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  • HEY HI HELLO❤️ I love you guys so much 💕 thanks for watching! Would you ever do this with your mom!? 😂 LIKE this video if you want me to go thru EVAS phone for a video😂😂

  • 😮

  • It’s ok Brent I got ur back if she kick u

  • Look through Ava's phone

  • why does she look so young and pretty *my mom to lol* anyway luv u all like if you agree

  • Brent I like your channel


  • Not your mop

  • I’m telling eva

  • Yes go thro aves phone sorry if I spelt her name wrong

  • Lmao

  • We love you Eva ! 💜💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Is gay showing yourself Legget I am a black American

  • I want u to go through Eva phone and do more things

  • Yes I wanna see you go through Eva's phone

  • My real name is Daleena

  • He has 40000 photos whattt????🙀

  • 2:04

  • Brents mom should have gone threw his instragram dm like if you aggree

  • LOL!!!!!!!

  • Your soooo loud XD

  • Why did you let your mom do this🙂

  • And you

  • I love Eva

  • I think ava and Brent should be in love do you think they should be love

  • I think aca and Brent sure should be in in love

  • Jou and Eva makes a great 👫

  • You Are Probably Wondering Who The Coolest Person In The World Is Read the 1st and 2nd word to find out!

  • If your mom is strict why are you at camp nick?.???

  • Eva you should punish him( Brent)

  • Caleb will always has ya back

  • Tinder is banned

  • My nick name is Eva

  • :3

  • Don’t read on I TOLD YOU NOT TOO READ ON! I got my first like!! But why is it blue??????????????

  • I was born on Oahu

  • Can u add ur dad In some vids PLS!!!

  • You are a great GR-tvr I want a shout-out

  • You should add your dad in your videos too

  • C O D E R E D

  • Loved this video.

  • yass he has wattpad

  • Hi

  • Dear brents mom he said hell when i was watch his vines

  • that must be soooooo imberresing

  • Brent your mom is so cool

  • OMG

  • I like your new crush 😀😀😀

  • Good luck Brent!

  • Why u don't make video on the other channel like if I'm write about that😙

  • XD

  • His mom is hilarious!!! So much like mine though, especially the not been able to work a phone part...

  • Is Caleb Brent’s brother?

  • I wanna know search history🤔🤔

  • Me: Everyone: why is Alan in his favorites and not Alex

  • Haha!! His password was 1234 at the same time it was 12:34!!!!!!!!!

  • I took an screan shot of ava az a lil jud and i zoomed in l Lol

  • Honestly I don’t think Brent deserves Eva I mean he is like playing her and it’s totally not okay girls are not objects!! So don’t treat us like one! Eva deserves better!!!!

  • We love you Eva!

  • Hey guys it's me Erica so tell me about to be like Christ Google turn the light down I'm kind of scared why you scared because I never had you to come over and Jason my phone my phone is private and personal

  • brent didnt get most of his lookes from his mom

    • like his hair (im not trying to be rude) sorry if this offends you

  • Logan has a cool day day hope Ha Ha Ha makes my mom feel a lot worse FNAF is my day Faz is a cool day is my mom a cool day is my mom my birthday is my mom mom is my mom is mom rr is my mom is my dad mom is my

  • I love you Brent!

  • nipple!

  • You are so cringe the king of cring and you take your name from Mrbeast

  • 3:19 awe your sister is in your favorites

  • Hi

  • Do u like Brent or Ben more

  • i wondering why is alan in his favorites and alex not😅

  • Brent has Wattpad

  • Is it just me or...Brent doesn’t have Alex as favorites in contacts. No wonder Alex says his friends like Alan more...

  • Do more songs in real life

  • Eva has left the chat

  • She should've gone to your dm's

  • i attack my parents if they dare touch my phone

  • 2:04 thumbnail

  • Why isn’t Alex on your favorite on your contacts

  • I am seriously having ice-cream for breakfast

  • Siem hagos

  • Brent some guy wantedTo become popular by copying the video doing extreme dares part two so me and my friends reported him or her so I want you to check out their channel

  • Why did you put a a as a poop emoji??😂


  • Hii

  • I would do it

  • My mom goes through my bad idea Oh it’s my goes through my phone bad idea

  • Omg no😂 Can I get a shout out, plssss👏🏻

  • Why you do that brend

  • I love this video

  • brent: i am littarely shaking just kidding i am doing this on porpouse.

  • I’m scared for you

  • In the favorites there was Dad but no Mom😂

  • Lexi and I have the same bathrobes

  • i love your video


  • I love that the mom is so chill! Except when other girls come up and then she’s like “Eva eva eVa EvA”

  • I am scared for u

  • hi

  • Yas Boi!LOL

  • Eve entered the chat Eva left the chat

  • I would let my mom go through my phone