Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 14 Μάρ 2019
Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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  • Why, Marvel, Why??? Why does it have to be Black Widow??? As much as I love Marvel, what happen to her is the only one reason I can hate Marvel!!!

  • Am I only one who still trying to figure out what make this stupid movie got highest grossed earning film.

    • Yes, you are the only one.

  • Y’all remember when we just wanted to know the name of this movie

  • Cool cant wait till the movie comes out

  • Fk orgazm😏

  • You could not live with yourself after watching Endgame, And where did that bring you? Back to this trailer.

  • Oof the avengers will never be the same :(... It was sick before endgame finished. Lets hope they do cameos at least

  • Wanna tell me about her? No , No i dont think i will.. Epic !

  • RDJ should win an Oscar for End Game

  • Avengers 1 was like comic, but this become patetic bullshit for stupid people, thor alcoholic, funeral of tony i have to go to wc and had explosing diarea. My god what a waist of time. Only reason of this movie is profit. Thanks god on pirate bay.

  • Worst 3 hours of my life

  • Still get chills from these Trailers. So good!! 😭

  • Thanos: “I am inevitable.” Iron Man: “I’m about to end this man’s whole career.”

  • I lost my beloved hero who I have lived with for over half my life It honestly gives me the feeling of being oppressed Crying, screaming and screaming doesn't help as if a piece of me has been taken away.

  • If only Endagame could have carried on what infinity war set up... For all the profit it's a pretty sub-par movie.

  • I thought that the only death that I could not believe in until the end of my life and the sad death of the death of Titanic That's a good idea because after Tony's death I wasn't upset and didn't even have time to believe it. Because I died at that momen

  • What???? . I'm again here.. Oh Endgame..this is not end..

  • I see a lot of trailer But this... This avengers put sad smile on my face

  • The best trailer of all times.

  • vijay sethupathi dubbing killed tony stark😁

  • I‘m still watchin‘ the trailer,it’s just.. to good

  • Who watched endgame?

  • And none of this would have happenes if Burger King made a good burger for Robert, who was on drugs. Burger King is actually a hero to Marvel

  • End of summer

  • You could not live with the loss of Stark and were did that bring you...back to the trailers

  • You could not satisfy with the whole movie.... Where did that bring you Back to trailer

  • Jejak, best trailer

  • Only now have I realised what the highlighting of the red could mean... Iron Man.

  • *Endgame surpasses Avatar.* Avatar: *_Impossible._*

  • when you spawn Wither in Minecraft, then you die me : you take everything from me wither : i dont even know who you are

  • You know what all of these actors have in common, TDS hahahahaha pathetic

  • After endgame I watch all movies of marvel and fox marvel also 😍😍😍

    • @Top Of The Week ok bro

    • I watch all movie the movies of marvel not any single movie left

    • You better to watch previous movies first before endgame ( if you didn't watch yet)

  • 1:57

  • pp

  • I only got one thing to say *"I love you three thousand"*


  • Their was a time when all we wanted was to know, What is the name of the next Avenger movie!!

  • Now I know, why Racoon and War Machine have an epic moment in this trailer.

  • Peggy's words take a new level after end game: -The world has changed *after thanos snap and Tony's sacrifice* -None of us can't go back *time travel is used* -The best thing is to start over *After all changed, Cap took the opportunity, went back in time, to start over with Peggy.*

  • Honestly if I was able to time travel Ida also brought back YONDU..."I'm Mary Poppins Y'all"

  • Doctor Strange : Is that Everyone? Wong : Nope Portal Opens and Quicksilver come out Quicksilver : What? You didn't see that coming?

  • I could lose memory of everything in the world, but I never not get nostalgia from this. I miss being hyped for endgame.

  • Thanos: I'm inevitable My teacher: Thanos, snap out of it!

  • Watched endgame already Me: Wayches the trailer again

  • “Whatever it takes.”

  • So uh how did Tony get those stones from Thanos? You can't touch them..

    • Stark's armored suit stripped the Stones from the Stark Gauntlet. The Stones were contained by the armor. They weren't touching Stark's skin. When the Stones were set into place on Stark's right hand, they started incinerating the suit.

  • So this might be a dumb question but does this mean the avengers is over? I know this phase was like 23 movies but the thought still makes me sad. It feels like the end of something I've enjoyed so much I don't like that.

    • The Avengers film series may or may not be over. Marvel Films hasn't given any real info on if they plan on making more. If another Avengers film is to be made, it will probably feature Spiderman, Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, etc.

  • Best trailer movie of 2019

  • Marvel is way better than DC. Marvel fans r obviously better than DC fans. There will never be a world where Marvel and DC fans can get along😉

    • I am a fan of both. Also people like you are the reason why they cant get along

  • So, He likes that one.

  • What I'm interested in is the reality where the Avengers survive but the snap isn't reversed What would happen

  • It’s weird knowing that before you never understood any scene in this trailer, now you know exactly what each scene is for.

  • I LOVE this movie 3000

  • Dope

  • Bro hella people were crying in the movie theater

  • "You could not live with your own failure. And where did that bring you? Back to me. I thought by eliminating half of life, the other half would thrive, but you've shown me... that's impossible. As long as there are those that remember what was, there will always be those that are unable to accept what can be. They will resist."

  • I am getting crying due to iron Man death iron Man fans like here

  • The 56k people who disliked this are Thanos and his Army

  • Evacuate the city Engage all defences And get these producers and Oscar

  • People who disliked this video are all dc fans😡🙄

  • Iron man (tony stark) is my favourite avenger...who else loves Iron Man??

  • Whose came here after the release of the DVD/Blueray?

  • i remember when i used to tell a guy in my bus that want to be like thor and he used to say icant cuz im fat, well that turned upside down.

  • Let some ugly chick do it

  • Now we just have to want 100 years before they remake this 😂

  • My classmate asked me 'Have you watched End Game?' I was like 'Yes, a year ago!'

  • who else here cried

  • I guess the dog in the background with antman really moved

  • Lmao i love this trailer

  • Whatever it Takes

  • From not worthy 0:31 to worthy

  • Everyone gets saved Thanos gets killed....twice Movie sucks

  • the biggest film ever .... and i found it totally dull and boring ..... what's wrong with me?

    • Nothing you just don't like the movie and thats fine, everyone is allowed an opinion

    • You are not into comic book movies

    • The Cure = Don't watch comic book superhero films.

  • This is the most overrated piece of crap that I've ever seen by miles!

  • I think Black Widow will come back if there is another Avengers movie, why? well.. here is my opinion.. Gamora died in Infinity Wars in a planet called Vormir.. but she was alive here in Endgame because she was with Tanos when Nebula let them came to earth using the quantum realm (Time Machine or whatever they called it) Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow died also in planet Vormir but Hawkeye keeps saying it is not possible to bring her back even Hulk said she is not coming back, then how is it Not Possible if Gamora came from different time, went thru the time machine and very much alive here in End Game. It's Possible if they will also do the same thing.. take Natasha from different time and do the same thing like Nebula did with Gamora. I mean it's very obvious that the Avengers saw Gamora again here in End Game when Nebula told them that she died in Vormir. How the ef they're not questioning them selves to why is Gamora alive and how did she came to earth fighting the bad nebula version and kicking Star-Lord's nuts.

    • @Alphafire 616 i know.. thats what i'm talking about.. my gosh!

    • The gamora in endgame is teh one from the past

  • One of the epic marvel film I watch

  • I thought Thor’s hammer was destroyed in Thor Ragnarok

  • Why were there spaceships coming out of those dimensional portals Dr. Strange opened up during the climactic fight scene? Think about it. Only living things were killed by Thanos' snap sooooo where did they get those ships? Not even going to ask about the pegasus that Valkyrie was riding?

    • @Charles Philip Adams half of em weren't allowed to escape. They escaped. Simple. Also they had 5 years so of course they would have built some ships to keep some communications with other planets and Thor. Also not all the pegasi were killed during the battle against hela. The remaining ones would have been in Asgard somewhere. Now that Asgard was being evacuated those pegasi would also have been evacuated during Thor Ragnarok. The only one who would have known where they were gone would maybe be Thor,Valkyrie. Also now that the heroes were back and doctor strange saw all the outcomes. He would have informed all his sorcerers and with their help informed all the dusted Avengers what was happening and yes, went to Valkyrie and told her what was happening and now she got here Pegasus. This all could have happened cuz the dusted Avengers didn't automatically come to the field. There was a time gap of around 10 min. So during that time this all could have happened

    • @Charles Philip Adams so....?? Are u pissed at the movie or at marvel?? Cuz ur clearly agitated by something. Don't know what but sure u r.

    • @sudha bhatt No, there was only one Asgardian ship as we saw at the end of Ragnorak and it was attacked by Thanos and exploded (?) but you are right that half of them were allowed to escape somehow (maybe they magically created a smaller ship or had a rescue dingy? Not sure how that worked out but it's a Marvel movie so probably shouldn't ask too many questions. And if she had the horse where was it? It wasn't in the back of the spaceship we saw her flying around Sakar nor did we see her with it in Ragnorak either. Anyway, there look like there are many spaceships in Endgame so I suppose Strange just had plenty of time to zip all over the universe and collected up forces from all over, explain to them what he needed them to do and still make it back to fight Thanos? Oh yeah, I forgot. Stop asking questions. "Nuff said

    • Those were the asguardian ships. They always had that as one fourth of asguardians were still alive and they had the ships. Also valkyrie always has that pegasus.

  • Even after watching endgame multiple times, this trailer still gives me chills

  • I have avengers end game