Millionaires vs Minimum Wage: Did You Earn Your Money?

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 15 Μάι 2019
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  • Seems like Tim's interpretation of 'working for everything' was an attempt at diminishing the effort it took the millionaires by comparing their work to those that do labor work. It's not as if the millionaires were sitting around collecting paychecks for merely existing, they earned it.

  • Next time : Millionaires Vs Billionaires. Let's see how much the differences and similarities are !.

  • I've seen so many of those like that Latina who complains all the time yet stays doing a dead end job

  • graham steven!!! love his channel

  • really enjoyed this video ! keep creating cool content

  • Graham "Ill tell you all about credit card churning" HA

  • Tim is so badly in denial and a victim mentality. It’s super annoying that he acts like he’s better than everyone but he’s broke and bitter. 🙄

  • One of my favorite quotes is from Lisa Nichols who created Motivating The Masses. Her story is emotional and the level of success she’s achieved inspiring. “You want to make me extraordinary because it lets you off the hook.” - Lisa Nichols

  • The guy who is a frugal millionaire.... gawd he sounds boring and annoying. Live a little, money is not anything.

  • dang bruh get the people who stand some chairs back there

  • ReALiStATe

  • Is it just me, or, that millionaire that is a real estate agent (Graham)reminds me of Tom cruise, a little looks and a little voice

  • American hustle culture is completely soulless.... I don’t understand the “sacrifice” of human connection for fiscal gain.

  • If anyone could become rich from working hard, America would be much richer

  • Immediately when Tim started talking it was apparent that he is an eloquent, intelligent guy. Not something I get from the millionaires in this video. I'm thinking of that Oscar Wilde quote about how a cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing (not sure about the exact wording) and in many ways I feel like Tim nailed some aspects of that in his first response. It's also important to keep that confirmation bias in mind while not letting it hinder you in *trying* to accomplish what you set out to do. They do talk about this, yet it ends up sounding more like it's still true that you can accomplish whatever you want just by believing in yourself. And that can be painful to people who have tried and tried again, but ultimately failed.

  • The millionaire with the orange jacket is smart!!! Most people who become rich or even win the lottery blow up their money and go into debt. This guy knows the real deal! I'm doing great with my job but I still use coupons and shop at the dollar store for same things I can get at the store like toothbrushes, soaps, etc

  • “I’ll die a D cup” That killed me oh my god😂😂😂

  • 7:50 - feedback loop, not cyclical

  • there is absolutely no way to become a billionaire or multimillionaire or “wealthy” without exploiting others. obviously there are multiple ways to do this indirectly or directly but in a capitalist system, exploiting a lower poor/working class is required for an upper, elite class to even exist. anyone that says anything else says is either in denial or a liar

    • Define exploiting. Becsuse it is the millionaires and billionaires that create the businesses that create jobs. If you want to do away with millionaires and billionaires. That would require a society of people where the vast majority are skilled and smart enough to employees themselves. And even in such a society. There will always be those who are smart, skilled, charismatic, talented enough to produce a product. or service that the masses will pay for. Thus making them rich. And others will WANT to work for them in order to survive rather than having to figure out their own way. That's just human nature. As long as there are people more talented, smarter, skilled, and charismatic than the next person. There will always be a class and social hierarchy

  • That real estate dude is so disciplined

  • Show me a self made millionaire like Nipsey Hussle, that came from nothing, the streets,

    • Didnt he sell drugs to his own community for some time? Why promote that? Why respect that???

  • Billionaires vs millionaires would be so interesting. There are very different and billionaires tend to be more humble

  • anyone can become rich if they work hard enough? geez “americans” really do live in a bubble

  • Brett is so huge beside Graham. I like that he is more silent, but like to know more about him.

  • I don't think hard work alone is enough to make a person rich. There are so many factors like opportunities, connections, race/sex/sexual orientation, and especially education. Not just book smarts or schooling, but common sense and creative thinking can get you far if you were raised in an environment that nurtured that. I have worked my ass off in my life. I started working when I was 13, saved up every penny I had to go to college and I still went through a period of my life when I broke down sobbing because I lost my last $20 and I didn't know if I was going to have enough gas to make it home. The only reason I've been able to stay afloat is because I invested my money in stocks that skyrocketed. I only knew how to do that because I had a high school teacher and a father that talked to me about the stock market and gave me a list of stocks they thought I should keep an eye on. My hard work has never been enough. I know I got really lucky and I just as easily could've lost the money I invested.

  • 12:55 Graham: "Oh yeah I'll tell you all about credit card churning" Classic Graham

  • Was not expecting to know one of these people! Keep up the good work Brett!

  • Can someone explain to me what she’s talking about in 3:49?

  • Graham Stephan!!!!

  • That "Oh, you frugal" 4:25😂

  • i clicked it for the graham

  • The guy in brown jacket, Graham, I want him to mentor me. I like his mentality.

    • 라사 go watch his GR-tv vids! He literally has a whole channel of mentoring ready for ya

  • 3:04 oh man i just enjoyed that a lil too much

  • I would like to see cut vs uncut men

  • I would be interested in Brett without the money tbh he looks like he would be a good partner

  • I want to see public school students vs. private school kids

  • lol I love graham haha at the end like OH I CAN TELL YOU ALL ABOUT CREDIT CARDS! xd anybody that watches his channel must have died laughing lol

  • I love Tierra. She's so smart. I hope she makes it

  • The lighting did not work for the neon green girl

  • These minimum wage workers seem to be saying things out of scarcity, fear and “what if my risks don’t pay off”. The millionaires seem to have strong convictions, they networked when they had no connections, didn’t have investors help them and made things happen. If there’s one big takeaway from this it’s you need to believe in yourself and change your mentality to ensure success.

    • They're so scared to fail that they dont try. Where as the millionaires are so driven to succeed that they kept trying till it paid off.

  • Tim has got a real chip on his shoulder, my god.

  • one language speakers vs polyglots

  • Okkk but Tierra and Graham have so much chemestry I wish they had gone out on a date!

  • Luck. This is a classic example of survivorship bias. No one thinks they will fail until they are failing.

  • Those two so called millionaires are just exploiting society (people). You cannot become a millionaire if you live alone on desert island. So which is most important? Gold bar or clean water. So mr millionaire, I ain't working building your house, do it yourself and Fcuk You.

    • Why u mad???

  • Look at the size of the big guy, and compare graham with him, woah..

  • My dad says the difference between someone who suceeds and someone who doesn't (money and status wise) is how they view their situation and the worth of a quarter :)

  • That bald guy with the gray shirt really grinds my gears.

  • Christianna has a lot of facial expressions and mannerisms like Cardi B. Is she also Dominican?

  • “ *rEaL EsTAtE* ”

  • They very narrowly missed a MAJOR truth; the person who builds a house, makes less money than the guy who sells it. The one who created the asset got little, but the person who was willing to exploit and take what they could get away with flourishes. Essentially, greed wins.

    • Wut? The man was paid to do a job, he did it and got paid what he agreed to be paid. And the owner can do with the house as they please. If you have such a skill. Be smart and build homes and sell them yourself.

  • Dunno why but i feel like the white dude was into the black women. They would actually make a cute couple lol

    • nina aguiar i agree! And she seemed pretty interested in what he was saying too!

  • I feel like the guy in the tan coat has a TED talk somewhere out there.

    • PaperParade every video of his is kinda like a ted talk lol. His name is Graham Stephan and has a GR-tv channel

  • I just realized that you had Graham Stephan

  • I liked Tim even though a lot of the other comments I read didn't like him. He's not some crazy socialist which I saw one comment say but he's just stating the truth. He was questioning how Brett got to the position he is in because statistically speaking, people who are "rich" are in the position they are in due to some type of advantage. I say "rich" in quotations because if we look at America's income distribution, there is such a wide gap now that essentially it is the poor and then the extremely rich. I know that statement is strong and to most people I would sound like a socialist but when looking at statistics, America's top 5% of wealthy's families (which is around 15,000 families) own about a 60% of the nation's wealth and the top 1% own about 40%., so about half of America's wealth in concentrated in one spot and where does that leave the rest of us? A shrinking middle class who are falling into a lower income status. These people that were invited on here are well off compared to most Americans but in regards to rich, hmm. What is rich to you? One million dollars? Two million? Three? Where the wealth is concentrated are not just millions but rather billions. My point is there is so much income inequality that people cannot even imagine because the amount of money the rich have is unfathomable! In America they sell the idea of the "American dream" and meritocracy and it's very attractive to think that maybe if I work hard enough, I'll be rich. That's usually not case unless we already have our foot in the door whether that means you were born into the rich or just a lot of luck. Tim is right. I think people just don't like to be told the reality of things even though there are numbers to prove it and it is more appealing to think that we live in a socioeconomic environment that works around meritocracy. Im sorry, I am not trying to be a downer but rather I want to help take off the bandage on people's eyes and realize the income inequality in America. I think it's better to know then to not because that is how people stay complacent. It's real and we are the ones affected by it, sometimes living paycheck by paycheck, being underpaid for positions, wages staying stagnant even thru inflation, not enough well paying jobs, etc. Im happy for the people on here that were able to be financially better off than most people because that's something hard to do especially in our economy today!

  • "i'll die a d-cup" 😂😂😂😂

  • Iconic I will die a D cup 😩😂

  • Stop feeling bad for wanting money..... there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Graham is the man, I always watch his videos

  • I mean it's just a fact that NOT everyone can become rich just through hard work. Some people have downs syndrome, schizophrenia, low functioning autism, or some other disability that makes it difficult just to get by in this world, let alone become rich. All of these things are on a spectrum of course, some people can have a disability and still live independently and work, but a lot of people need to live in group homes and have near constant supervision. It's not their fault for not working hard enough, it's just how their life is.