My Gangsta Relatives

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 18 Αύγ 2019
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South Korea was one hell of an experience..

TY to the crying kid voice:
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  • I have watched GR-tv for 24 hours before

  • 41 videos


  • I have 69% xD

  • 5:15 is that..... a welcome mat inside a house

  • Stop swearing or I will report!

  • 57 there’s groot at the window seat

  • tabbes got over 147 billion views on her channel

  • I swear to God,I Laugh Like I was Gonna Flip this World YOU MAKE ME LAUGH

  • 1:55 she grew limbs that looks cool

  • 6:49 Jumunjin beach You never walk alone album cover

  • Are you a real life youtube ad?

  • R.I.P Tabbes

  • Right when she started at the kid saying hey my fire alarm went off 1:37

  • i live in us so yeah i wake up at like 8.00 then go to bed at like 6 am so yeah ppl dont go to sleep anymore

  • I have watch GR-tv for a HOLE DAY

  • Bts? Well thats another place to never visit

  • Bts is my worst nightmare and my dream

  • *-testing 123-* *_testing 123_* *~testing 123~*

  • I know your not that kind of Chanel but can you make a video explaining how you made the website. Even after multiple videos I still can't seem to understand how to use the website as a onlinestore for art.

  • I got a sia haircut

  • I like the roommate storyies no cap

    • Do u have anymore?¿

  • When u live in only country that dosent have a steriotype

  • Is she dead or som shit like that

  • your grandma went on a sugar rush in the morning that's why she was walking so fast

  • 1:32 she needs a award for doing that

  • 13 hours a day? Pfffffft I can do 23 hours and get 20 hours extra for gaming time in one day

  • Tabbes: watches yt for 13 hours Me: WATCHES YT FOR 2DAYS NONI

  • Tabbes: Grandma: go get a new phone

  • 😓👎🏼👎🏼

  • Yo tabes what's up with your vid schedule now it messed up

  • Not as bad as litteraly hitler...

  • i watch youtube 24/7 lol

  • She puts on her best anime dad face 2:39

  • you are my favorite youtuber (i'm only 9)

  • 1:14 Look at the girl’s hand hands. TABBES U BICH

    • Don’t get it? Tabbes got us. 👌

  • R u luffy

  • Wheres are video

  • Gangsta Yeet

  • It's worst nightmare. The worst


  • What is BTS?

  • 0:01 GR-tv cannot make that part of their vocabulary

  • At 6:48 10+ points n a bottle of a1. I don’t know because I live In Australia 🇦🇺

  • 6:47 kinda looks like the bts album

  • You know when your a true GR-tvr when you watch GR-tv for 13 hours straight, not scared of anything expect demonetization, and when your body grows weak you try to tough up then end up sick

  • I just realized that Canada was called Maple Syrup

  • Your grandma is a fucking badass XD

  • crack. lots of it

  • Dang I want a gangsta relatives

  • Tabbes' gma: heres 1000 buy some shit Tabbes: k Me: are gods creation lady

  • I wouldn't mess with your grandma I'm like a child she'll roast me

  • Tabbes would be a great mom

  • Imaooo I'm dead she crazy asf bro 😂😍

  • No one: Tabbes: My Grandmas Walking Speed Is My Running Speed

  • The way the grandma walks make me LAUGH!!!😂

  • I am on youtube for 24/7

  • Hey what's taking so long just to make a video get moving you bozo Yee Yee (T∆T)

  • Rip

  • 6:53 you look like. Luffy