped?

  • The world will be forever changed after this movie.

  • 1:45 we all know what he's about to do

  • Antman goes into Thanos’ poo poo hole

  • Is this the end of this movie? The previous avengers will not satisfy me. And I hate being unsatisfied , although its interesting

    • This is the last Avengers movie with the original 6

  • 1:52 fell of my chair...

  • Dad: Turn off the TV Me: Why Dad: We have a bigger TV downstairs

  • "How do we do this".... "As a Team".....

  • Man it been a long. The final battle begin "wherever it take"

  • Venom vs Thanos Ooouuuu

  • Whatever it takes 🤯

  • I can’t wait 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Thank u Star Lord for giving us End Game

  • Οmg

  • That's weird, I didn't see captian marvel. The film about her hasn't been made in the aim of introducing her for endgame ('cause she"ll be an important character) ?

  • What's black widow gonna do shoot a full clip? Or what change hair color again

  • Why isn't thanos in the trailer

    • Because they're keeping Thanos a secret as much as possible in what he'll be doing because if he's shown anywhere other than his farm it might give away what's going on because of the location he'll be in

    • Sholape Amusan Shut up.

  • Captain America:whatever it takes Hawkeye:whatever it takes Black widow:whatever it takes Iron man:whatever it takes

  • Bring on the 15 of April 10 days before the USA release lol

  • Omg

  • No way this was insane I’m HYPED!!! :)

  • Thanos will die of Ligma instead since Thor doesn't aim for the head.

  • I watch this everyday wtf??

  • What about Fantastic 4?😂😂

  • Stupid humans can't even take a L

  • I am groot...which loosely translates into the following: We are all screwed.

  • I just want my Loki. I mean come on, Gamora doesn't die of the snap, but she's in the poster, so it gotta involve time travel. If they bringing Gamora back FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST BRING BACK LOKI 😂

  • I feel they are gonna introduce an ultimate universe now then the movie will be confusing

    • They won't. With time travel they might end up making a new universe or alternate timeline however the ultimate universe won't be introduced

  • @1:39 The music fitted the gun shots!

  • I was expecting to read through the comments and find theory's and hidden easter eggs but instead y'all are talking about big chungus, thanos's butthole, uno reverse cards ,and james charles.

    • Thanos's cheeks with Antman is a theory, don't discriminate lmao

  • 2:18 well no one else does so

  • If vision comes back in end game ; So should we call him "rivision"!??? 😮😮

  • I know this is random, but be a good human being and LIKE my comment for no reason.

  • هذه النهاية

  • i do not like the trailer, and im a big fun of avengers

  • Tamil la epo pa varum

  • Thanos: Wipes Out Half The Universe Black Widow: Trains With Gun Thanos: *Am I A Joke To You?*

  • I think i was born in absolutely correct generation, i feel lucky to be alive to see all this. How many agree me? 👇👇

  • im touching myself tonight

  • I prefer DC!

  • where is captain marvel?

  • Some people are so hyped for Avengers Endgame....but not us😞😞

  • Captain Marvel should be able to lift Thor's hammer.

  • I'm the only who still have little hope, Loki will return...? I'm very curious for Endgame :)

  • People will stop watching this trailer NOT US not us

  • I just came here to buy my daily doses until April 26

  • Some Monkeys Eats Bananas

  • Woah

  • I really hope captain Marvel doesn't ruin this movie, it's gonna suck if everyone we came to know and love is just pushed aside, then captain Marvel comes in and kills Thanos. That'll be a big f u moment.

    • Agreed however while I'm also worried about that let's just hope the Russo's know better

  • *Weird whale noises* I Has McFallen and I can’t get up

  • ns

  • Thor, "Do you have Asgardian DNA?" Captain Marvel, "No". Thor, "Would you like some?"

  • Omg I. Am soooooo excited

  • Sorry guys but this movie is officially being cancelled and replaced with the new upcoming Fidget Spinner movie, it's about a Fidget spinner that can't spin

  • The scene with Nebula is intense

  • The movie is said to be 3 hours and 2 minutes long. Some will have to use the restroom, but not us. Not us.

  • So did Thor get his old hammer back or something

  • When u Killed half of the universe by single snap and have six infinity stones and Black widow is planning to kill you by a pistol Thanos : Am I joke to you?

  • I don't want any trailers! I want pictures of Spiderman!!!

  • Why isn’t captain marvel in the trailer

  • I watched this trailer 76M times.....Where are y'all guys??😕😕Make it 100M atleast....

  • Star lord: do u guys want watch Avengers 5 next year?

  • whenever it takes

  • Infinity War - in theaters April 27 Endgame - in theaters April 26 Marvel Studios It did'nt even take us a year

  • Buckle up, Endgame is set to be 3 hours and 3 minutes long !!!!